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Continuing US Fumigations in Colombia,
United States Terrorism by Proxy

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October 02, 2001

Liz Atherton
Colombia Peace Association

The Colombia Peace Association shares a growing international concern about the United States' continued fumigation of peasant land in the southern states of Colombia in spite of overwhelming evidence that Amazon biodiversity is being seriously damaged; that adults and children are being made sick with diarrhoea, vomiting, skin rashes, eye and respiratory problems; that livestock and fish in contaminated waters are dying; that food crops are being destroyed and all means of subsistence are being removed; that people are showing signs of severe malnutrition and thousands have been forced to leave their homes; that promised aid for alternative development has not materialised while funds for war machinery are infinitely available; that the fumigations are not so much about destroying coca in the so-called 'war against drugs', but are part of a strategy to clear the campesino population from areas rich in coveted natural resources for development by US multinational corporations; that this strategy also includes the elimination of popular resistance by killing community leaders and massacring and displacing the population; that to this end the paramilitaries supported by the Colombian army are the vanguard of the United States' Plan Colombia; and we ask the question:

Is this not United States terrorism by proxy?

Please write to your representative in government to express your concern for the plight of Colombian campesinos who are being attacked on all fronts by state forces, paramilitaries and US crop dusting planes and to challenge the real motivation behind this continuing United States orchestrated barbarity conducted under the auspices their self-declared 'war on drugs'.

With many thanks and best wishes