Africa Summit Calls for End to Sanctions

Africa Summit Calls for End to Sanctions
African leaders agreed that President Thabo Mbeki should facilitate dialogue between the government and opposition political parties in Zimbabwe amid calls from Western leaders for strong actions to be taken against President Mugabe and the government of Zimbabwe.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) also called for western sanctions on Zimbabwe to be lifted and appealed to Britain to honour its commitments to assist with financing land reforms in Zimbabwe.

Brit ‘Hostage’ Drama Pales in Comparison to MI6 and CIA Crimes Against Iran
Perhaps we’d get some perspective if we realized MI6 and the CIA plotted against the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953. “If there had not been a military coup, there would not have been 25 years of the Shah’s brutal regime, there would not have been a revolution in 1979 and a government of clerics,” Ibrahim Yazdi, a former foreign minister and leading member of a political party that traces its origins to Mossadegh’s National Front, told the Christian Science Monitor on the 50th anniversary of the coup and installation of the Shah. “Now it seems that the Americans are pushing towards the same direction again. That shows they have not learned anything from history.”

US and Europe’s Disinformation Campaign
The hypocrisy of these Western leaders, all of whom have the blood of hundreds of thousands on their hands, makes hollow their outrage over Zimbabwe. Having already demonstrated the disregard they have for the lives of ordinary people, they cannot now be the moral authority for anyone.

Even if African nations wanted to make statements opposing President Mugabe’s governing, the US, UK and Australia are making it difficult for them to do so with their constant demands and interferences. The leaders in these Western countries are demanding that leaders of African nations react harshly to President Robert Mugabe, as if the African leaders cannot see the tactics they are using in their attempts to remotely control them. Which African leader really wants to appear as US and Europe’s lacquey?

All the anti-Mugabe reports in the mainstream are suspect as being part of a disinformation campaign to the point that any sensible person who takes them seriously is either foolish, dishonest or both.

Castro warns poor will starve for greener fuel
The Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, today attacked George Bush’s new-found fondness for biofuels, warning that food stocks for millions of people could be threatened.
In his first foray into international politics following months of recuperation from intestinal surgery, Mr Castro claimed that valuable agricultural land in poorer countries could be taken over for biofuel crops destined for wealthier nations.

Britain Must Admit Error, Iran Says

Russian intelligence sees U.S. military buildup on Iran border

Baghdad Green Zone sees spike in mortars, rockets

Shia Police Kill at Least 33 in Retaliation for Bombings

Oil Traders Fear an Attack on Iran

The Queen’s Celebration: Slavery Without Regrets

Iraq deaths greet new US ambassador

Wake Up, You Live in America!

Better That Iranians Didn’t Go After Yanks
“I don’t want to second-guess the British after the fact,” said U.S. Navy Lt. Commander Erik Horner, “but our rules of engagement allow a little more latitude. Our boarding team’s training is a little bit more towards self-preservation.” Does that mean that one of his American boarding teams would have opened fire if it had been them in the two inflatable boats that were surrounded by Iranian Revolutionary Guard fast patrol boats off the coast of Iraq last Friday? “Agreed. Yes.”Just as well that it was a British boarding team, then. The 15 British sailors and marines who were captured and taken to Tehran for “questioning” last week are undoubtedly having an unpleasant time, but they are alive, and Britain is only involved in two wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan. If it had been one of Erik Horner’s boarding teams, they would all be dead, and the United States and Iran would now be at war.

Opposition to the War Growing Among Troops

Bush’s Long History of Tilting Justice
The scandal unfolding around the firing of eight U.S. attorneys compels the conclusion that the Bush administration has rewarded loyalty over all else. A destructive pattern of partisan political actions at the Justice Department started long before this incident, however, as those of us who worked in its civil rights division can attest.

I spent more than 35 years in the department enforcing federal civil rights laws — particularly voting rights. Before leaving in 2005, I worked for attorneys general with dramatically different political philosophies — from John Mitchell to Ed Meese to Janet Reno. Regardless of the administration, the political appointees had respect for the experience and judgment of longtime civil servants.

Iraq blog spat leads to web chaos
A pro-US weblog by three Iraqi brothers has become the unlikely setting for a huge web spat after conspiracy theorists alleged it was a fake.
Iraq the Model, a weblog detailing the more positive aspects of the US-led occupation of the country, is one of the most popular Iraq sites on the web.

But some anti-war activists said it was a CIA-sponsored propaganda tool.

I’ll Pay for Your Vacation in Iraq or Afghanistan!

Multiple Bombings Kill More Than 100

What’s wrong with this photo?

Surviving At The Pleasure Of The President

Stuck between Iraq and a Hard Place

Take the word ‘terrorism’

America’s Continued Crime Against Humanity / Radioactive Genocide

Blood and Irony: No-Flying the Unfriendly Skies of Iraq

The Racist War on Immigrants

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