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The End of the Peace Process : Oslo and After - by Edward W. Said Jewish Power : Inside the American Jewish Establishment by J. J. Goldberg Judaism : A Very Short Introduction by Norman Solomon The Last Days of Israel by Barry Chamish Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? 2nd Ed. by Barry Chamish
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U.S./Afghan Attacks

Bush Body CountBush Body Count

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Fateful Triangle
Fateful Triangle :
The U.S., Israel, and
the Palestinians
- by Noam Chomsky

Survival, Hope and Forbearance Reflections on Exile
- by Edward Said

Perpetual War
for Perpetual Peace
- by Gore Vidal

Crusade bin Bin Watching

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Analysis Updates

Indict Sharon

¤ Some Facts About Palestine
¤ Israel & White Supremacy
¤ Anti-Semitism, Real and Imagined

¤ SW Online's ongoing coverage and analysis
Stop the Bush war machine!

SW Online's ongoing coverage and analysis
Israel's iron fist

Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict by Jews for Justice

- Charging Anti-Semitism and Extending the Iron Wall
- Cry for Bali-Cry for Palestine
- Al-Qaida Threatens; Followers Attack; Officials Worry
- US Says Bali Attack Inspired by Bin Laden Tape
- Israeli troops kill six Palestinians
- Israel Taxes Humanitarian Aid to Palestinians - U.N.
- Israel Plants Flag in Palestinian HQ 21/09/2002
- Israeli tanks pound Arafat headquarters
- Israel tightens noose around Arafat 21/09/2002
- Arafat pinned down in HQ 21/09/2002

Israel Plants Flag in Palestinian HQ
- Palestinians killed by Israelis
- Israelis killed by palestinians
- Persons killed within the green line

- Anniversary with Life in Palestine
- Israel's nuclear capacity
- Israeli tanks enter Yasser Arafat's headquarters
- Holy or Unholy, Jews and Right in an Alliance
- Five dead as bomb explodes on bus in Tel Aviv
- Key Witnesses Against Sharon Drop Like Flies

- The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict (Flash)
- Current Analysis on the War and Terror

- Lies, Damn lies, and Israeli propaganda
   by Paul D'Amato and Anthony Arnove
- Max Boot's The Savage Wars of Peace by Derek Copold
- The Israel Lobby by Michael Massing
- Q&A Background to the Israel-Palestine Crisis by Stephen R. Shalom
- Peace through choice in the Middle East Issam Nashashibi
Forum - How To Fool The Whole World David Edwards
- There is a solution to this filthy war Robert Fisk
- Israel's propaganda bid falters as documents reveal
> an impotent leader not a terrorist mastermind
- For NW conservatives, why is Mideast so clear?
- U.S. Arms Transfers and Security Assistance to Israel
- Illegal for US firms to boycott Israel
- Sharon to Bush: "No Witness, No Crime"
- Fact sheet: US foreign aid to Israel
- Leave the Holocaust out of it, or get it right
  - by Andrew Hingston
- Charley Reese - Language Of The Middle East
- Bush criticised for 'confused' Middle East goals
> Interview with Noam Chomsky
- The Jews are having a complete Sharon S. Toktarkhan
- Amid the ruins of Jenin, the grisly evidence of a war crime
- UN Rights Body Slams Israel for 'Mass Killings'
- Lebanon rejects Powell warning on Hezbollah attacks
- US colleges complain of anti-terror laws
- Palestinian Deaths Aren't Headline Material at New York Times
- Israel Commemorates Its Holocaust with Another
- Tongue-tied in Arafat's shattered bunker
- Why Bush dances to Sharon's tune
- Robert Fisk: Mr Powell must see what Israel inflicted on Jenin
> The credibility of US policy on the conflict has been shattered
- Is "The Bulldozer" a man of peace as he says? By Holger Jensen
- Bush Plays Pontius Pilate By Charley Reese
- Bush Strategy in Shambles By Patrick J. Buchanan
- Ending the Death Dance By Richard Falk
- Let's See if Bush Stays the Course By William Pfaff
- Anthony Lewis: Is There a Solution?
- Russell Banks: Witness in the Territories

