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British Dossier on Iraq Scandal

February 07, 2003
Updated February 15, 2003

Colin Powell and the Great "Intelligence" Fraud 15/02/2003

Inquiry into the 'tainted' No 10 dossier on Iraq 12/02/2003

UK's longest serving MP
has been ordered out of the House of Commons
10/2/03 BBC
Mr Dalyell accused the government of misleading Parliament after admitting part of the dossier was copied from an American student's outdated thesis.

Tony Blair Can't Tap Dance, Either 10/02/03

Britain: Blair government caught out
in plagiarism and lies over latest Iraq dossier

By Chris Marsden,

Reuter's Video On Powell's fake report 09/02/03

The dossier that shamed Britain
Deception can only corrode public trust

Fake Terror Alerts
We're as stupid as they think we are

How stupid do they think we are? Only hours after our much-praised Secretary of State is revealed to have been using material plagiarized from a college student to justify why we're going to kill thousands of people with bombs, our government issues a terror alert and expects us to believe it?

Brits' Iraq report was cut & paste production
WANTED! Cut & paste artists for our website, little intelligence required. Experienced personnel from UK's 'intelligence services' preferred.

I will not plagiarize Iraq Reports


Brits admit plagiarizing Iraq report
Even spelling, punctuation errors repeated

U.S and UK's not so intelligent intelligence
Academics have debunked the British intelligence report on Iraq which the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, relied on in his address to the United Nations Security Council. But the British Government says it is standing by the intelligence dossier, even after scholars revealed that entire passages had been lifted from magazine articles, complete with spelling mistakes. Large parts of the dossier - which claims to have drawn on "intelligence material" - were plagiarised from published academic articles. But a Government spokesman maintained that the report was accurate and said the Government had never claimed all the material was from its spies.

TV documentary
US lied about Gulf War missile "hits"

Phone taps' credibility questioned

No 10 admits mistake in copying Iraq dossier
Downing Street today said it made a mistake in failing to acknowledge that a large section of a dossier on Saddam Hussein was copied from a Californian postgraduate student's outdated thesis.
The UK government and secret services are not some fly by night website that failed to credit someone out of ignorance. They stole the material in order to propagandize the world. So now people must know that it is little academic students who are behind U.S. and UK unintelligence. The UK and US governments have been playing the UN and the world for fools. Do not doubt that they are busy searching these little websites for angles to present to the world. The rather embarrassed U.S. Govít is now issuing a terror watch in order to distract the world. THEY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED!

UK war dossier a sham, say experts
British 'intelligence' lifted from academic articles
Amid charges of "scandalous" plagiarism on the night when Tony Blair attempted to rally support for the US-led campaign against Saddam Hussein, Whitehall's dismay was compounded by the knowledge that the disputed document was singled out for praise by the US secretary of state, Colin Powell, in his speech to the UN security council on Wednesday.
Citing the British dossier, entitled Iraq - its infrastructure of concealment, deception and intimidation in front of a worldwide television audience Mr Powell said: "I would call my colleagues' attention to the fine paper that the United Kingdom distributed... which describes in exquisite detail Iraqi deception activities." Guardian/UK

A dossier of evidence against Iraq is "solid", Downing Street has insisted after allegations that it included plagiarised material that was 12 years out of date. BBC
It emerged that some of the document was copied from three different articles, including one written by a postgraduate student. Excerpts from a paper relating to the build-up to the 1991 Gulf War by Californian student Ibrahim al-Marashi were used in the intelligence document. The paper was published in the Middle East Review of International Affairs. Other sections in the dossier were apparently taken from defence journal Jane's Intelligence Review. From BBC

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¤ The UK Iraq dossier and its use of open sources

Downing St dossier on Iraq, plagiarised
The government's carefully co-ordinated propaganda offensive took an embarrassing hit tonight after Downing Street was accused of plagiarism.
Read sample of the accused plagiarised text
The target is an intelligence dossier released on Monday and heralded by none other than Colin Powell at the UN yesterday. Channel Four News has learnt that the bulk of the nineteen page document was copied from three different articles - one written by a graduate student.
UK's Dossier on Iraq, cited by Colin Powell
One of the articles the dossier stole from

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