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>Looted Libyan treasure ‘in Egypt’

Into Darkest Africa Wasted $1 trillion in the futile Iraq war? Being defeated by medieval Afghan tribesmen? Can’t pay your bills at home or abroad? Government paralyzed? Worried about China? What’s the answer? Simple. A new little war in Africa. Having finished off former ally Muammar Gadaffi, the US Pentagon, CIA, and the new US […]

American Racism: The Giant White Elephant in the Room

American Racism: The Giant White Elephant in the Room Angry at World Bank, Ecuador leader exits summit With future for Saif al-Islam unknown, Niger wary Libya: Militias Terrorizing Residents of ‘Loyalist’ Town Militias from the city of Misrata are terrorizing the displaced residents of the nearby town of Tawergha, accusing them of having committed atrocities […]

‘Assassination plot 100% US fabrication’

The U.S. Dollar’s Not Almighty Anymore What explains US’s anti-Iran tirade The Barack Obama administration has visibly rachetted up its anti-Iran rhetoric. There is a scramble for explanations why the theatre of the absurd is being enacted all over again – the ‘evil empire’, etc. Iranians themselves saw this as a clever ploy by the […]