Kidnapped Girls Become Tools of U.S. Imperial Policy in Africa

Kidnapped Girls Become Tools of U.S. Imperial Policy in Africa

Nigeria kidnapping: why Boko Haram is a top security priority for the US
Insurgent groups’ abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls has thrust the violence in Nigeria onto the world stage, but the group has been high on Washington’s African agenda for several years

Chibok: the village that lost its daughters to Boko Haram
In village in north-eastern Nigeria people feel abandoned by a government that has failed to rescue 200 kidnapped schoolgirls

How “Benghazi” Birthed the New Normal in Africa
Amid the horrific headlines about the fanatical Islamist sect Boko Haram that should make Nigerians cringe, here’s a line from a recent Guardian article that should make Americans do the same, as the U.S. military continues its “pivot” to Africa.

From Benghazi to Boko Haram

Rusty Bucklew awaits execution in Missouri: ‘Are they gonna screw it up?’
The first execution in the US since the botched lethal injection in Oklahoma will again use drugs from a secret source. Rusty Bucklew hopes his death comes quicker than Clayton Lockett’s

Bill to curb NSA spying looks like change, but isn’t really
The bipartisan bill that aims to put serious curbs on the National Security Agency’s mass collection of Americans’ communications is being hailed by Republicans and Democrats as a big breakthrough.

How the NSA & FBI made Facebook the perfect mass surveillance tool

New York Times under fire for spiking NSA leaks story in 2004
White House told paper’s editors it would be ‘dangerous’ to run the story

David Miranda allowed to appeal against ruling on Heathrow detention
Partner of former Guardian reporter to challenge high court ruling on legality of his detention under counter-terrorism powers

ICC to examine claims that British troops carried out war crimes in Iraq
Court to conduct preliminary examination of around 60 alleged cases of unlawful killing and claims of mistreatment

Guantánamo hunger strikers accuse US of manipulating force-feeding data

White House Gitmo Report Downplays Chances Court Could Release Anyone
Insists Relocating Detainees to US Wouldn’t Lead to Releasing Them

Iraq Army Kill Scores, Bombers Wound Dozens; 210 Killed, 120 Wounded

In Ukraine, the US is dragging us towards war with Russia
Washington’s role in Ukraine, and its backing for the regime’s neo-Nazis, has huge implications for the rest of the world

Russia says received no formal annexation request by Ukrainian region

Ukraine Billionaire’s Workers Rout Protesters, Seize Mariupol
Oligarch Warns Independence Would Threaten Steel Industry

NATO Warns Russia Force on Ukraine Border Ready to Act

How NATO Jabs Russia on Ukraine
The U.S. mainstream media portrays the Ukraine crisis as a case of Russian “imperialism,” but the reality is that Moscow has been reacting to aggressive moves by Washington to expand NATO to Russia’s border in violation of a post-Cold War pledge, writes ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

Russia Tells Ukraine: Cash in Advance for Gas

The Myth of America’s Global Peacekeeping Past

Israelis slowly wake up to the Nakba
“Israeli society now acknowledges the Nakba. But there is much more to be done,” Jeries said. “Israeli Jews don’t yet want to take responsibility for it: to fix historical injustices and take back the refugees. It is going to be a long process.” — By Jonathan Cook

Historical whitewash: Great Britain must be held accountable for its role in the Nakba
Nothing more exemplifies the historical whitewash of British rule in Palestine between 1917 and 1948 than the response (or lack of) to David Cameron’s speech in the Israeli Kneeset in March 2014. Therein he briefly propounded the much overlooked fact that Britain was the main western supporter of the Zionist colonial experiment in Palestine from the very beginning.

U.S. plans nearly $1 billion arms deal with Iraq
The United States plans to sell nearly $1 billion worth of warplanes, armored vehicles and surveillance aerostats to Iraq.

