The Fake State of Kosovo

Another Right-Wing Red Herring

The Fake State of Kosovo
If the Balkans had an anthem, it would be that 1950′s doo-wop hit, “Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread.” The latest Balkan fools are the United States and the European Union, which have rushed in to recognize what Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica rightly calls the “fake state of Kosovo.” Why is it a fake state? Because there are no Kosovars, only Serbs and Albanians. Each group seeks to unite Kosovo with its homeland, historic Serbia or Greater Albania. An independent Kosovo has the half-life of a sub-atomic particle.

The Crisis in Kosovo is Just Beginning
As renewed Serb protests this week in Bosnia and elsewhere demonstrate, the storm unleashed by Kosovo’s Feb. 17 declaration of independence is long from abating. Rather, what recent events have showed is the start of a long and protracted struggle that, in the end, the West probably cannot win. Why not? Because we’re not talking about a few hundred flag- and embassy-burning rioters as the media, the U.S. government and a chagrined Belgrade leadership speaking last week would have us believe.

“Iraq” Falls Apart
Iraq is disintegrating faster than ever. The Turkish army invaded the north of the country last week and is still there. Iraqi Kurdistan is becoming like Gaza where the Israel can send in its tanks and helicopters at will. The US, so sensitive to any threat to Iraqi sovereignty from Iran or Syria, has blandly consented to the Turkish attack on the one part of Iraq which was at peace.

Israel kills 20 Palestinians in Gaza

Obama, Osama, Hussein – drop a name, bait voter Arab-phobia
In the late 1970s, the FBI decided to test the corruptibility of congressmen. It was easy, and slightly unfair. Congressmen are moths to corruption’s flame, and bribing at the time hadn’t yet been entirely disguised as “campaign financing.” So all the FBI had to do was hire an ex-felon to set up a rickety con and videotape congressmen taking the bait. Most Americans’ sense of fair play would have taken offense, as courts did, at the sliminess of the FBI’s entrapment. But the FBI’s one stroke of genius was to disguise the bribers as Arabs representing a rich, oily sheik. It worked. The public would forgive “policemen’s presents,” as Mark Twain called kickbacks. They’d never forgive consorting with Arabs. One senator, five congressmen and a few other lesser moths were convicted in what became known as the Abscam scandal (the FBI’s front company was called Abdul Enterprises).

The Crash That’s Coming: More Bubbles Will Burst

Can’t Knock the Hassle: Chávez Challenges Baseball

Hillary: ‘Ready to Lie From Day 1′ About Venezuela
Exhibit A, as noted in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal: this week she claimed that Venezuela is a dictatorship.The Journal reports:
In a major speech yesterday at George Washington University, Sen. Clinton drove the wedge [with Sen. Obama] deeper: “If I am entrusted with the presidency, America will have the courage, once again, to meet with our adversaries. But I will not be penciling in the leaders of Iran or North Korea or Venezuela or Cuba on the presidential calendar without preconditions; until we have assessed, through lower-level diplomacy, the motivations and intentions of these dictators.”

So, according to Senator Hillary Clinton, the leader of Venezuela is a dictator.

Chávez wins release of hostages held by Colombian rebels

Into the Valley of Catastrophe

Clueless Candidates Make Osama’s Day

Noam Chomsky, Terrorists Wanted the World Over
One of Noam Chomsky’s latest books — a conversation with David Barsamian — is entitled What We Say Goes. It catches a powerful theme of Chomsky’s: that we have long been living on a one-way planet and that the language we regularly wield to describe the realities of our world is tailored to Washington’s interests.

The Brutal and Unnecessary War the Media Aren’t Telling You About
They say journalists provide the first draft of history. With the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan, that draft led to an almost universal consensus, at least among Americans, that the attack was a justifiable act of self-defense. The Afghanistan action is commonly viewed as a “clean” conflict as well — a war prosecuted with minimal loss of life, and one that didn’t bring the kind of international opprobrium onto the United States that the invasion of Iraq would lead to a year later.

South Africa stunned by echoes of apartheid past after video emerges of white students humiliating black cleaners
South Africa has come face to face with its apartheid past when a “shocking” video emerged of white university students force-feeding and racially humiliating five poor black cleaners.
The four students are heard referring to the old “Boer” college way of life during the footage, which saw the elderly workers being made to drink bottles of beer, run races, play rugby and then kneel and eat meat which had been urinated upon.

Independence in the Brave New World Order
Across this last weekend, the Western propaganda machine was working overtime, celebrating the latest NATO miracle: the transformation of Serbian Kosovo into Albanian Kosova. A shameless land grab by the United States, which used the Kosovo problem to install an enormous military base (Camp Bondsteel) on other people’s strategically located land, is transformed by the power of the media into an edifying legend of “national liberation”.

Feed the world? We are fighting a losing battle, UN admits

US Military Plan for Africa Panned

Obama must beware of turning into a cult

America’s Ghost Story

Inside the Fires of Imperialism

A Nightmare World of Torture and Prison Guard Suicides
A psychiatrist who has treated former military personnel at Guantánamo prison camp is telling a story of prisoner torture and guard suicide there, recounted to him by a National Guardsman who worked at Guantánamo just after it opened.
Dr. John R. Smith, 75, is a Oklahoma City psychiatrist who has done worked at military posts during the past few years. He is also a consultant for the University of Oklahoma’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Services, and is affiliated with the Veteran’s Affairs Administration Hospital in Oklahoma City. The court-appointed psychiatric examination of Timothy McVeigh, who bombed the Murrah Federal Building in 1995, was conducted by Smith. A few years ago, he became a contract physician, treating active duty members of the US military in need of psychotherapy.

UN chief hails peace agreement by Kenyan parties

Campaign 2008: The Things They Won’t Discuss

US prowls for China in the Philippines
Since the closure of its military bases in the country in 1991, the United States has incrementally regained, transformed and deepened its military presence and intervention in the Philippines. The manner in which the US has attempted to re-establish basing in the Philippines illustrates its attempts to radically overhaul its global offensive capabilities to become more agile and efficient while overcoming mounting domestic opposition to its presence around the world.

Operation Condor — Dirty War, Death Squads and The Disappeared
“These military regimes hunted down dissidents and leftists, union and peasant leaders, priests and nuns, intellectuals, students and teachers and other people not just guerrillas (who, under international law are also entitled to due legal process). These illegal military regimes defied international law and traditions of political sanctuary to carry out their ferocious state terror and destroy democratic opposition forces.”

Clinton’s Cringe-Worthy Moment

Barack Obama, Love Across the Color Line and Political Dirty Tricks
The ’08 electoral dirty-tricks season has official begun. The Drudge Report’s recent posting of a photograph of Barack Obama wearing a white robe and turban presented to him by elders in Wajir, in northeastern Kenya, signals the wrenching-up to the next phase of political bad-will in the presidential contest.

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