August 4, 2006 News

¤ Zimbabwe: White Lies, Black Victims
¤ Bush and chaos in the world
¤ Entire Lebanese family killed in Israeli attack on hospital
¤ Human Rights Watch Accuses Israel of War Crimes
¤ Israel, not Hizbullah, is putting civilians in danger on both sides
¤ War crimes and Lebanon
¤ Illogical, illegal and ill-fated
¤ U.S. generals warn of civil war in Iraq
¤ Iraq war’s hidden toll
¤ Weapons of Mass Destruction Discovered Here
¤ The neocons’ next war
¤ U.S. to Supply Food with One Hand, Arms with Other
¤ 21 Afghan civilians died in a suicide attack
¤ Is America Watching a Different War?
¤ Almost half the fatalities in the Gaza Strip in July were civilians
¤ Knife in the Back
¤ Iran warns oil could reach $200 on sanctions
¤ Fetch, Heel, Stall
¤ Hizbullah’s attacks stem from Israeli incursions into Lebanon
¤ Psychologists, Guantánamo, and Torture
¤ Probe backs allegations against Marines
¤ News blackout on American arms flights refuelling at British bases
¤ Israel’s Dependency on the Drug of Militarism
¤ Evidence of Election Fraud Grows in México
¤ Castro is “Very Alive and Very Alert”
¤ A Nato-led force would be in Israel’s interests, but not Lebanon’s
¤ Israel’s Wall of Horrors
¤ Exclusive International Reports on Qana Massacre
¤ Dear Kofi
¤ Blair admits to cabinet splits over his support for Bush on Israel
¤ Traumatised and afraid – 300,000 children
¤ Winning the Propaganda War
¤ Bush’s Nutty Syria Policy
¤ Now, When Exactly Did the UN Lose Its Street Cred?
¤ Mexico Rising
¤ Mexican Civil Resistance in Five Acts
¤ Perfect storm brewing in Horn of Africa
¤ Media With No Guts, No Grace
¤ Sadly, the Plural of “Fiasco” Requires No “E”
¤ Israel extends bombing of Lebanon
¤ For Israel, Innocent Civilians Are Fair Game
¤ Failed Mexican Presidential Candidate Sets up Protest Camp
¤ US Auditor Lists Failures in Rebuilding of Iraq
¤ 9/11 Tapes Expose Flaws in Military Chiefs’ Testimony
¤ Dogging the Wag
¤ The Heat
¤ Proof the Commission Didn’t Do Its Job
¤ It’s about annexation, stupid!
¤ Israel is waging a war of ethnic “cleaning”
¤ “It is US hypocrisy, at its worst”
¤ Israel struggles “to compete” w/ dead babies
¤ UN Dithering on Qana and Meaningless Resolutions
¤ Israel: Blackmailing the world
¤ Oil tops $76 as storm heads toward US Gulf
¤ Chávez ends world tour with pledge to poor
¤ US backs Ethiopia’s invasion to save Somalia from Islam
¤ Mexico vote protests cripple capital
¤ G.I.’s Say Officers Ordered Killing of Young Iraqi Men
¤ State Department Condemns Rice Cartoons
¤ Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77

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