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The Dead May Yet Bury The Dead.

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September 14, 2001

By Amon Hotep

If American Leaders do not present their evidence to an international court and seek a ruling from the court, they are acting no different to the people whom they call terrorists.

There are many reasonable voices calling for this evidence before any military campaign, but I would go further to add that they must show that the rule of law applies to everyone and the laws are not simply obstacles for smaller nations. America/Britain must not be allowed to act with impunity aided and abetted by a heavy US media propaganda campaign.

America has continually waged wars on the soil of other nations and has made light of the millions who have died during and following their bombing campaigns.

Justice is not whatever America says it is and in light of the fact that the majority are yet to realize justice, America must work within the boundaries of internationally agreed upon laws.

How can the perpetrators of that attack be wrong for taking independent violent actions against the US but on the other hand it is right for the US supported by other nations to continue doing the same?

It is this inequity and hypocrisy that encourages smaller groups to resort to such violent actions. Let us be clear on one important point: Many people including myself see America and Britain as large terrorists nations that have kept many smaller nations impoverished and waging wars against each other to further America and Europe's economic agenda.

The term "terrorism" in official US documents is described as: "the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to attain goals that are political, religious, or ideological in nature. This is done through intimidation, coercion, or instilling fear."

But generally the term "terrorism" is used to refer to terrorist acts committed against the US or its allies. When America and its allies terrorize other nations it is referred to as coercive diplomacy, though quite often it involves the threat and use of violence to attain political/economic goals.

It is poetic that those who encourage terrorism and racism, directly and indirectly through their indifference, and those that displayed the most arrogance during the recently held racism conference - Arab Nations, European Nations and the United States of America - are the ones who are threatened today.

Arab/Muslim nations tried to hijack the conference for their own political agenda and America and Europe were dictating to the world what should be discussed and how it should be discussed. Neither side wanted to address racial and gender discrimination, which is rampant in their respective nations.

The call went out to focus on important issues that are at the root of all other social discords and they displayed their insensitivity and arrogance. Now they are threatening war.

All sensible persons should express themselves on the issues but not put themselves at risk between ignorant groups, as none of the parties involved were/are genuinely interested in addressing Racism and Gender inequities. They were not interested in the issues that affect Africans (eg: Racial Profiling).