Organic Farmers on Alert Following Monsanto Ruling

Revealed: How US State Department ‘Twists Arms’ on Monsanto’s Behalf
Selling seeds, selling out democracy: US State Department does biotech industry’s bidding

Organic Farmers on Alert Following Monsanto Ruling
Farmers “concerned” for ruling’s implication on upcoming suits against the biotech giant

Japanese politicians scramble to distance themselves from ‘comfort women’ comments
The influential mayor of Osaka outraged China and South Korea by saying World War II sex slaves were necessary, prompting fresh doubts about Japan’s willingness to acknowledge wartime aggression.

IRS Abuses Power in Targeting Tea Party
The extraordinary revelation this week that the Internal Revenue Service targeted Tea Party groups for more aggressive enforcement highlights exactly why caution is needed in any response to the much-vilified Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC.

Colorado Tea Party groups believed to be targeted by IRS

Claim: Obama Campaign Co-Chair Attacked Romney with Leaked IRS Docs

The IRS wants YOU — to share everything
A POLITICO review of documents from 11 tea party and conservative groups that the IRS scrutinized in 2012 shows the agency wanted to know everything — in some cases, it even seemed curious what members were thinking.

GOP Rep. ‘Not Willing’ to Take Obama Impeachment Off The Table

DOJ Snooping on Journalists
A Witch Hunt to Enforce Obama Demand for Total Secrecy

Obama, the uninterested president
Late Monday came the breathtaking news of a full-frontal assault on the First Amendment by his administration: word that the Justice Department had gone on a fishing expedition through months of phone records of Associated Press reporters.

IRS official Lerner speedily approved exemption for Obama brother’s ‘charity’
Lois Lerner, the senior IRS official at the center of the decision to target tea party groups for burdensome tax scrutiny, signed paperwork granting tax-exempt status to the Barack H. Obama Foundation, a shady charity headed by the president’s half-brother that operated illegally for years.

Boehner on IRS: ‘Who’s going to jail over this scandal?’

Eric Holder points finger at his DEPUTY who secretly obtained journalist’s phone records as Obama is forced to say he has ‘confidence’ in the Attorney General

Eric Holder defends AP seizure citing major security threat to public
The US attorney general, Eric Holder, has defended the Obama administration’s controversial seizure of phone records from the Associated Press, saying that a story run by the news organisation had posed a major security threat to the American public.

Justice Department’s pursuit of AP’s phone records is both extreme and dangerous
The claimed legal basis for these actions is unknown, but the threats they pose to a free press and the newsgathering process are clear

BP and Shell raided over allegations they colluded to fix petrol prices
Oil giants targeted by European Commission in probe into suspected market manipulation

Oxford child paedophile ring case: County Council boss Joanna Simons insists shes will not resign as seven men are found guilty of child rape, trafficking and organising prostitution
The belated conviction of seven men who groomed and sexually abused children in Oxford reveals an appalling failure of care, as council boss vows to stay on

Eurozone crisis: French economy falls back into recession

The Deepening Shame of Guantanamo

In talks with Netanyahu, Putin urges restraint on Syria
After emergency meeting at Black Sea resort, no word from either head of state about Russia’s sale of S-300 missiles to Assad

Saudis overtaking Qatar in sponsoring Syrian rebels

Syrian Rebel Defends Eating Soldier’s Heart as ‘Legitimate’
Sociopathic Commander’s Video Raises Ire Among Rights Groups

International Criminal Court examines Israeli raid on Gaza flotilla
Hague prosecutor will open preliminary examination into 2010 incident, following appeal referred through Comoros by casualties’ families

Deadly Benghazi blast caused by fisherman’s explosives
A blast that killed three people in Libya’s second city Benghazi was caused by fishing explosives that detonated accidentally, not a car bomb as originally thought, a local government official said on Tuesday.

It’s Official! Minnesota Becomes 12th State to Legalize Same Sex Marriage

Venezuela’s president sends in troops to tackle street crime
Nicolás Maduro orders 3,000 troops to patrol Caracas in an effort to lower violent crime rate

Are we really in May? Britain hit by SNOW as 65mph winds sweep across the country and a month’s worth of rain falls in just 24 hours

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