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Obama the impotent

UN Security Council calls for nuclear weapons states to disarm G-20 opponents, police clash on Pittsburgh streets Ahmadinejad offers talks on nuclear program Venezuela’s Chavez Invites U.S. Labor Unions to ALBA, Invites Obama to “Peace dialogue” During a meeting with U.S. labor union leaders in New York on Wednesday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez invited the […]

Toxic shame: Thousands injured in African city

Toxic shame: Thousands injured in African city A British oil trading giant has agreed to a multimillion-pound payout to settle a huge damages claim from thousands of Africans who fell ill from tonnes of toxic waste dumped illegally in one of the worst pollution incidents in decades. How UK oil company Trafigura tried to cover […]

The More Things Change…

Iraqi shoe thrower gets hero treatment The Iraqi TV journalist who threw his shoes at then-president George W. Bush will be showered with gifts including a four-bedroom house — and at least one potential bride — upon his imminent release from jail. Muntadhar al-Zeidi, 30, is scheduled to be freed Monday after spending nine months […]