How the NSA and GCHQ Spied on OPEC

Bodies piled in the streets as makeshift mortuaries are overrun and Philippine typhoon rescue teams warn death toll will ‘rise sharply’ from the 10,000 already confirmed

Anger Takes Hold in City Ravaged by Typhoon

Oil Espionage: How the NSA and GCHQ Spied on OPEC
America’s NSA and Britain’s GCHQ are both spying on the OPEC oil cartel, documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal. The security of the global energy supply is one of the most important issues for the intelligence agencies.

NSA’s Vast Surveillance Powers Extend Far Beyond Counterterrorism, Despite Misleading Government Claims

UK Foreign Secretary Says Merely ‘Speculating’ About Intelligence Capabilities Is Damaging To The Country

Jim Sensenbrenner takes NSA reform case to European parliament
Wisconsin congressman attends meeting of EU civil liberties committee and labels Feinstein reform proposals ‘scary’

Was the government hiding FISA related illegal surveillance from criminal defendants way back in 2004?

Last-minute rethink stalled deal on nuclear Iran
Details have emerged of how talks with Tehran in Geneva broke up at 11th hour after France and US took a robust stance

White House Applies Presidential Pressure On Iran Skeptics
The president and the vice president have been personally appealing to members of Congress to back off on a new round of Iran sanctions.

Kerry: All options to be exhausted with Iran
US secretary of state says Iran declined P5+1 offer on disputed nuclear programme and sees a deal within months.

Iranians angry and bewildered after French torpedo Geneva nuclear entente
France should replace US as le grand satan, joke some inside Iran after Paris defies Washington and blocks stopgap deal

Why France Sank an Iran Nuke Deal
Exclusive: Saudis and Israelis wanted to sink the negotiated deal on Iran’s nuclear program, so the French launched the diplomatic torpedo to take it down. But behind France’s action were Saudi financial muscle and Israel’s political skill, reports Robert Parry.

Why Did France Torpedo the Iran Negotiations?

After Reportedly Being Offered Saudi Weapons Sales, France Tries to Blow Up Iran Deal

France Wrecks P5+1 Deal for Arab Money

Leaders All Blame Someone Else for Lack of Iran Deal
Conflicting Statements on Who Said ‘No’

Iran backed out of nuclear deal – John Kerry

Kerry: Obama prepared to use force in Iran after nuclear talks collapse

‘Israel will attack Iran if you sign the deal, French MP told Fabius’
Paris legislator Meyer Habib, a friend of Netanyahu, called his FM in Geneva to warn of likely response should accord be signed, Israeli TV reports

Iran signs agreement with IAEA to allow broader inspections of nuclear sites

Iran, IAEA Ink Agreement, But Was Slain Deputy Minister Part of P5+1 Negotiations?

US firms poised to seize opportunities in Iran
Iran and the West have not reached a deal yet, but businesses on both sides are keen to boost trade. If sanctions are lifted, experts predict tough competition between Europe and the US.

WikiLeaks reveals ‘unintended consequences’ of US sanctions
The International Criminal Court (ICC) was established in 2002 at The Hague in the Netherlands to prosecute individuals alleged to have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of genocide.

Does Pakistan have nuclear weapons ready to ship to Saudi Arabia?
A new BBC report says they are packed and ready to go

Pakistan: Peace Talks Frozen Until End to Drone Strikes

Major blow to rebellion: Syria army retakes key rebel town
Monitoring group says rebels in southern Damascus have now had practically all their supply routes cut off near capital after army’s takeover of Sbeineh.

Syria troops launch major offensive in Aleppo
Soldiers retake parts of strategic airbase near international airport in northern province.

The U.S. Army discovers Africa
Africa has many needs. Whether it needs the United States bringing to bear a million American soldiers is doubtful.

Senator: US Soldiers Being Killed by Terror Groups Backed With US Money

Yemeni Man To Meet With Congress About US Drone Strikes That Killed His Relatives

Mexico says former US soldier led kidnap gang

“He Didn’t Commit a War Crime”: Omar Khadr’s US Lawyer Challenges His Conviction at Guantánamo

Al Jazeera Investigates – Killing Arafat
An exclusive investigation tells the inside story of the exhumation of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Typhoon Haiyan death toll in Philippines estimated at 1,200
Red Cross and other humanitarian agencies describe hundreds of bodies floating in waters and on roads amid destruction

Philippines typhoon leaves an estimated 1,000 dead in one coastal town alone, report says

Typhoon Haiyan: Hundreds feared dead in Philippines
“The massive scale of devastation means it could be several days before the… loss of life is known”, reports Jon Donnison from Manila

JFK assassination: CIA and New York Times are still lying to us
Fifty years later, a complicit media still covers up for the security state. We need to reclaim our history

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