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NEW Political Comment - Sudan

Posted By: Muslim
Date: 12, August 04, at 5:27 p.m.

Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

Political Comment

The Security Council issued a resolution on 30th July 2004 demanding that the government of Sudan end the issue of Darfur within one month. The United Nations Secretary General had previously signed an agreement with the Sudanese government, giving the Sudanese government three months to end the crisis. Soon after the resolution was issued, than French president Jacques Chirac declared that France would deploy its forces in Chad, on the Sudanese/Chadian borders.

The acceleration of the events over the Darfur crisis recently was conspicuous. The reports that certain United Nations apparatuses and American “humanitarian” organisations had prepared, followed by the visit of the US Secretary for State Collin Powell and the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, had a telling effect in generating an international outcry that led to magnifying what is occurring in Darfur. The reports and the statement focused on the mass killings, the rape, the torching of villages and crops and the poisoning of water sources… stressing that all this was perpetrated by Arab tribes backed by the Sudanese government.

The issue of Darfur, which erupted during the peak of the talks aimed at settling the crisis of southern Sudan 18 months ago, had been confined before then to its local plane. It did not exceed the complaints over the neglected areas and the tension caused by the dismissals of some senior military officials and ministers from the tribe of Zaghawa, the largest tribe in the region, in addition to the usual tribal disputes. The issue has been recently elevated to an international plane, until it emerged on this magnitude, which was used a pretence to procure the international resolution.

An observer of the Darfur issue, which has turned into a crisis, would notice that its instigation had not been subject to a local or regional situation, but to the new American formula, which touches on the various regions of the world, including the Horn of Africa, which includes Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Sudan. Shortening the deadline given to the Sudanese government is influenced by international considerations, chiefly the American elections and the attracting of the Black vote.

The importance of the Horn of Africa in the American strategy lies in several aspects, mainly the strategic position and the startling resources lying beneath it. The strategic position of the region is reflected in its proximity to the American vital space, namely the Gulf region, in addition to its proximity to the heart of the Middle East region. Hence, America focuses on increasing the number of her military bases where her presence does not evoke any sensitivity in that region. The weakness of states of the region and their submission to the American willpower make them predisposed to be shaped according to the American volition. This increases America’s ability to plunder the resources and threaten the remainder of the French influence in central Africa and up to the west, where the oil-rich gulf of Guinea is, surrounded by a host of states that France is keen not to let slip from her grip. This explains the threat sensed by the French and Chirac’s prompt deployment of French troops in Chad on the Chadian/Sudanese borders, under humanitarian pretences. France realises that the establishment of the African Centre for Security Studies in Senegal in the wake of Clinton’s visit to some African states in 1998 was aimed specifically at alienating her from offering political and security “advice” to the African rulers, as mentioned in the White House report on the activity and the aims of the centre.

Although the crisis of Darfur serves the American policy in the Gulf and the rest of the Middle East and Africa, it also serves simultaneously America’s arrangements for Sudan itself, in its quality of part of the Horn of Africa region. Now that America has finalised the shaping of southern Sudan, with its future impacts on the strategic region of the Great Lakes’ basin and on the unity and the faculties of Sudan itself, she has set about escalating the crisis of Darfur to an international level, in order to achieve an expected self-rule status, according to what the development of events indicate; this lifts the lid on what America is plotting for Sudan in terms of bringing it to a state of effective fragmentation in order to reshape it and reshape the Horn of Africa region.

It seems that the government of al-Bashir, which has on several occasions demonstrated its loyalty and its prostration before the steps of the White House, exploiting Islam in the process, has been depleted by the successive events and crises. These were clearly instigated and controlled by a single player, ranging from Garang in the south, the other half of the ruling party affiliated to Al-Turabi and the rest of the Sudanese opposition parties, to the leaders of the rebel movements in Darfur. It appears that this state of deliberate depletion of Al-Bashir’s government indicates that it is no longer fit to serve America in the new formula designed for Sudan once it has been reshaped.

Dear noble Ummah
The rulers have betrayed Allah and His Messenger. They have forsaken us and thrown themselves at the feet of the Kuffar. They have brought, and are still bringing, a number of calamities on the Ummah. This should evoke us to move, led by the influential figures, in order to rid ourselves of their squalor and to end the wretched state of affairs we are enduring under regimes loyal to America and the Kafir West.

The ruler of Sudan realises that the most acute crisis facing Sudan can easily be solved by resorting to Egypt, because Sudan and Egypt are but one single unit sharing the same security; but despite this, he only contents himself with making a hint aimed at exposing the shameful stance of Mubarak’s regime. This indicates the extent of the abuse and betrayal perpetrated by the rulers of this Ummah, and their total driftage behind the American shepherd.

