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Bush and Sadam

Neighbors, Not Friends: Iraq and Iran after the Gulf Wars - by Dilip Hiro

The Fire This Time : U.S. Crimes in the Gulf by Ramsey Clark

On Being a Superpower : And Not Knowing What to Do About It by Seymour J. Deitchman, Swymour J. Deitchman

Muslims and the West by Mahboob A. Khawaja

Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire by Chalmers Johnson

Israel's Secret Wars : A History of Israel's Intelligence Services by Ian Black, Benny Morris (Contributor)

News Updates US - IRAQ
Posted: Sunday, October 20, 2002

¤ Bush banks on Pyrrhic victory by Simon Tisdall
If passed, America's tough resolution on Iraq could be so damaging that only al-Qaida may be said to have scored a victory.

¤ The Hidden Wars Of Desert Storm: (Real Audio)
The illegal arming of Saddam Hussein, The Pentagon's use of depleted uranium, and the US Government's lies about the 'massive Iraqi military build-up' on the Saudi Arabian border.
> Transcript: Arundhati Roy's address on War and Terror

The Hidden Wars Of Desert Storm: (Realaudio)
The illegal arming of Saddam Hussein, The Pentagon's use of depleted uranium, and the US Government's lies about the 'massive Iraqi military build-up' on the Saudi Arabian border.

¤ 1.5 million Italians: don't attack Iraq
¤ Anti-war activists march to protest Bush's war
¤ Advancement of freedom in the Muslim World
¤ Robert Fisk: Nato used the same old trick
¥ It made Milosevic an offer he could only refuse
¤ 'Random' killings shock Washington
¥ If the US is in a killing mood what do they expect

¤ We think there's a link...
--> A link between Saddam and bin Laden? No way
---> Doubts over al-Qaeda ties to Baghdad
----> Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda Are Not Allies
-----> Bush and Iraq: Wagging the Whole Damn Planet
¤ Five Iraqi civilians killed, 11 wounded in US-UK raids
¥ "Wag the world" no war yet, but bombs...
¤ Bombing out chances of a democratic Iraq
¤ US rejects Iraq inspections deal
¤ Can US stop Iraq inspections?
¤ Iran Will Keep Out of U.S.-Iraq Standoff
¤ White House Would Welcome Hussein Assassination
¤ Bush Sr steps out of shadows with backing for war on Iraq
¤ Former US arms inspector calls on Labour to oppose war
¤ No to War! Rastafari duty to promote Peace
¤ US tries to justify increase attacks on Iraq
> Iraq 'intensifies' attacks, says US, Yeah Right!
¤ EU compromises on international court -BBC
¤ The making of an American quagmire
> Bush's preemptive strike doctrine suits bin Laden just fine
¤ The president's real goal in Iraq
¤ US, UK willing to tone down resolution
¤ Dossier on the world's #1 rogue state
¤ Bush Lied Again: Agency disavows report on Iraq arms
> Bush Lied About Iraq Nuclear Capability Report
¤ Afghanistan : Caspian Sea Oil and Gas Pipelines

¤ Iraq under US military rule?
¤ America Fails to Woo Key Allies
¤ UN's Largest Group of States Rejects War on Iraq
¤ France Makes Strongest Statement Yet Against War

Blair's 'Dossier' on Iraq
¤ Iraq's weapons of mass destruction
¤ Blair has failed to make the case for war against Iraq
¤ Robert Fisk: The dishonesty of this so-called dossier

War Fever by Tim Francis-Wright
Plans to reshape Middle East
Bush Lied Again: Agency disavows report on Iraq arms
> Bush Lied About Iraq Nuclear Capability Report - Washington Times
War is a lousy way to win an election
Bush to Arab world: Drop dead

Arab States Stand With U.S. on Iraq, or Stand Aside
Is Bush's War Illegal? Let Us Count the Ways
Bush's war plans are a cover-up, Byrd says
Bush's real reasons for war on Iraq
SADDAM: We Have No Chems, Nukes Or Bios
What they are now hiding is harmless goo:
> William Pitt interviews Scott Ritter
Thug lite: Cowards in the White House call for blood
Mandela No more Mr Nice Guy
Mandela Slams Bush The World Bully
Rumsfeld: U.S. must act ahead of U.N.
U.S., Britain drafting U.N. resolution on Iraq
Spy scandal has reduced America's control of mission
UN Security Council has been thrown into disarray
President Bush wants war, not justice
> and he'll soon find another excuse for it
Bush now has to refuse to take yes for an answer
WAR'S BEGUN: British jets hit vital Iraqi HQ
Iraq: U.S. only after oil

Iraq agrees to weapons inspections
U.S. Drillers Eye Huge Petroleum Pool in Iraq
Fortunes of war await Bush's circle after attacks on Iraq
Bush planned Iraq 'regime change' before becoming President
Bush demands UN deadline of weeks
Rafsanjani Criticizes U.S. Policies on International Affairs
The mantra that means this time it's serious
Iraq rejects new US-UK pressure
Afghan massacre haunts Pentagon

Arrogance at the Podium
The Speech Bush Should Give
Mr Bush must be held to his words
Mandela warns Bush on racism
Germany may deny US use of its airspace
Turkey again opposes attack on Iraq
US military builds up huge attack force
Azzam 11 September Tribute to Innocent Victims of Terrorism
UN chief's warning on American strike
British troops head for Iraq war
Reaffirming A Policy of Preemption

Scare tactic du jour: Saddam's gonna get nukes!
Same old song, dictator dance
Weapons of Mass Distraction
The Powell trap: Easing us into war
Iraq and the Bush administrations
Iraq Says Allied Jets Struck Civilian Targets
100 US and UK jets join attack on Iraq
Germany Stresses: No Iraq War With Our Help
The real goal is the seizure of Saudi oil
Arab states 'united' against Iraq attack
Don't look now: Saddam is drowning kittens
Bush has a word for it, even if the dictionary doesn't
US sends heavy armour to Gulf as campaign grows
Bush calls for support inside and outside US
Powell admits 'real differences' within cabinet
US seeking support on tougher UN inspections
Europe fears free-lance terrorism
Saddam: From chemical weapons to nuclear programme

Jordan king reiterates opposition to US Iraq strike
Russia Warns Against Iraq Action
Iran says it won't stand idle if Iraq is attacked
Mandela Blasts U.S. Attack Threats
White House in disarray over Cheney speech
The source of all evil
> Anonymous 'intelligence officials' are preparing us all for war
Americans turn their backs on Iraq attack

Russian-Iraqi Oil Ties Worry U.S.
When US turned a blind eye to poison gas
In search of Saddam's secret arsenal
Where is the 'dossier of damning evidence'
US/UK bomb Iraqi for the sixth time in a week Aug 30, 2002
US and UK have already made 35 sorties on Iraq Aug 26, 2002

Media watch: Context is lost in war of words over Iraq by Eric Black
'A link between Saddam and bin Laden? No way' by Brendan O'Neil
Weapons of Mass Deception by Bill Barnwell
> How the Government Scares Us into War
The War only the Whitehouse Wants by Eric Margolis
Rumsfeld's Weak War Logic by David Corn
Iraq 2002- The Final Storm? by Ron Jacobs
From Iraq to Serbia by Gilles d'Aymery, April 2, 2000
> Burying the News and our Humanness with it
Why We Didn't Remove Saddam By George Bush and Brent Scowcroft

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