More pontification, more propaganda on Iraq

Déjà vu all over again
When it comes to Iran’s nuclear capabilities, whose word would you rather take: that of a Nobel prize-winning head of an international agency specializing in nuclear issues who was proved triumphantly right about Iraq, or that of a bunch of belligerent neocons who make no secret of their desire to whack Iran at the earliest opportunity and who made such a pigs ear of Iraq?
That is the stark choice facing the sane people of the world, given the smearing of IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei for not joining the hysterical lynch mob building up against Iran. Criticised by Condoleezza Rice and others in the Bush administration, it is uncannily reminiscent of the slurs against him and UN weapons inspector Hans Blix in the run up to the invasion of Iraq – and we should remember that the US vindictively tried to unseat him afterwards for not joining in the lying game.

No evidence of Iranian nuclear-weapons program, experts say

US Cannot Be Said To Be Good

Mass grave containing remains of 40 found in W Iraq

Iraq, With U.S. Support, Voids a Russian Oil Contract

Hamas Is Not An Occupier: Israel Is
Despite charges against Hamas by Abbas, Israel and the United States, there was no coup in Gaza. Hamas was ELECTED to represent the Palestinian people in January of 2006. It was a fair and democratic election.
If anyone is GUILTY of usurping power illegally it is Abbas, Israel and the United States for establishing an ILLEGAL government in the Occupied West Bank.
Recent claims that Hamas is prepared to ‘take over’ the West Bank are denied by the Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. It is dealt with in the following report from the Associated Press.

Pakistani police detain 350 protesters

Pakistan Stifles Media, Cuts Phone Lines

Musharraf snubbed Brown and Rice on emergency rule

Musharraf Adopts Bush-Cheney Doctrine of “Lawfare”

This is one dangerous man: it’s George Bush with brains

3,000 years old: the face of Tutankhamun

US threatens to withhold aid as Pakistan swings from democracy to dictatorship

Top US legal adviser refuses to rule out ‘torture’ technique

Not White Enough

More pontification, more propaganda on Iraq
“One doesn’t need to be a historian of empire to know that divide-and-rule is a rather standard strategy of imperial domination. It was deployed by the British, for example, to great effect in key colonies in North America and India against natives who, once divided along artificially exacerbated ethnic, religious and tribal classifications, were far easier to play off against one another, and thus control to the benefit of the colonial regime.”

Why Bush needs bin Laden

He’s ba-a-a-ack! Imus Returns

Food, water scarce in Mexico floods

Fiji foils ‘plot’ to kill PM

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