September 12, 2006 News

The Zarqawi affair, part 1 of 15
Hoaxes and pretexts are the tactical tools of the United States and Israel to alter by wars of aggression the geostrategic, demographic, religious, cultural, and political realities of the Middle East. The undeclared target is the direct or indirect colonialist conquest of the region by stages.
While hoaxes such as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, al-Qaeda, radical Islam, terrorism, etc. are the intermediate means to center that target, pretexts are the primary means leading to it. Hoaxes, if kept floating around long enough, would do another job: they keep the momentum for intervention uninterrupted by creating a predisposition to it through propaganda.

¤ Britain’s Role in the Israeli-Hezbollah War
¤ The Moral Bankruptcy of Israel’s Founding Idea
¤ The Day That Changed Everything Wasn’t 9/11
¤ Three US embassy attackers killed in Syria
¤ Bomb Kills 7 in Southeastern Turkey
¤ Bush: Saddam was not responsible for 9/11
¤ Third to Half of Americans Still Link Saddam, 9/11
¤ UN urges Nato crackdown on Afghan opium
¤ Interrogating 9/11: No Theory, Just Facts
¤ Bush is Our Failure-In-Chief
¤ The Other Side of the Wall
¤ This Hole in the Ground
¤ Was 9/11 Good for the Nation?
¤ What lies beneath
¤ Understanding Why Iraq Is a Disaster
¤ Slipped His Moorings
¤ U.S. says nuclear double-standard on Iran justified
¤ The five-year-old war on terror is as bloated and unfocused
¤ School Kids Looked Bush in the Eye on 9/11
¤ Bush’s Phony War
¤ Bush’s Orwellian campaign
¤ Levin Reads Details of Bush Lies Into Senate Record
¤ Lie by Lie
¤ Most Embarrassing Piece Of Propaganda Ever?
¤ China Replaces U.S. As World’s Largest Exporter
¤ The Bogeyman Industry
¤ This war is just beginning, Bush insists
¤ Pariah
¤ For unknown reasons they killed their pimp.
¤ Interview with Huda Ghalyia
¤ Facts American people should know
¤ Let us now praise OIL (Our Iraqi Liberators)

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