October 29, 2005 News

¤ Iraq car bomb kills 25 northeast of Baghdad
¤ 3 New Delhi Explosions Kill at Least 58
¤ A Formidable Hawk Goes Down
¤ Bush’s Imploding Presidency
¤ The 2,000 Dead Aren’t The Only Victims

Indicting America
The indictment of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby by Special Prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald provides the most cogent and visible evidence to date of the criminal mindset that exists inside the Bush administration regarding the decision to invade Iraq.

¤ A Halloween Greeting
¤ Tongue-Tied on Iraq
¤ The Origins of Hostility
¤ The Fifth Afghan War
¤ Bushspeak: Dark and Garbled Words
¤ Train Derails in India; at Least 100 Dead

Assassinations in Lebanon, and the Mosul-Haifa Oil Pipeline
No one knows who killed former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri. We do know, however, that the main witness cited in the UN report, Zuhir Mohamed Said Saddik, “has been convicted of embezzlement and fraud among other crimes” (Der Spiegel) which casts grave doubt on the credibility of his testimony.

Pentagon Plans Iran Attack Over Oil Euro Marker By Christmas 2005
“News articles in June 2004 revealed the discredited neoconservative sycophant Ahmed Chalabi may have revealed his knowledge to Iran regarding U.S. military planning for operations against that nation”:-”The reason for the US breakup with Ahmed Chalabi, the Shiite Iraqi politician, could be his leak of Pentagon plans to invade Iran before Christmas 2005, but the American government has not changed its objective, and the attack could happen earlier if president George W. Bush is re-elected, or later if John Kerry is sworn in.”

¤ The War Crimes Act of 1996
¤ Government for and by the dead
¤ Weaving New Alliances with Cultural Threads

Canada’s Crimes Against Haiti
Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin is attempting to position himself as a champion of the downtrodden. Martin talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

¤ Endless sunset
¤ Apostles of Perpetual Psychosis
¤ Storm Beta Upgraded Into a Hurricane
¤ Speeches to the converted
¤ Toll rises in Indian train derailment
¤ Israeli jets bombard Gaza
¤ Israel fires missiles at Gaza camp; 7 killed
¤ Transcript: Iran President’s speech
¤ Iran slams UN
¤ UN’s Mehlis report discredited
¤ Amin the ‘ape,’ people-eating blacks: Richard Nixon

Oil-for-food documents falsified’
Some of the documents transmitted to Russia by the independent commission investigating alleged fraud in the UN oil-for-food programme for Iraq bore falsified signatures, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday. “The documents that they have shown us were falsified. They contained falsified signatures of Russian officials,” Lavrov was quoted by Russian news agencies as saying.

¤ New Orleans Police Fire 51 for Desertion
¤ Indictment Adds to White House Woes
¤ U.S. lost, Iran won after Ahmadinejad’s speech
¤ What Patrick Fitzgerald didn’t say and the Media didn’t ask
¤ Malevolent Hegemony
¤ ‘You Do the Dying, We’ll Do the Talking’
¤ The Whack Job on Harriet Miers

Cuba Accepts U.S. Aid Offer for First Time
Cuba has unexpectedly agreed to a quiet U.S. offer of emergency aid following Hurricane Wilma, and three Americans will travel to Cuba to assess needs there, the State Department said Thursday.
¥ The US story

Castro denies accepting U.S. aid
Castro, annoyed that Washington was distorting Cuba’s intentions, said Havana had only accepted a visit by the assessment team in an effort to build regional cooperation in dealing with the growing danger posed by hurricanes. “We have no objections at all to the three officials visiting us, to know their assessment and exchange views on these matters,” Castro said. “We won’t close the door.”

¤ U.S. and Key Allies Facilitated Profiteering in Oil For Food Program
¤ Smoking Guns and Red Herrings
¤ Forging the Case for War

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