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U.N. Votes To Give Palestinians ‘Non-Member Observer State’ Status

Scientists torn over Kenya’s recent GM food ban Scientists fear that Kenya’s recent banning of the import of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may be a significant blow to progress on biotechnology research and development in the country. ‘Tipping Point’: Obama Lawyer Talks About Ending ‘Endless’ US War Though he defends its worst worst practices and […]

Russia enraged by UN Security Council silence on Gaza

Breaking: Israel, Gaza Ceasefire Reached Egypt announced a cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas in a bid to end the week of fighting between the two, which has resulted in the death of of 140 Palestinians and untold casualties and damage to the heavily populated Gaza strip. Russia enraged by UN Security Council silence on […]

Israel Kills Hamas Commander in Airstrike

Israel Heightens Warnings Over Palestinians’ U.N. Bid Israel’s Foreign Ministry has warned foreign governments that a successful Palestinian bid for enhanced status at the United Nations this month could lead Israel to cancel the Oslo peace accords and, possibly, to oust President Mahmoud Abbas and dismantle his Palestinian Authority, according to official documents made available […]