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The Okinawa U.S. Force are coped.

Posted By: golgolmois
Date: 19, September 04, at 10:22 p.m.

1. Tyrant and Tyranny must fight with a terrorist!
2. 911 was the terrorism program to which the world economy is converted into military economy!
hijacked two passenger planes crash into WTC.
Then , third plane into the Pentagon , and one shot down in the FBI announcement.
But this in fact was denied!
the uninhabited reconnaissance plane of an army called a global hork rushed into the Pentagon.
The fearful fact rose from this fabrication!
must have rushed plane into the Pentagon,
If President Bush no shot down command.
But the shot down was must have meant failure of a plan for the terrorist.
However, it was making order the plan just behind, supposing global hork rushed.
Because the terrorism plan by the army had occurred means on real time !!
3. power should all return back to the community and not needed others .
4. Slave-civilization take a sacrificing the weak.
Judea as Slave-civilization has mad so become genocide.
Christianity are feel freedom was found out from the Judea.
But U.S.A. does not escapes completely from Judea.
Because the U.S.A. has dream for Judea.
Broken the Judea doing military economy for the cult!
There for just a military terror.
Okinawa U.S. Force are like Judea.
Japan is primitive civilization so can't agree there,did super copy civilization.

3D TEDDY English!!
Save to directry c:\windows or c:\winnt and setup screen saver.

The Okinawa U.S. Force are coped .

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