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The War America cannot win

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October 10, 2001

by Amon Hotep

An interesting email prompted me to ask this question; would the rest of the 'World' support any other country's desire to bomb another country that it finds harbouring terrorists?

In light of the fact that there is no evidence that the Taliban ordered or supported the attack on America and they are being bombed for what the US and its allies claim is harboring terrorists, what about this case?

ABSTRACT: Vheadline October 09, 2001

"Interior and Justice (MIJ) Luis Miquilena says the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) has received all the necessary documents to request Panama to extradite Cuban terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, responsible for blowing up a Cuban plane over Venezuelan territory 25 years ago. CIA-hired asset, Posada Carriles is currently under arrest in Panama for an alleged assassination attempt. The Panamanian government has just thrown out a Cuban request for the extradition of Posada Carriles. Miquilena comments that following the terrorist attack on New York, it's the right time to see which way the wind is blowing. The equation is that Posada Carriles was to Latin America what Bin Laden is the USA."

The question in the e-mail is simple:
"Can Venezuela now bomb Panama for harbouring terrorist and the United States for financing them?"

This is interesting, as we all know that America supported attacks on Cuba and many other countries and they do harbor people who support or use violence to advance political/financial goals. Is this the start of a new round of double standards aided and abetted by the United Nations? The militias in America use the same rhetoric and they attack people to further their cause, are they now to be labeled terrorists? What about the KKK that supports and use violence in America?

Would the United Nations take another look at what took place in Panama, Guatemala, Chile, Grenada and more countries too numerous to mention or are these newly touted terrorist definitions the new weapon against smaller nations that lack military might.

If we allow America to continue bullying its way around the world with support from the United Nations, we can look forward to more attacks and revenge. They can label it anyhow they want but this present bombing campaign is about revenge and bolstering their discredited Middle East policies.

America is happy to show other countries what can happen when they do not comply. This could also be another attempt to invigorate their sagging economy through generating business for the arms industry. The weapon industry needs a War ever so often or they will be left with their stockpiles.

They are not going to deter anyone who wishes to take lives and commit suicide with the threat of death.

There is no deterrent to terrorist attacks unless state sponsored terrorism is addressed and European Nations seriously engage discussions with peoples whom they have terrorized in order to build their empires. This is at the root of terrorism.

The bomb and food issue would have made great comedy if we were not dealing with real people. There is a bombing campaign and in between they are throwing food out of planes. So the poor Afghanistan people have to decide if it is bombs or food falling, I guess if they survive it was food. This is the ridiculous situation world leaders have themselves in, notwithstanding the fact that the food may be falling in the heaviest mine fields in the world.

I can imagine Osama bin Laden, a man who is not really afraid of dying, sitting in some hotel in some other part of the world laughing at the Americans attempt to sell this victory when clearly his objective was to expose their hypocrisy and to unite poor Muslims in an anti-US struggle. Already we hear reports of 'innocent' people being killed including four UN workers and the spokesman at the US briefings said that this is war and as such there would be casualties. But a few days ago I heard someone on the opposing side make this same comment in relation to the 'innocent victims' of the WTC blast and the media called his comments chilling. So once again it is acceptable for some 'innocent people' to die at the hands of the American style War but if 'innocent people' die in what others call an ongoing struggle/War it is horrendous.

All the propaganda exercises to separate the Palestine issue from the US attacks have failed as most Muslims on the streets see this bombing campaign as a Crusade against Islam. Incidentally while Blair was trying to sell this separation of the issues on Al Jazeera, the Arab television station, Osama bin Laden's pre recorded briefing appeared on the same TV minutes later saying the opposite.

"In fact, images from Al Jazeera are flooding network and cable television in the US. Yesterday afternoon, it is reported that US viewers got the most immediate view yet of the battle scene, carried live, as the voices of Arabic translators conveyed a report from Al Jazeera's correspondents."

America is unable to control the propaganda War as people are getting alternative information via the Internet and Networks outside the US. The American audience is now being exposed to multiple viewpoints and this is showing the shortcomings of their mainstream media especially their anchor personnel who are unable to interpret different cultural perspectives. It is also remarkable that the first Bin Laden recorded statement was made prior to the bombings, so it meant that he was prepared for the US response. Mr. Bush defined the war against terrorism using the, "with us" or "with the terrorists" terms. Bin Laden responded directly to that idea but with a different definition of the split as one between Muslim believers and infidels. Mr. bin Laden's second-in-command echoed a question that is reported to have pervaded American television. He said, "American people, can you ask yourselves why there is so much hate against America?"

I am convinced that Bush and Blair have not thought this matter through. They have not realized they cannot win this War. They have one set of objectives behind their campaign and quite clearly those responsible for the US attacks and or Bin Laden have a different set of goals. If Bin Laden is killed he becomes a larger than life figure and if they take him to the courts he gets to present his arguments to the world and show up American/Western double standards. If they leave him alone he would inspire others to seek revenge for the US attacks.

This is clearly the War of the millennium, the war that America cannot win because they are ignorant of the objectives of the opposing side and was unprepared to deal with the influx of outside media coverage. The US leaders monolithic cultural view has blinded them to the aims and objectives of others.

On another note, we are hearing that the US has won air supremacy over Afghanistan. But it was the same US that said these people had few old planes, so America started their crusade with air superiority. It is a desperate situation that has the US trying to sell a victory that was never in question.


ABSTRACT BBC: UK - A senior government adviser has apologised for sending a memo on the day of the US terror attacks saying it would be a good time to "bury" some controversial stories. Jo Moore, an adviser to Transport Secretary Stephen Byers, e-mailed colleagues saying that 11 September was "a very good day to get out anything we want to bury". Need I say Moore?