- US continues to block effective use of international law
   to expell Israel from Palestinian areas
- Stephen Farrell at the Powell-Sharon meeting -
- Powell-Sharon meeting yields no timetable for withdrawing
- Calls begin for war crimes trial for Israelis
> This is long overdue!
- Israel commits massacre in Jenin refugee camp
- Israel: 4,185 Palestinians Detained
- Israel Says Hundreds of Palestinians Killed
- Defensive Shield won't end terror, senior IDF source admits
- World finally gets glimpse of refugee camp devastation
- Powell comes seeking peace among ashes of hate
- White House Backs Sharon as Powell Goes to Israel
- Arafat speaks to mass church gathering in Cairo
> denounces Israeli attacks on holy sites as 'crime'...
- Powell heads for Israel with pullback, peacemaking on his agenda
- Get out, on the count of three: 1, 2, 2¼, 2½ 2¾...
- Business is more valuable that Arab solidarity
- A Necessary War, Unless You're In The Middle Of It
- German peace plan backed, but Israel intends to wall itself off

- The problem is too little history, not too much
> Both sides are guilty of simplifying the past
- The deafening silence of the Lamb Apr 06, 2002


Robert Fisk: This will be the week when we see who runs the US-Israeli alliance April 08, 2002
'Since US soldiers are blindfolding and gagging Muslim prisoners, why should Mr Sharon worry?'

- Interview With Chomsky: Israel/Palestine
- Chomsky: Israel/Palestine 2
- The Crisis in Palestine by Stephen R. Shalom
- Israel's Ethnic Cleansing - Pt 1 - Pt 2 - Pt 3
- by E. Herman
- The Big Lie: Palestine, Palestinians and
   International Law
by Francis Boyle
- Cut Through the Lies in Palestine by Justin Podur
- Israel-Arafat Agreement by Noam Chomsky 1993

General Timeline

The New Intafada
The New Intifada: Resisting Israel's Apartheid
- by Roane Carey

Refugees in Our Own Land : Chronicles from a Palestinian Refugee Camp in Bethlehem
- by Muna Hamzeh

Bush Preaches Peace in Israel/Palestine
While Secretly Preparing for War in Iraq

Iraq War, The Sequel: Not In Our Name by John Pilger (UK Mirror)
Oil Embargo Threat Explains Bush Policy Change on Palestine
Bush will Soon 'Unsign' World Court Treaty
Treaty Shy Bush Annoys Allies
Bombing of Puerto Rico, Vieques, Resumes / US to Renew Aerial Coca Spraying in Colombia of Chemicals Poisonous to Humans
Pentagon Plans Revealed: 20,000 US Troops to Occupy Palestine.
160 US Special Forces Have Undefined Mission in the Philippines.
UK's Blair Accused of being Bush's Poodle

Sharon Creates Another Warsaw Ghetto

CBC TV (Canada): Supressed Israeli Tape
videoWatch This Video ~ Download (0.2 kibibytes)
4/4 Pres. Bush Speech
4/4: Truce plan let Israel continue attacks,
or why Israel will not stop the seige
4/4: Re The "Palestinian Documents"
3/12: From Warsaw to the West Bank
Zionism or Capitalism: Israel Feeds It's Arms Industry with Conflict

- Unholy War: The Bethlehem bellringer, the doctor, the mother.
> The innocent keep on dying...
- The roots of conflict The terrible history:
> how two tribes have fought to the death for land and dignity
- 'Jews may not want to look at this'

- U.N. History of the Palestine question
- Robert Fisk - A speech laced with obsessions and little else
- Massacres Special
- Breaking the back of Islam
- Nobel Committee Regrets Peres Peace Prize
- ISRAEL: Unpardonable Wall Of Silence
- The Birth of Israel

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