UN Human Rights Chief Slams US

The US and the Euro-crisis: Lessons from a comparison
There is a striking contrast between how the eurozone and the United States are handling their financial crises.

Guinea says death toll from protest rises to 12
At least 12 people have been killed in Guinea during five days of protests over preparations for a legislative election, the government of the West African state said on Monday.

Kerry dishes some iffy claims abroad
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry straddled the diplomatic boundary this weekend between presenting the best face of America and a misleading one.

UN Human Rights Chief Slams US Over Gitmo, ‘War on Terror’
‘Time and again’ U.S. commits ‘profoundly disturbing’ rights violations

Death to Whistle-Blowers? Help Get Transcripts Out
With Bradley Manning’s trial set to start in one week and the government refusing to make transcripts public, Freedom of the Press Foundation is crowd-funding to hire a court stenographer whose daily transcripts would then be posted online. For future whistleblowers and us all.

Report: Hackers Obtain Specs for US Weapons Systems
Latest revelations show depth of ongoing cyber espionage between world powers

Japanese mayor apologises for saying US troops should use sex industry
But Toru Hashimoto defends Japan’s role in recruitment of ‘comfort women’ to work in brothels during second world war

Woolwich Terror Backlash: Two Arrested after Grimsby Mosque ‘Attacked with Petrol Bombs’
Two men have been arrested after a suspected arson attack on a mosque in Grimsby, as the backlash continues against soldier Lee Rigby’s murder at the hands of suspected Islamic terrorists.

Woolwich aftermath: Home Secretary Theresa May threatens ban for online radical Islamists – even those who don’t advocate violence
Coalition clashes over Home Secretary’s plans to revive controversial ‘snooper’s charter’

London Soldier Attack: 10th Suspect Arrested By UK Police In Slaying
Police on Monday arrested a 10th suspect in connection with the vicious killing of an off-duty British soldier on a London street in an apparent Islamic extremist attack.

Pakistanis: We Want the US Out; New York Times: No, You Don’t.
The A1 story in Sunday’s New York Times, written by Declan Walsh, is titled “U.S. Shift Poses Risk to Pakistan.” The story argues that, with the United States gradually dwindling down its political and military engagement with Pakistan, the latter faces a highly uncertain future. Walsh tells us that the disengagement will “diminish” the “prestige” and “political importance” Pakistan held as a (Photo: Al Jazeera)”crucial player in global counterterrorism efforts” and could very well “upset its internal stability.”

More than 70 killed in wave of Baghdad bombings

We’ve Moved on from the Iraq War – But Iraqis Don’t Have that Choice
Like characters from The Great Gatsby, Britain and the US have arrogantly turned their backs and left a country in ruins

Lionel Richie hits big time again… as an Iraq ‘n’ roll star
Soul legend’s songs such as ‘Hello’ have taken the Arab world by storm

How Obama and Al-Qaeda Became Syrian Bedfellows
For a president that is executing Bush’s “war on terror” against Al-Qaeda and “it’s affiliates,” it seems odd that President Obama has targeted the secular Syrian government for “regime change.”

Russian Arms ‘to Deter Foreign Intervention in Syria’

Obama Asks Pentagon for Syria No-Fly Zone Plan

Syria arms embargo: EU divided despite consensus
Under intense pressure from Britain and France, the European Union’s arms embargo against the Syrian rebels has been lifted. But there is no immediate prospect of European weaponry heading for Syria.

Russia to give Syria anti-aircraft missiles to deter ‘hotheads’

Syria: EU split over push to lift rebel arms embargo
Britain and France argue that supplying arms to ‘moderates’ will lead to less killing, but others say it will only escalate conflict

Man beats elderly couple to death, sexually assault 2-year-old great-granddaughter: cops
A man arrested fleeing from an Anchorage home wearing boxer shorts has been charged with beating an elderly couple to death and sexually assaulting their 2-year-old great-granddaughter – a case that officials say has shaken investigators for its brutality

Couple return home from cinema to find their grandparents murdered and a naked man sexually abusing their daughter, 2, after he was released from jail for IDENTICAL attack four years ago

Obama embraces role as consoler in chief to remain above the fray
President Obama will gain one more day of respite from the controversies that have crowded in on his administration Tuesday, as he tours the New Jersey coast to inspect the recovery and rebuilding efforts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

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