Arab Nations Strike in Libya, Surprising U.S.

Arab Nations Strike in Libya, Surprising U.S.
Twice in the last seven days, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have secretly launched airstrikes against Islamist-allied militias battling for control of Tripoli, Libya, four senior American officials said, in a major escalation of a regional power struggle set off by Arab Spring revolts.

Libyan capital under Islamist control after Tripoli airport seized
Operation Dawn captures airport in fierce fighting against pro-government militias after five-week siege in the capital

This is why you can’t trust the NSA. Ever.
New documents show the agency missing a massive number of violations. And that’s before it set up a new program with virtually no oversight.

The Surveillance Engine: How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google
The National Security Agency is secretly providing data to nearly two dozen U.S. government agencies with a “Google-like” search engine built to share more than 850 billion records about phone calls, emails, cellphone locations, and internet chats, according to classified documents obtained by The Intercept.

Boko Haram leader says ruling Nigerian town by Islamic law

Cornel West: “He posed as a progressive and turned out to be counterfeit. We ended up with a Wall Street presidency, a drone presidency”
Cornel West is a professor at Union Theological Seminary and one of my favorite public intellectuals, a man who deals in penetrating analyses of current events, expressed in a pithy and highly quotable way.

Poll: African Americans Think Race Relations Have Gotten Worse Since 2009

Black TV Producer Mistaken for Bank Robber: Beverly Hills PD ‘Deeply Regrets’ Error

Charles Belk: When You “Fit the Description”!

Foley video with Briton was staged, experts say

Foley video with Briton was staged, experts say
The video of a British jihadist beheading an American hostage was probably staged, with the actual murder taking place off-camera, according to forensic analysis.

Nigerian police missing after Boko Haram raid
At least 35 officers training in Borno state – a rebel bastion – went missing after armed group attacked town of Gwoza.

Bombings Hit Iraq’s Kirkuk, Baghdad, Dozens Dead

Israeli Bombing Intensifies in Gaza as Does Push for ICC ‘War Crimes’ Inquiry
Hamas signs off on Palestinian efforts to join International Criminal Court as international legal experts demand accountability

Israel levels high-rise buildings in Gaza: ‘They housed Hamas op centers’
IDF air strikes have leveled two multi-story buildings in Gaza; both are said to have housed Hamas facilities. The new tactic of bringing down entire buildings has been tested amid a new escalation of tensions in the Israeli-Gaza conflict.

Hamas signs Palestinian application for ICC membership

NLG and Other Legal Groups Send Letter to ICC Urging an Investigation into Potential War Crimes Committed by Israel and US in Gaza under “Operation Protective Edge”

Russia Reminds UN That Ukraine Agreed to Let Russia Deliver Aid on August 12

Delivery of Humanitarian Aid Sparks Fears of Escalation in Ukraine
Trucks that delivered ‘food, water, and medicine’ return to Russia, but declarations that convoy was “direct invasion” generates concerns of further escalation

Russia’s Humanitarian ‘Invasion’
Official Washington’s war-hysteria machine is running at full speed again after Russia unilaterally dispatched a convoy of trucks carrying humanitarian supplies to the blockaded Ukrainian city of Luhansk, writes ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

Obama Destabilizes Europe’s Economy: Sanctions Deepen the Recession

US Gives Intelligence To Assad For Targetting Isis Commanders
Reports claim the US has been secretly passing on locations of Isis forces to Assad’s regime

Iran says it downed Israeli drone over nuclear site

Iran ‘sent soldiers to fight in Iraq’
Hundreds of Iranian troops crossed border to join battle against Islamic State group, sources tell Al Jazeera.

Racist Societies: Israel and the U.S.
One wonders how the racism that is so much a part of U.S. and Israeli society towards the Palestinians can have such strength. Racism against African-Americans in both countries is strong (witness the frequent shootings of black youths by whites in the United States, and the very high acquittal rates of those perpetrators, if they are even charged with a crime, and Israel’s rampant violence again people of African descent), and now racism is financing genocide. A look at some of the possible factors is interesting, frightening and disheartening.

