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America to Wage War for USSR Inheritance

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Pravda, Moscow, September 19, 2001
Posted at UScrusade September 25, 2001

( Anatoli Baranov ) The world is waiting for the war. There are so many different messages appearing on this subject, it is hard to read them all. It is also hard to say how many people on the planet try to guess what will happen in the nearest future. The sources in the Russian special services are not standing aside in this respect and PRAVDA.Ru has recently touched upon one of them.

According to the estimations from a very respectable organization, the USA's incursion into Afghanistan will be carried out taking into consideration the British and Russian experiences. Missiles and bombardment will be used under the old scenario and special military forces will be used as well - nothing new.

However, the ruling Republican Party is going to correct America's domestic and foreign policies due to the grand terrorist attack. The Democrats' remnants are going to be completely removed from the military and reconnaissance structures and the control over the private and public life of the American people is going to be toughened, including the business sphere. The U.S. will shift its emphasis from hi-tech constituents over to the raw materials companies - the ones which deal with oil and gas fuel first and foremost. The weight of the military and industrial complex in GNP will be raised and the national ABM program will certainly be launched. Bush and other figures of the American Republican administration are absolutely interested in this scenario - it is an open secret for everyone.

The USA will use those priority procedures when fortifying the armed forces in the Persian Gulf area, modernizing the bases there, and delivering additional arms and defense technology. The USA's military presence in the region, which is of strategic importance for the whole of the West, will be raised to the limit when total control over events happening will be moved to Washington.

America will increase its military presence along the entire 40th parallel, which is what we can see now in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Macedonia; soon we will also see it in the republics of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenia, and Uzbekistan.

The Injirlik military base, which is deployed in Turkey, will surely be modernized, and this base will become one of the key points of the American presence. The establishment of reserve points on the territory of several countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States will be performed under different forms. However, the mid-Caspian area and Turkmenia's deposits will be taken under the control of the United States. It should be mentioned that the authorities of Azerbaijan and Georgia republics are in willing contact with NATO and the United States. The republics of Middle Asia are more reserved in their aspiration to change their orientation from Russia to the USA, because these republics are situated far away from the American bases and Russia's military presence is there.

The operation in Afghanistan has the following objective: to make the region closer to the zone of USA's vital interests. To begin with, the American army intends to gain control of the airports and other areas on Turkmenistan's territory (including the former Soviet republic in Termez). It is interesting that America is interested in the former Soviet base Bagram, which is on the territory of Afghanistan. This base is currently under the control of the Northern Alliance. In addition, the USA is going to bring its influence back into the northern Alliance: the tragic and very "timely" Ahmad Shah Masood's death (Afghan opposition leader).

Therefore, Russia's control over the region of Central Asia is going to fade away. The same thing will happen with its control over the Caucasus. The USA will make the republics of Middle Asia to reconsider the Collective Security Treaty of the CIS and Russian troops will be called back to Russian territory. The United States will gain total control over Central Asia, over the Indian ocean, and the country will be able to efficiently control the processes in Indo-China and Indonesia. This will actually bring about the total control of the United States of America over the Islamic world, since the moves of Iran, Pakistan, and Iraq will depend upon the military presence of the United States.

This scenario raises a lot of doubts regarding the versions of the acts of terrorism in New York and Washington, for there is only one country that is gaining absolute and long-term profit out of these acts. However there are doubts about the lack of information of the other members of the western intelligence community regarding the preparation for the terrorist attack. Most likely, such information was available, but all of the special services were blocking it for some reason. In this case, it is absolutely not important who gave the freedom of action to the suicidal terrorists.

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