34 Year Old U.S. Woman Arrested for Posing as 15 Year Old High School Student

Boko Haram Video Claims To Show Missing Girls

US planes begin air search for kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls
Surveillance planes fly over remote forest area where more than 200 teenage girls are suspected of being held by Boko Haram

Boko Haram Video Claims To Show Missing Girls
Footage shows leader Abubakar Shekau and around 130 of the youngsters abducted in Nigeria who he says have converted to Islam.

Nigeria Kidnap: Father Rejects Militant Offer
A father of two of the missing Nigerian girls says he doesn’t want his daughters freed if it means militants are released.

Nigeria scorns Boko Haram’s captive girls swap offer
Nigeria has insisted it will not agree to a request to free imprisoned Islamic militants in return for the release of dozens of kidnapped schoolgirls.

Glenn Greenwald: how the NSA tampers with US-made internet routers
The NSA has been covertly implanting interception tools in US servers heading overseas – even though the US government has warned against using Chinese technology for the same reasons, says Glenn Greenwald, in an extract from his new book about the Snowden affair, No Place to Hide

Glenn Greenwald: ‘I don’t trust the UK not to arrest me. Their behaviour has been extreme’
He has been lauded and vilified in equal measure. But did the journalist’s ‘outsider’ status help him land Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations? Why did he nearly miss the story? And how powerless did he feel when his partner was detained at Heathrow? One year after the scoop, we meet him in his jungle paradise in Rio

Donetsk People’s Republic asks Moscow to consider its accession into Russia

Pro-Russian insurgents declare independence as Kremlin urges Ukraine to hold talks

CNN map puts Ukraine in Pakistan

Rebels declare victory in east Ukraine self-rule vote
Ukrainian leader Oleksander Turchinov accused Russia of working to overthrow legitimate state power in Ukraine on Monday after pro-Russian rebels declared a resounding victory in a rebel referendum on self-rule in eastern regions.

U.S. Media Ignores Putin’s Peace Plan

What Does The US Government Want in Ukraine?

400 elite US commandos help Kiev in Ukraine
About 400 elite commandos of a notorious US private security firm, Academi, are involved in a punitive operation mounted by Ukraine’s new government against federalization supporters in eastern Ukraine, the German Bild am Sonntag newspaper reported on Sunday.

Russian official delivers petition from Moldova region to join Russia

Caught On Tape: Ukrainian National Guardsmen Shooting At Crowd In East Ukraine Referendum Town

What Does the US Government Want in Ukraine?

Yemen Suicide Car Bombing Kills 11 Police

U.S. Court Lifts Ban on Russian Rocket Engine Buys

Iran leader slams West’s ‘stupid’ missile stance before talks
Iran’s Supreme Leader described as “stupid and idiotic” Western expectations for his country to curb its missile development, striking a defiant tone ahead of a fresh round of nuclear talks.

Iranian president calls for more open, better-informed nuclear debate

Saudi Arabia to gift $3 billion worth of fuel to Egypt government

8 Stories of Civilians Killed by U.S. Drone Strikes in Yemen

UK troops working with US military at base for Yemen drone operations
Tom Watson MP and rights group express concern as MoD admits presence of UK personnel in Djibouti but denies involvement in plotting strikes on al-Qaida

Woman who MADE UP entire bestselling holocaust memoir is forced to pay back $22.5 million after her lies are revealed 17 years later… and she’s not even Jewish

Attempts to stay anonymous on the web will only put the NSA on your trail
The sobering story of Janet Vertesi’s attempts to conceal her pregnancy from the forces of online marketers shows just how Kafkaesque the internet has become

Europe’s top court: people have right to be forgotten on Internet

Google Must Honor Requests to Delete Some Links, E.U. Court Says
Surprise Decision Could Prove Highly Disruptive to Search-Engine Operators

Google Must Honor Requests to Delete Some Links, E.U. Court Says

Boko Haram is beyond govt’s capacity, says Soyinka

Nigerian Boko Haram militants ‘seeking prisoner swap to return schoolgirls’
The Nigerian militants suspected of seizing more than 200 schoolgirls hostage are seeking a prisoner swap for jailed comrades, a former mediator with Boko Haram has told The Telegraph.

