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New Comment - Middle East

Posted By: muslim
Date: 12, February 05, at 6:47 a.m.

Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem
Political Comment

The Middle East region is experiencing a critical period and a crucial round in the struggle between the states of Kufr, headed by America today, and the Muslims of the region. Despite the gravity of the period and the seriousness of its fallout if America were to succeed in what she is planning and in what she wants for the region, many Muslims are yet to perceive that the ongoing struggle between the Muslims on the one hand and the states of Kufr, headed by America, on the other hand, is a vital struggle whose outcome will determine simultaneously the fate of the Islamic Ummah and the destiny of the Western hegemony over the region.

This is because the bloody struggle currently taking place in Palestine and Iraq and the fierce intellectual struggle taking place all over the Muslims' lands reflect a struggle between Islam and Kufr – between liberation from American hegemony and the yearning for Islamic rule, and the tightening of the American grip and its total success in establishing the Western civilisation in the region with what it entails in terms of eradicating the thoughts and concepts of Islam. This has deprived the West of sleep and forced America into deploying her forces and spending tens of billions of dollars to remove these thoughts and replace them with Western thoughts. Indeed this is the only plane of the struggle, these are its concerned parties and these are also its aims and its outcomes.

As for what is occurring in Palestine, it is a new chapter in the conspiracy against the Palestinian issue and its Muslim people. Although this chapter is an extension of many chapters that had been crowned with holding peace treaties with the Jews, those treaties did not finalise the issue of Palestine and succeeded only in ending temporarily the bloody conflict that this issue had occasioned in the region. As for the root of the struggle between the Muslims and the Jews backed by America and the Kafir West, it is still existent.

The new chapter of the treason is reflected in the election of Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) as president of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Gaza in elections that had been determined in advance in his favour in the wake of the farce in which several prominent traitors took part. He was afforded much prominent coverage for almost two months after he had been keeping a comparatively low profile; it seems that he has become in America's view the most suitable figure to complete what his predecessor Yassir Arafat had started in terms of offering Palestine to the Jews on a golden platter.

After Arafat's death, Mahmoud Abbas was nominated to succeed him. However, there was a problem in his lack of support among the masses and within the Fatah movement itself, where there exist two trends, one supporting his vision in proceeding with the peaceful solutions, halting the militarization of the Intifada and disarming the resistance, and another trend supporting the use of resistance as a bargaining chip in the negotiations with the Jews; this second trend adopts Marwan Al-Barghouthi as its icon.

As the loyalty of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades is generally to Marwan Al-Barghouthi since he excelled in playing the role of the militant, they had to be contained by being surrounded so that a united Fatah may proceed behind Abu Mazen. Hence, Al-Barghouthi nominated himself as a strong rival to Mahmoud Abbas and his withdrawal came after a deliberate hesitation and after having seemingly acquired a pledge from Mahmoud Abbas to adhere to the "principles" and not to deviate from the path of Arafat, so that all this may contribute in lending "legitimacy" to Mahmoud Abbas in his quality as president of the Palestinian Authority – this in addition to the contribution of the so-called international community, headed by America, through the overt backing of this "democratic" experiment, reflected in the dispatching of a large number of monitors, led by the former US president Jimmy Carter.

The American delay in proceeding towards a final status during the last years of Arafat and the lack of clear steps for people to follow was attributed to two factors. Firstly the solution requires taming the Jews and the people of Palestine to accept what the solution will yield in terms of "painful" concessions from both sides; this is what the Intifada and the ensuing military actions take care of, particularly since America wants the peace to be between peoples and not between governments. Secondly Yassir Arafat was not accepted by the Jews, particularly the religious figures from amongst them, and Sharon enjoyed his popularity due to his adoption of the security issue and his animosity towards Arafat, whom he accused of terrorism and of being responsible for the "terrorist" acts. Although Arafat was a genuine partner of the Jewish leaders, including Sharon, in war and in peace, the game nonetheless necessitated intransigence from both sides so that they could convince the Jews and the Palestinians to accept the peaceful solution that neither camp had deemed acceptable in the past.

