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America has been equaled with others

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Kavkav September 14, 2001
Posted at UScrusade September 25, 2001

Famous Chechen politician, surrogate to Shamil Basayev in Madzhlis of the Muslims of Ichkeria and Daghestan, Movladi Udugov has given an exclusive interview to news agency ( Kavkaz-Center ) in connection with latest events in United States of America.

Air attacks on USA on last Tuesday became the most destructive and significant on the scale and consequences. What is the reaction of Chechen side to these events?

I agree that attacks over United States really are impressing and, for certain, will cause serious consequences in world policy. As to their destructiveness and scale, they hardly can be compared with that of the Kremlin terrorist grouping created in Chechen Republic. Scale and destructiveness of attacks to USA is determined first of all by the position, which is occupied by United States in the world. From here is the estimation of the scale and destructive of these events. Assaults are made not on small Ichkeria, but on a superpower. Therefore picture is the same, though degree of destructions in USA and losses among civilians do not go in any comparison with destructions and losses in our country.

In my opinion, attacks on United States mark themselves a certain symbolical feature behind, which new epoch of modern history begins. Those, who organized attacks on USA, who ever stands responsible for it, actually have equaled United States with others. In the world, there is no more that unique superpower, which can dare to punish others, but not being punished by itself. Enormous psychological loss is inflicted on United States. For Americans, feeling of safety and superiority has disappeared in few minutes. That was inspired by decades to the world, was propagandized with the help of MASS-MEDIA and cinematography has not passed the test of reality. The reality appeared much more rigidly that was shown from screens of TVs. The major consequences of tragic events in USA became psychological consequences. The place of the world leader is again vacant.

Reaction of Chechen side was expressed in the announcement of president Aslan Maskhadov and Amir of supreme military Madzhlisul Shura of mujahideen, Shamil Basayev. The Chechen side has expressed sympathy with American citizens, has condemned acts of terrorism and has expressed opinion, that behind acts of terrorism in USA is Russia, as the most interested side in easing United States and undermining positions of America on international scene.

About organizers of air attacks on USA, there are many interpretations. From Japanese Red Army up to underground American groupings, which want to overthrow George Bush. What is your opinion concerning possible organizers of attacks on USA?

The most convenient decision for administration Bush in the present situation to specify on duty terrorist of American MASS-MEDIA is Osama bin Laden and to declare the beginning of crusade war against Muslim extremists, under the slogan of protection of democracy and freedom. As the international anti-Islamic circles led by Russia and Israel, in every possible way try to inspire this version. In my opinion, this decision is so convenient, but as well as dangerous. United States will risk its security to get involved in war against one and a half billion Muslims and to transform the country into a field for fierce battles.

Strategy of USA always was a policy of restraint and conducting war on distance. Total anti-Islamic war will not give a chance to United States to sustain this strategy. Manpower resources of Muslims and powerful ideological stimulus of resistance, the control above the basic power resources of the world, the geographical position and an area of movement, finally will destroy USA. War will come in the house of each American. And it already will be the collapse of that America, which we know and which is realized by Americans. The first disturbing symptoms of arising enmity and split of America already is available. The Islamic organizations of USA have addressed with an appeal to Bush urgently to stop anti-Muslim rhetoric in MASS MEDIA, which is lobbied by pro-Israeli media-groupings. It is recommended to American Muslims that they should not appear these days in public places in Islamic clothes. Islamic center in Dallas was fired at. The mayor of New York calls not to make self-court above Arabs. Think. Unless it is that America, which we till now knew?

As to organizers of air assaults on USA, that, in my opinion, behind it is the state structures, but in any way separate groupings in spite of their strength cannot stand in such position. It is unequivocal. Character of acts of terrorism does not allow assuming other versions. Unless, that in cases, when the administration of USA knows, what country stands after these acts of terrorism, but it is not ready to specify it as after that it is necessary to declare a condition of war with that state and to make retaliations on it. That is to begin full-scale war with all consequences following from here.

I think, that behind acts of terrorism in USA is Russia. This country receives the greatest political and military dividends from easing United States. Besides the level of organization of terrorist attacks does not leave doubts that organizers of actions have access to space means of conducting war and to other high technologies. The unique country, which has such an opportunity, is Russia. Allies of USA cannot be considered involved. So far as to China, this country is far from that possible level of confrontation with USA and struggle for influence in the world, which would have instigated Peking to go on so radical actions. Objectively, on the given historical time interval, China needs strong United States, even, in spite of, differences on island Taiwan. I would have not excluded even Israel to be ignored from the list of possible organizers of act of terrorism as benefits from it for Tel Aviv are too obvious, what.

How events in USA can be reflected in Caucasus?

It is obvious, that supremacy of USA on the world has strongly shaken. Attempts of Washington to become stronger in other regions of the globe including in Caucasus, will meet more furious and resolute resistance of other applicants for leadership. At the same time, psychological consequences of impacts on USA, certainly, will affect and those countries which, as well as United States apply for a role of the international leader. Obviously as, that Russia will try to take advantage of the arisen situation with peak efficiency and to strengthen the aggressive actions in Caucasus.

Shinning evidence serves impudent anti-Georgian announcement of so-called peacemaker, Nemtsov, who has gave interview to NTV exactly on the second day after acts of terrorism in USA. I shall remind that Nemtsov has frankly declared, about an opportunity of independent actions of Russia in territory of Georgia against Chechens, who, according to his statement, are covered by Georgian authorities. He without hesitation threatened that if presidents Shevardnadze and Putin will not agree upon realization in territory of Georgia for joint actions against Chechens, Russia can carry out independent operation. In view of last events in USA, very interesting looks his warning to address Shevardnadze.

Nemtsov declared, that head of Georgian state should not hope for support of western states any more the (!). The deputy - peacemaker especially emphasized that Georgia today is the weak state. I know, that many Georgian politicians have regarded announcement of Nemtsov as some kind of reaction of Moscow to acts of terrorism in USA. Most likely, Moscow does not consider more necessary to look back to Washington and it is one more argument in favor of the fact that Russia is the most interested side in terrorist impacts on USA.

But I would like to disappoint those, who expects for success of Russia. Events in USA is a symbolic feature and the warning not only for United States, but also for all those, who else continues to think within the framework of imperial traditions and to appeal to force, as to be the sole argument of modern policy.

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