Thousands protest police violence in New York, call for justice in chokehold death

Michael Brown’s father appeals for calm as Ferguson prepares for funeral
Brown’s family urges protesters to keep a ‘day of silence’ out of respect for the teenager killed by police

St Louis Officer Dan Page Suspended over Video Calling Black People ‘Little Perverts’
An officer involved in policing Ferguson protests has been relieved from his patrol duties after video footage emerged of him describing black people as “little perverts” and Barack Obama as “that illegal alien claiming to be president”.

Darren Wilson’s first job was on a troubled police force disbanded by authorities
The small city of Jennings, Mo., had a police department so troubled, and with so much tension between white officers and black residents, that the city council finally decided to disband it. Everyone in the Jennings police department was fired. New officers were brought in to create a credible department from scratch.

Cop suspended over Facebook post branding Ferguson protesters ‘rabid dogs’
A police officer in a St. Louis suburb has been suspended over a series of Facebook posts, insulting Ferguson protesters, who have been rallying in condemnation of the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer.

Injuries, Fires After 6.0 Earthquake Southwest of Napa
The quake struck near southwest of Napa at 3:20 a.m. causing houses to shake in the center of San Francisco and knocking out power to more than 50,000 houses, according to the U.S. Geological Services.

Earthquake Rocks Northern California
Magnitude 6.0 quake rattles residents of Bay Area with largest tremor in more than twenty-five years

Strong Magnitude 6 Earthquake Rocks San Francisco Bay Area, Dozens Hurt, Significant Damage In Napa

State of Emergency Declared After California Earthquake

China rejects U.S. criticism over jet encounter

Pentagon says Chinese Jet Carried Out ‘Aggressive’ and ‘Dangerous’ Intercept of Navy Intelligence Jet
Su-27 flew within 20 feet of P-8 anti-submarine warfare jet in South China Sea

China rejects U.S. criticism over jet encounter

U.S. Sends Second Carrier to Asia Amid Tensions with China
China demands end to U.S. surveillance flights

China urges U.S. to stop close-in surveillance

US nuke accusations ‘part of infowar set to discredit Russia’ over Ukraine crisis
US claims and allegations, including the accusation that Russia violated the INF nuclear weapons treaty, are part of an anti-Russian campaign launched amid the Ukraine crisis, Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov told RT.

Ukraine: Urgent need for aid in Lugansk
Staff from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) visited Lugansk yesterday to find water and electricity supplies cut off because of damage to essential infrastructure. People hardly leave their homes for fear of being caught in the middle of ongoing fighting, with intermittent shelling into residential areas placing civilians at risk.

Trucks with Russian aid reach Lugansk, E. Ukraine

Putin to Merkel: Further delays of aid delivery to Ukraine would have been unacceptable

U.S. says Russia must pull convoy from Ukraine or face more sanctions

Understanding Ukraine in 15 Minutes
The world today is going through an overlap of a whole series of cyclical crises. The most serious of them is a technological crisis which is associated with changes in the wavelengths of economic development.

James Foley’s murder will see calls for military action — just what Isis wants
The ‘war on terror’ has made jihadism stronger than ever. The west must be careful not to fuel the fear upon which Isis thrives

Are We Not Savages Too?
The Beheading of James Foley

The killing of non-combatants should always be condemned. But there is a clear discrepancy in the response of both the Western media and the general public with regard to the killing of Western civilians compared to Islamic civilians.

Air Strikes? Talk of God? Barack Obama is Following The jihadists’ Script After James Foley Beheading
The President came the nearest he has come yet to rivalling George W Bush’s gormless reaction to 9/11

Are The US And Syria Now On The Same Side? (Video)
Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, adviser to Syrian Presidency tells Channel 4 News that western reactions to Isis “are coming too little too late.” “The whole world should be against Isis,” she says.

Ferguson: No Justice in the American Police State

Israel’s Ground Op on Horizon with Emergency Orders to 10,000 IDF Reservists
The IDF readies what it does not want unless there is no alternative – a deep ground invasion of Gaza. Hamas also is ready.

US accuses Israel of targeting relatives of kidnapped and murdered Palestinian 16-year-old