It is likely that America disposed of Arafat after she had used him up, paving the way for her agent Abu Mazen to undertake what he had failed to achieve during his premiership under Arafat because the appropriate circumstances were yet to arise; these included Arafat's attempts at impeding certain measures that interfered directly with his security and financial competencies. Besides, Abu Mazen is an acceptable figure for the Jews and this is what distinguishes him from his predecessor. The recent elections came to clear the way for him to proceed towards implementing the roadmap peace plan, particularly the security aspect of it, by unifying the security apparatuses, disarming the armed organisations and consolidating the status of the Palestinian Authority as a result of all these measures.

During his recent visit to Amman, Abu Mazen said that he endeavoured to establish one single Palestinian authority, with one single Palestinian voice and one single Palestinian weapon. However, in order to gain people's confidence in the Palestinian Authority's areas, Mahmoud Abbas will work towards easing people's daily life in respect of their freedom of movement, generating jobs and reuniting Palestinian families or in respect of securing the release of some prisoners and detainees; "Israel" will assist him in this endeavour under the auspices and the backing of the Americans, so that he may become the "sole undisputed" leader.

Israel has met the victory of Mahmoud Abbas with feigned caution and Sharon stated that the "difference between Abu Mazen and Arafat is that the latter used to wear a military uniform". Sharon gave the Israeli army the green light to execute a major operation in Gaza in the wake of the recent Palestinian operations. He refused to grant Abu Mazen a fresh respite and ordered him to speed up the disarmament process and to curb the operations of the militant groups. In its recent meeting, the PLO Executive Committee called for the cessation of all operations against "Israel" and Mahmoud Abbas ordered the security apparatuses to prevent all armed operations against "Israel". He also offered the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades the chance to be assimilated into the security apparatuses of the Palestinian Authority.

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, through its leader in the West Bank Zakariya Zubeid, promised to respond within days to the proposals of Abbas; it is expected to respond positively to the invitation of Abbas to either halt the military operations and agree to integrate into the Palestinian Authority security apparatuses or to signal its intention to do so. This will exert pressure on the al-Qassam Brigades and will give its leaders the pretext before their followers to listen to the proposals of Abu Mazen who is meeting them today, after he had met the leaders of the security apparatuses yesterday; his only offer is to invite the Palestinian factions to disarm and integrate into the ranks of the Palestinian Authority. "Israel" is expected to continue liquidating the remainder of the field leaders with the covert assistance of the Palestinian Authority. Ahmed Qurei is also expected to form his new cabinet and include representatives from certain factions. This is deduced from what the Democratic Front has called for, and Hamas is not expected to object despite its reluctance to take part. This will place the Palestinian Authority in a strong position that will enable it to control the situation and proceed in the negotiations with the Jews.

As for Iraq, America is determined to stage another electoral farce that will yield another Karzai. It is clear that America will hold the elections on their scheduled date if she feels that a Sunni participation is unlikely. This would depend on the stance of the Sunnis' representatives, headed by the Association of Muslim Scholars, in respect of their reluctance to partake in the elections, despite the signs indicating the slip of the association, especially after the visit of Negroponte to its headquarters and his meeting with the Association's head Dr. Hareth al-Dhari, where al-Dhari started to retract from his former stance of refusing to partake in the elections unless the occupation ended, to requesting the deferment of the elections and the scheduling of the Americans' exit from Iraq.

The elections in Iraq are important to America due to the necessity of drafting a permanent constitution for Iraq by an elected "legitimate" government; the issuing of that constitution will be a prelude towards anchoring that type of regime in Iraq and will enable America to conclude a host of long term treaties guaranteeing her presence in Iraq, in addition to lending more legitimacy to the fight to be waged by that government against those who fight the occupation, for they will be deemed as rebels and outlaws, and the US army will continue to play the role of the "supporter" of "legitimacy" in order to crush the rebellion.