Had it not been for the repeated treasons of the ruler of Egypt, many calamities and setbacks that had befallen this Ummah could have been averted. The weight and the faculties of Egypt were sufficient to prevent the passage of the American forces through the Suez Canal. Yet, the Egyptian regime opted to dispatch its troops to bolster the American invasion during the Second Gulf War. Were it not for treason, Egypt could single-handedly remove the Jewish entity. Yet, the Egyptian regime chose not to move in order to deter the Jews from shedding the blood of the Muslims in Palestine and from bulldozing their homes, while the Egyptian army is only few metres away from the sons of the Ummah who are being killed before their very eyes. Were it not for the treason, Egypt would also be able to protect Sudan against what is plotted against it and even to foil the American designs aimed at sharing the water quotas of the Nile river; these American designs constitute a real threat to the vital interests of Egypt, be it through the Tanzanian project or the Ethiopian project. However, Mubarak felt no shame when he said: “He who does not fear America does not fear our god.” He chose to follow in the footsteps of predecessor Sadat who once declared that 99% of the solution’s trump cards were held by America; this is because none of the chiefs of his army nor those influential figures from among the Ummah initiated an effective move to deter him.

Dear noble Ummah
America would not have proceeded and executed what she had plotted with this ease had it not been for the submission and defeatism of al-Bashir and his collaboration in executing America’s plans. Also, if she had not found a trivial ruler such as Asias Afurqi, president of the Eritrean republic, who undertakes the role of facilitating the shipment of weapons and funds to the Darfur rebels, though his country has hardly any revenue save for the American aid. Garang who, together with the leaders of his movement survive day by day thanks to the American aid, would not be able to offer his undeclared support for the Darfur rebels, if Mubarak the traitor did not host him and facilitated his task, instead of expelling and threatening him and refusing to submit to the wishes of the American administration. Although France enjoys a conspicuous influence in Chad, Idriss Dibi however, who belongs to the Zaghawa tribe, the largest Darfur tribe, continues to back the rebellion in Darfur, part of which is supported by the forces of the same tribe affiliated to al-Turabi and by those who joined the ranks of the Sudanese liberation army, which is mostly formed by members of the same tribe. The service to America was also helped by the role offered by the Libyan government through its borders with Sudan.

Dear Muslims
This is the status quo of our lands and of our rulers. This is also the position of our armed forces, before which our rulers do not even express any embarrassment or shame when it comes to devising the initiatives aimed at making them fight on behalf of the Americans and enlist this as a convention, though this may initially require the umbrella of the United Nations. This is despite the fact that everyone is aware that this international organisation and its Secretary General are but obedient tools in the hands of the Americans.

How long will our situation remain like this: division, humiliation and lack of dignity? How long will those treacherous rulers continue to drag the Ummah from one defeat to a bigger one and from one calamity to a disaster? How long will the armies of the Ummah continue to be led by criminals and gang leaders who betray Allah and His Messenger in broad daylight? Instead of mobilising the armies to liberate the Muslims’ lands, they ordered them to remain neutral, while the Muslims are being killed and their children are being slaughtered, and while the women are yelling for help in several parts of their lands; despite this, those armies chose to remain silent and idle. Then they ordered them to become mercenaries under the umbrella of the United Nations, the “American tool”, to serve the plans of their masters, and the armies remained silent and complied. Now, they are instructing the armies to remain silent over the dismemberment of Darfur, just like the south of Sudan was dismembered. Since the rulers realised that no action was undertaken against them, they scorned them and then the Saudi government came up with an arrogant initiative aimed at making the armies of the Muslims’ lands prepare to serve the American army, the American flag and the American project which started in Baghdad. Allah (swt) has uttered the truth when He described Pharaoh and his behaviour with his folk: “He scorned his folk, so they obeyed him.” Pharaoh led his army to death and drowning in the Nile – instead of salvaging them through worship and obedience to Allah – once his scorning caused him to say: “O you people, I have known no other god for you but myself.” Allah (swt) did not excuse the army of Pharaoh from what he perpetrated, for He (swt) says: “Indeed Pharaoh, Haman and their soldiers were wrong”. So would this glorious Ummah unite under one single word to make demands on the influential figures and to press them to break the shackles and destroy the borders. This would be by establishing the Khilafah, where there would be the pleasure of Allah, the might and sway of the Ummah and the infuriation of every Kafir and every schemer against it. For Allah, this is not hard at all.

So we invite you, dear Muslims, towards the work to break the shackles and remove the borders through the establishment of the Khilafah.

“And Our Soldiers Are Indeed the Victorious”

14th Jumada Al-Akhirah 1425h
1st August 2004

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