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Re: where's the oil??

Posted By: Doctor Magus V
Date: 3, October 04, at 4:43 p.m.

In Response To: where's the oil?? (charles schickley)

There are two factors to look at, how much oil we have underground and how much we can crank to the surface. America and Mexico, do not have more Oil Underground than the Middle East. Russia might but there is question. The Middle East, does Pump a lot of oil, a lot more than we do, but they do not ship most of it here. A fraction, less than a third, but more than a quarter, of our Oil comes from places like Saudi Arabia and those unfriendly parts of North Africa. Most American Oil is coming from South and Central America. Most Arab Oil is going to Europe, with a lot of it also going to China and Russia. While Russia has a lot of oil, it does not pump a lot of that oil.

There are other forms of Energy that America has a lot of. America has most of the world's coal and a lot of the worlds natural gas. We could, process a lot of that coal in to synthetic crude, this would be useful, but expensive. The main reason we have bought Saudi Oil, is that it supports the Saudi Royal Family, which prevents Saudi Arabia from being taken over like Iran. Though a lot of Saudi People are Terrorists, some of the worst, the Saudi Government is not likely to crank out nuclear weapons and give them to terrorists.

American nuclear plants are actually very safe, compared to most other countries. We could get a lot of energy from that.

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