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George Bush: Drugging You Into Submission

Posted By: Robert Brown
Date: 27, September 04, at 8:06 a.m.

Drugging You Into Submission

George Bush, is backing an initiative that will mandate health screen testing for every child of school age now and eventually every adult in the United States. If your child fails the mental health screen (test), your child can be judged mentally unhealthy, “abnormal,” behaviorally deficient and can be prescribed psychotropic drugs to make them more compliant, more docile, and more like all of the other drugged children. These prescribed drugs will cause your child and eventually you, to be more of a social clone and to be less of a concern to our government and its beaurocrats. This sounds unbelievable. Believe it, because such an initiative exists and it will become “law” if we let it happen.
When I first heard of this, I had some questions: Who will make up the test? Who will administer the test? Why would anyone want to test every school-aged child? Who would set the criteria for normalcy? Has there been an open debate of this and its need? Who was the bonehead who came up with this idea? Who will pay for such a stupid activity? Who will profit from it? And - Why? Then, I realized that it is so dangerous, has such negative potential consequences, and is so ludicrous, that it must be rejected without further thought.
Our government knows that it is easy to “slip” initiatives and laws into existence, without public debate, when we are focused on large issues or events like the Bush war in Iraq and the presidential election. The Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services has allocated $20 million for state implementation of this testing program. Once this testing starts, it will expand and the pharmaceutical industry with its vast resources, will facilitate the expansion. The required, prescribed drugs given to your children and eventually to you, work well and have been used in mental institutions for many years. The pharmaceutical industry is about to see its income and profits increase exponentially and you are about to be drugged into submission. The one who manages you and who will fly over your Coo Coo’s nest may be George Bush.
Two bureaucracies will assume even more control over you and your children. Your children will be prescribed drugs that will help them to fit into society, be less intelligent and more susceptible to suicide Our children will be well on their way to thinking and believing the way they are intended to. Our children will grow-up, expect less from their elected leaders and will question their authority less. Yes, we are headed for a “Brave New World,” and it will be dangerous and dumb. Our brave new world will be easy to manage and everyone will act the same.
At this point, mandatory mental health screen “testing” can be stopped, if you contact your elected representative and tell them that you do not want the testing to take place, (please go to: for more information). After you have contacted your representatives, continue your divided attention between the election, the Bush war and self-empowerment.
I have written other articles on self-empowerment and if you have read them, you will know that my field of expertise is in health self-empowerment. This recent assault on our personal freedoms is directly related to our health. Once again, please read “Lipitor: Thief of Memory, Statin Drugs and the Misguided war on Cholesterol” and “Health, Greed, Power” and “Racketeering in Medicine” (found at Amazon or Health self-empowerment is a good place to start on your personal quest for self-control, because you will experience positive results quickly.
If you want to start your journey to self-empowerment someplace else, please do. Just start, you will benefit from it and “they” will not.
You must question governmental authority, it is your job and your responsibility. If you do not watch out for yourself, the watching will not take place. Bob Brown

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