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December 31, 2001

Kashmir is part of the mess that Britain left behind
Latest US Bombing Error kill 100 Afghan civilians
Six armed Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in Gaza
"We Think the Price Is Worth It"
The Rape of Afghanistan By Rasil Basu

December 30, 2001

German Troops Headed for Somalia
All Indian Political Parties Back War Stance
Troop Deal Finalized, Bin Laden Said in Afghanistan
FBI Probe of Al Qaeda Implies Wide US Presence
'Afghan Gov't' obeys US; bombing to continue
We may never find bin Laden, Bush concedes
Fears grow as Pakistan and India prepare for war
Fall of Taliban Sends Militants to Kashmir
19 soldiers killed in mine blast at Indo-Pak border
BBC hires detective agency to fight £6m libel action

December 29, 2001

Is Osama our most unwanted tourist?
Four Pakistani soldiers killed in firing
Hunt for bin Laden Loses Steam as Winter Grips
As US bombs more civilian targets...
Ministry calls for an end to US bombing
Pakistan warns that war with India is looming

December 28, 2001

Bin there, bin here ... but no Bin Laden
China Warns Israel Not To Sell AWACS To India
The Things That Are Caesar's
Al Qaeda planning next phase
Afghan jailers beat confessions from men
The US has killed more than 3,767 Afghans
Death squads make Palestinians prisoners in their own land
U.S. bombing reported to kill up to 40
Afghanistan Seeks End to U.S. Bombing
India, Pakistan trade sanctions, both say ready for war

December 27, 2001

Hawk Takes Charge of Israeli Labor Party
Heavy fighting erupts in Somalia BBC
Shoe bomb suspect 'one of many' BBC
Transcript: Bin Laden video excerpts BBC
Bin Laden accuses West of "loathing Islam"
Tribal leaders appeal for halt to US attacks
Hypocrisy at the heart of the Taliban

December 26, 2001

Afghan Premier Says War Largely Over; U.S. Disagrees
Cheney's hiding in a cave, too--in Penn. Dec 20
Bin Laden: Attack on US to Stop Support for Israel
New Bin Laden TV broadcast BBC
Al-Jazeera TV Airs Bin Laden Tape
India, Pakistan Prepare for War
Pope: No War in God's Name AGAIN?
Pakistan Deploys Ballistic Missiles
Muslim leader warns over extremists

December 25, 2001

The Rich History of Jewish Terrorism
U.S. removing al Qaeda fingers for DNA analysis
Is that a star over Bethlehem, or an Apache?
13 Pakistan Soldiers Killed in Border Clash
Troops mass on India-Pakistan border
Foiled plane bomber British, say police
Israel issues ultimatum to Arafat
Tribal lords warn US against any more mistaken attacks
Fresh Attack on US Base at Kandahar Airport

Click here and buy - Rogue State
Click to buy Rogue State
bin Ladenís Inhumanity, and Ours
- by Tim Wise

"The World After Sept. 11" by Noam Chomsky
AFSC Conference, Dec. 8, 01

A Dossier on Civilian Victims of U.S. Bombing by Professor Marc W. Herold (Long)

"If liberty means anything at all," George Orwell wrote,
"it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."

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Current Analysis
The Mississippi Chinese : Between Black and White, Second Edition
The Mississippi Chinese: Between Black and White

Lies Across America : What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong
Lies Across America: What our history got wrong

Lies My Teacher Told Me : Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong
Everything your American history got wrong


Israel's dead end
By Edward Said

It is those who emulate Bin Laden that we should be worrying about
by Martin Woollacott

Why grammar is the first casualty of war
by Terry Jones

Arafat, besieged and alone by Graham Usher

Book: U.S. Military Drafted Plans to Terrorize U.S. Cities to Provoke War With Cuba

Tony Blair's very brief conversion By Paul Foot
BlairHis support for an independent Palestine didn't last very long

Lynne Cheney-Joe Lieberman Group Puts Out a Blacklist
by Roberto J. Gonzalez
An aggressive attack on freedom has been launched upon America's college campuses. Its perpetrators seek the elimination of ideas and activities that place Sept. 11 in historical context, or critique the so-called war on terrorism. MORE

Conservative 'patriots' target liberal academics
by Duncan Campbell
Course funds are threatened and professors denounced and suspended for organising teach-ins on the war and voicing criticism of American foreign policy. MORE

Fox News Channel's extraordinary right-wing tilt A Special FAIR Report

Cruelty of memory
By Edward Said

Scrambled Messages
By George Szamuely

The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism

Fighting the wrong war
By Jonathan Steele
Afghans have paid a high price for a campaign that has failed to meet its original aims

Who's a Traitor?
By Le Maitre Taki

They call this 'the slaughterhouse'
By Christina Lamb
A DIRTY grey blanket on the hard desert ground is all that is home for Bibi Gul and her family in the new Afghanistan.

A Veil on the Truth
By Cynthia Peters

The war they wanted
By Alexander Cockburn

Lots of Wars on Terror
By Gary Younge
BushThe Bush doctrine is now a template for conflicts worldwide:
to every action a disproportionate response

What has the US achieved after waging war for the past two months in Afghanistan?

'Team-B' Targets Bush-Powell President George Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell are under increasing fire from highly-placed lobbyists for Israel who want the United States to launch an all-out global war against the Muslim world.

Evil Evildoers Of Evil
How to Feel Calmly Patriotic and Yet Not the Slightest Bit Reassured by Bush & Co.

Pearl Harbor Myth Poses Dangers By Ira Chernus

The Four Freedoms in the War Against Terrorism
By Norman Markowitz

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