The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning

‘No shot, no ticket’: Ethiopians decry Israeli birth control policies
Ethiopian women have told RT that Israeli medics forced them to take the controversial Depo-Provera birth control vaccination without explaining the severe side effects of the drug, which can leave a woman unable to become pregnant for up to two years.

The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning
The military trial of Bradley Manning is a judicial lynching. The government has effectively muzzled the defense team. The Army private first class is not permitted to argue that he had a moral and legal obligation under international law to make public the war crimes he uncovered.

Audit by Venezuela Electoral Council confirms presidential win for Chavez heir Nicolas Maduro
CARACAS, Venezuela– Venezuela’s Electoral Council has completed an audit of results from April’s bitterly contested presidential election, and as expected it confirmed Nicolas Maduro’s 1.5 percentage-point victory.

Zero Errors Found in Presidential Election Audit

Rewriting History: Iraq and the BBC Glove Puppets
I watched the first part of the BBC’s ‘History of the Iraq War’ series, and I have no intention of watching any more, because it won’t do my blood pressure any good.

Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder Richard Stallman
Web-based programs like Google’s Gmail will force people to buy into locked, proprietary systems that will cost more and more over time, according to the free software campaigner

Internet’s big names in battle to salvage reputations after NSA revelations
Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple have been floundering for a response

US lawmakers call for review of Patriot Act after NSA surveillance revelations
White House insists it welcomes ‘appropriate debate’ after Republican leadership questions implementation of security act

World leaders seek answers on US collection of communication data
Data protection chiefs and analysts in EU, Pakistan, South Africa and Canada express concerns at revelations in leaks

US surveillance has ‘expanded’ under Obama, says Bush’s NSA director

Obama pressured over NSA snooping as US senator denounces ‘act of treason’
Information chiefs worldwide sound alarm while US senator Dianne Feinstein orders congressional review of NSA program

Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations
The 29-year-old source behind the biggest intelligence leak in the NSA’s history explains his motives, his uncertain future and why he never intended on hiding in the shadows

Obama Should Have Given Americans a Choice

Snooping Concerns Emerge Over Congressional Blackberries Serviced By Verizon
Congress is concerned that the NSA’s actions may have also captured phone calls of lawmakers and their staffers. It should be noted that Verizon is one of the main service providers to government issued Blackberries members and their staff use to communicate with one another.

All The Infrastructure A Tyrant Would Need, Courtesy Of Bush And Obama

Contractor who leaked NSA files drops out of sight, faces legal battle
A contractor at the National Security Agency who leaked details of top-secret U.S. surveillance programs dropped out of sight in Hong Kong on Monday ahead of a likely push by the U.S. government to have him sent back to the United States to face charges.

Historic Challenge to Support the Moral Actions of Edward Snowden
In Washington, where the state of war and the surveillance state are one and the same, top officials have begun to call for Edward Snowden’s head. His moral action of whistleblowing — a clarion call for democracy — now awaits our responses.

US in damage control mode after Edward Snowden’s explosive NSA leaks
White House refers Snowden’s case to Justice Department while Republicans in Congress call for whistleblower’s extradition

Edward Snowden: Saving Us from the United Stasi of America
Snowden’s whistleblowing gives us a chance to roll back what is tantamount to an ‘executive coup’ against the US constitution.

Edward Snowden: Profile in Courage
Edward Snowden may go down in history as one of this nation’s most important whistleblowers. He is certainly one of the bravest. The 29-year-old former technical assistant to the CIA and employee of a defense intelligence contractor has admitted to disclosing top secret documents about the National Security Agency’s massive violation of the privacy of law-abiding citizens.

Rand Paul Tells Fox Viewers To Join Lawsuit Against NSA: ‘I’m Going To Challenge This At The Supreme Court’

Alleged US security officials said NSA leaker, journalist should be ‘disappeared’ – report

Report: Iran, Jordan, Pakistan and Egypt most subject to US surveillance

US agency collected second-highest amount of digital data from Pakistan
Pakistan is the second-highest country on the list of nations spied on by the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA), an exclusive report in The Guardian revealed.

What’s Really on Trial in George Zimmerman’s Case?

Bombs and battles hit northern Iraq, more than 70 dead
Insurgents attacked cities across Iraq on Monday with car bombs, suicide blasts and gun battles that killed more than 70 people in unrest that has deepened fears of a return to civil war.

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