Deceit, Hypocrisy and Terror

More Lies From The Bush Fascists
President George W. Bush and his director of National Intelligence, Mike McConnell, are telling the American people that an unaccountable executive branch is necessary for their protection. Without the Protect America Act, Bush and McConnell claim, the executive branch will not be able to spy on terrorists, and we will all be blown up. Terrorists can only be stopped, Bush says, if Bush has the right to spy on everyone without any oversight by courts.

If Kosovo, why not Palestine?
As expected, Kosovo has issued its unilateral declaration of independence, the United States and most European Union countries, with whom this declaration was coordinated, rushing to extend diplomatic recognition to this “new country”. This course of action should strike anyone with an attachment to either international law or common sense as breathtakingly reckless.

Russia warns West over use of force in Kosovo

Russian energy ties with Iran send US a message

Large Potential Albanian Oil and Gas Discovery Underscores Kosovo’s Importance
This development further underscores Kosovo’s importance and the cost that’s meant for Serbia. Since the 1999 US-led NATO war, it’s been all downhill for the nation, the region and its people:

–Kosovo is part of Serbia; at least it was; since 1999 it’s been a Washington-NATO occupied colony stripped of its sovereignty in violation of international law;

– it’s been run by three successive US-installed puppet Prime Ministers with known ties to organized crime and drugs trafficking;

– it’s the home of one of America’s largest military bases in the world, Camp Bondsteel; the province/country is more a US military base than a legitimate political entity;

– its part of Washington’s regional strategic objective to control and transport Central Asia’s vast oil and gas reserves to selected markets, primarily in the West;

Washington gets a new colony in the Balkans
In evaluating the recent “declaration of independence” by Kosovo, a province of Serbia, and its immediate recognition as a state by the U.S., Germany, Britain and France, it is important to know three things.
First, Kosovo is not gaining independence or even minimal self-government. It will be run by an appointed High Representative and bodies appointed by the U.S., European Union and NATO. An old-style colonial viceroy and imperialist administrators will have control over foreign and domestic policy. U.S. imperialism has merely consolidated its direct control of a totally dependent colony in the heart of the Balkans.

Putin warns West over Kosovo dispute

Stop Blair: ambition to lead Europe hits fierce opposition
Tony Blair’s hopes of becoming Europe’s first president are running into mounting opposition across the EU, with Germany determined to stymie the former prime minister.
A “Stop Blair” website run by pro-Europeans has launched a petition against him; a transnational, cross-party caucus in the European parliament is forming to campaign against a Blair presidency; senior officials in Brussels are privately dismissive about the new post going to a Briton; and senior diplomats in European capitals also doubt that Blair is the right person for the post being created under Europe’s new reform treaty.

Made in Cuba
Cuba is already transforming and not towards a discredited neoliberal model – Fidel’s retirement is part of a home-grown model of transition, argues Pablo Navarrete
In the wake of Tuesday’s announcement by Cuban leader Fidel Castro that he will “neither aspire to nor accept” another term as the country’s president, much of the analysis in the mainstream media has concentrated on whether Fidel’s retirement will usher in a “transition” period for Cuba’s socialist revolution, now in its 50th year.

What Would It Take to Launch a War With Iran?
Iraq should have cured President George W. Bush of any further itch for starting a war. And yet there comes a rumble for an attack on Iran. Opposing this, the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation sends out emissaries, several of whom visited The Seattle Times.
Among them was Brig. Gen. John H. Johns (ret.), who was assistant commander of the 1st Infantry Division and a lecturer at the Army War College. Like other generals, Johns opposed the invasion of Iraq, and he now opposes an attack on Iran.

10 die in suicide bomb attack in Iraq

Disinformation flies as US raises Iran bar
A new report on Iran by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is about to be released and US “pre-emptive” diplomacy, aimed at preventing an IAEA “clean bill of health” that could derail Washington’s effort for a new round of UN sanctions on Iran, is at full throttle – with the timely help of disinformation.
Setting the bar unusually high, the US envoy at the IAEA, Gregory Schulte, has warned that unless Iran “confesses” about its “past work on weapons designs and weaponization and the role of the Iranian military”, international efforts to resolve the nuclear standoff will be “doomed”.