Boko Haram is beyond govt’s capacity, says Soyinka

Nigeria had warning of Boko Haram attack but failed to act, says Amnesty
Human rights group says military had warning four hours before kidnapping as questions mount over why school was opened

Nigeria: Oil riches can’t hide a wealth of social ills
Petroleum production has fuelled economy but half the population lives in poverty

The CIA Aided Polio’s Comeback–but Media Have Forgotten the Story
Polio had been battled to near-extinction after decades of effort, but this year the WHO confirmed 68 new cases and declared it an international public health emergency. Nearly 80 percent of those cases are in Pakistan.

Ukraine says killed 20 pro-Russian rebels in east

Mariupol killings: US backs Ukrainian regime’s reign of terror
With the open support of Washington and its European allies, the regime installed by Washington and Berlin in last February’s fascist-led putsch is now extending its reign of terror against all popular resistance in Ukraine. That is the significance of the events in the major eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol yesterday.

…U.S. blames Russia for inciting violence in Ukraine’s Mariupol
Washington has voiced support for the bloody crackdown on pro-Russian activists in the southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, blaming Russia for inciting the violence there.

Ukraine Unrest And Attacks On Black People

Ukraine: It’s Now For The Long Run

2 southeast Ukrainian regions to hold referendum May 11 as planned

NATO Uses Ukraine Crisis to Wage War on Russia

Ukraine: siege mentality pushes south-eastern region to precipice of civil war
In the town of Konstaninovka, an uneasy atmosphere of threats and violence is building ahead of a vote on independence

Mediators Push Peace Talks on Ukraine, But Deal Unlikely
Officials Continue to Spurn Calls to Talk With Protesters

Putin keeps Russians, West guessing with Ukraine shift

Mediators press on with peace plan as Ukraine tensions soar

Israeli Ex-Atomic Chief: Iran 10 Years Away from Nuclear Weapons

Israeli nuclear expert: Netanyahu using Iran threat for political gain
Ex-head of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission says Iran is at least a decade from a nuclear bomb, doubts whether Tehran even wants a nuclear weapon.

Bill Clinton and the Bogus Iranian Threat
Tragically, President George H.W. Bush passed up a chance for a rapprochement with Iran because, after the Soviet Union imploded, the national-security apparatus needed a new threat to stave off budget cutters in Congress. Iran became the “manufactured crisis,” according to author Gareth Porter’s new book by that title.

The Pathetic U.S. Media Coverage: False Flag in Odessa
Photos of the victims of the Odessa fire which have been circulating on the Internet have cast doubt on the official version of events.

The mess NATO made in Afghanistan: Siddiqui
After a war longer than either of the two world wars, the outlook in Afghanistan remains bleak.

U.S. Created a Terrorist Safe Haven In Libya

No Red Line Requiem for Dead Syrian Soldiers
The latest evidence of a chemical weapons attack in Syria has emerged in the form of a video proudly filmed by the perpetrators themselves, the so-called ‘lions’ of Jabhat al Nusra, Al Qaida’s Syrian franchise, listed by the US as a terrorist organization yet used by the US and its allies in their continuing campaign to destroy Syria in the process of destroying the Syrian government.

U.S. to Support ICC War Crimes Prosecution in Syria

Keith Alexander Unplugged: on Bush/Obama, 1.7 million stolen documents and other matters

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi gets 10 year jail sentence
A Saudi court has imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi for 10 years for “insulting Islam” and setting up a liberal web forum, local media report. He was also sentenced to 1,000 lashes and ordered to pay a fine of 1 million riyals ($266,000; £133,000).

Venezuelan police break up four protest camps
Tent cities dismantled and 243 people arrested in crackdown, as US considers sanctions against Maduro government

Venezuela News: US Push For Sanctions Gaining Speed In Congress