Rigged Trials at Gitmo

Cuba Changed History

Land and Food in Venezuela
Last week, the Los Angeles Times gleefully reported that a crowd in Sabaneta, Venezuela, had looted a food warehouse belonging to the state-owned Mercal grocery-store chain. Mercal sells its food to the poor at reduced prices The LAT found it amusing that Sabaneta is President Hugo Chávez’s hometown. The newspaper claimed that recent food shortages are the result of governmental price controls. The government claims the shortages are the result of illegal hoarding by distributors and the increased buying power of the nation’s poorest citizens.

Lies and Spies

Musharraf, Peace and the Autumn of the Patriarch

Why Bush Wants to Legalize the Nuke Trade With Turkey

Rejecting Paternalism in Africa?

Is It Torture? Try It
AFRICOM stands for the U.S. Africa Command, created by presidential order in February 2007. On the surface, AFRICOM doesn’t sound like anything special — the U.S. already has several military commands organized geographically: PACCOM (Pacific Command), CENTCOM (Central Command) and EUCOM (European Command), so why not AFRICOM? But unlike the others, AFRICOM has the promotion of stability as its primary mission. It’s designed, as the president put it, “to enhance our efforts to bring peace and security to the people of Africa and to promote the … development of health, education, democracy and economic growth.”
Yes, you read that right: The Defense Department has a new military command dedicated, more or less, to establishing peace, love and understanding in Africa. Don’t giggle or sneer; they’re serious. AFRICOM will bring together military personnel with civilian employees from the State Department, the USAID and other U.S. agencies, and most U.S. humanitarian work in Africa will be coordinated through AFRICOM.

How Labour used the law to keep criticism of Israel secret
The full extent of government anxiety about the state of British-Israel relations can be exposed for the first time today in a secret document seen by the Guardian.
The document reveals how the Foreign Office successfully fought to keep secret any mention of Israel contained on the first draft of the controversial, now discredited Iraq weapons dossier. At the heart of it was nervousness at the top of government about any mention of Israel’s nuclear arsenal in an official paper accusing Iraq of flouting the UN’s authority on weapons of mass destruction.

Iraq: US occupation faces crisis of its own making

Video: Bush: Killing Human Beings Good for the U.S. Economy

Depression + Inflation + Famine = Chaos!
Oftentimes it seems so inconceivable that we could have come to this place, yet here is exactly what we are facing, right now: Depression in the housing market; retail inflation (due entirely to the price of oil and the plummeting dollar), credit availability all but shut down, and today we discover that grain stores are at their lowest point since they began measuring in 1960: 53 days.

The Politics of the Oscars

Democratic Lunacy
Many pundits are salivating over the prospect of a Democrat being elected to the White House in 2008. Finally, the eight-year-long nightmare of a George Bush presidency will end. To them, it’s a no-lose scenario.
In reality, it’s a no-win situation. Obama and Clinton are beholden to the same big-money interests as the Republicans. Not one has challenged the disastrous economic system of the U.S. Both have stated that U.S. values must undermine the U.S. foreign policy. In other words, the endless war the U.S. is imposing on much of the world will continue.

George Bush’s Approval Rating Plummets to Just 19%
Clearly voicing their discontent for George W. Bush, Americans are now reaching historic levels of undisputed antipathy for America’s 43rd President. A new poll has Bush breaking a new nadir in presidential approval ratings, beating out Harry Truman’s 22% for the lowest support among Americans in the nation’s history.

Deceit, Hypocrisy and Terror — The History of Biological and Chemical Weapons
“The US sold the technology and materials Iraq needed to develop weapons of mass destruction. According to US government records released in October 2002, the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Type Culture Collection sent germ samples directly to Iraq in the 1980′s and early 1990′s. At the time the US supported Iraq in its war with Iran. These exports were legal and approved under a program administered by the US Commerce Department. UN weapons inspectors later determined these were part of Iraq’s biological weapons program.”

Iraq, Israel and WMD dossier

CIA confirms rendition flights to Brits

The massacre in Shagay, Bakwa district of Farah Province

Is Iran Winning the Iraq War?

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