Through the elections in Palestine and Iraq, America wants to complete a host of political steps that will serve the aims of her foreign policy. It would be an utter fantasy for anyone from among the people of Palestine and even all the Muslims to imagine that America is bringing them support by proceeding towards establishing the so-called "Palestinian state". In addition to the further division of the Muslims' lands by adding another entity to the number of shabby regimes that stifle the Ummah, the establishment of a "Palestinian state" will strengthen the notion held by some of the people of Palestine and the region that they should solve their issues according to a regional viewpoint, instead of solving them from an Islamic viewpoint.

Furthermore, America's current endeavour to solve the Palestinian issue rests mainly on facilitating the people of the region's approval of the so-called greater Middle East initiative, particularly as the solving of the Middle East issue is deemed by most of the American politicians as the key to facilitating America's reshaping of the region in the manner that she wants. Perhaps what Edward P. Djerejian wrote few years ago in his essay entitled "United States Policy Toward Islam and The Arc of Crisis" ("the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict will help to defuse anti-Western sentiment among Muslims and undercut the influence and spoiler potential of the extremist groups, especially in the Levant"), coupled with the tasks assigned to the Department of State in George Bush's current term of office i.e. to work towards solving the Middle East issue, fighting terrorism and spreading democracy in the region, as a matter of priority for that Department (which was confirmed yesterday by Condoleezza Rice who said "now we have reached a moment of opportunity – and we must seize it") all indicate clearly the nature of American plans towards settling the Middle East issue.

It is imperative to realise that by establishing the "Palestinian state" America wants to establish a buffer zone that prevents the expansionist ambitions of the Jews at the expense of the American strategic and economic interests in this vital part of the world. Although the establishment of the Jewish entity in the heart of the Muslims' lands represents an American and a Western interest in general, this does not mean that America would allow the entity of "Israel" to rebel and expand at the expense of her interests.

As for the Iraqi elections, it is clear that the American invasion and her occupation of Iraq represent the beginning of a new procession aimed at reshaping the region and the forthcoming elections will achieve the aforementioned aims. The image of the awaited "Federal Iraqi Union" will reflect the image of America in the region and will act as a prelude to generating similar images, whereby the Muslims' lands will become more susceptible to fragmentation in the future, thus increasing America's ability to remain within the region and guaranteeing her hegemony throughout the whole of this century at least, especially with her exploitation of the war on terror or on whoever incites violence as a pretext to liquidate whoever moves in order to change the current situation.

Dear Muslims…

The deadliest weapon that America and the Kufr states are using in the Muslims' lands, after the cultural invasion and the intellectual deception, is deceiving people in terms of political facts. This is why the political manoeuvres and actions undertaken by those states find a fertile ground in our lands. This resulted in the squandering of huge faculties and in dissipating the efforts aimed at rallying the Ummah to work towards breaking free from their shackles, particularly since these deceptions have been deviating the Ummah away from the sound solutions to what she is facing. For instance, some of the people of the region surrounding Iraq and Palestine still view Palestine as being for the Palestinians and Iraq for the Iraqis, as if what is happening in both countries were an internal matter concerning only the country in question and not an issue for the Muslims.

Likewise, the issue of Sebta and Milila are as if they were the issues of Morocco alone, as if the issue of southern Sudan and the issue of Kashmir and the occupation of Afghanistan were issues that did not concern the Muslims beyond those countries. What is baffling is that the Kuffar managed on one occasion to make the issue of Afghanistan catch the imagination of all the Muslims, so that America could achieve her aims in terms of depleting the Soviet Union and forcing the Gulf states to seek the American protection, then they managed to make that issue regress into becoming a regional issue, after they had succeeded in deceiving the Muslims and exploiting them to serve their aims.

When will the Ummah became capable of distinguishing her issues and discerning the solution, so that we may adopt it and act upon it in our quality as Muslims and nothing else? Let the Ummah be wary of the conspiracies to embroil her children in Palestine and Iraq and turn them into submissive tools in the hands of the Kuffar, fighting each other and shedding their blood in service of the Kuffar and their agents. The Ummah must realise that the sum of her issues revolves around generating a sincere entity that will rescue the Ummah from what she is enduring, now that the Kuffar have succeeded in dividing her stance, dissipating her energies and sectioning her issues, leaving her in turmoil over the order of her priorities.

Dear Muslims…

The issue for Kufr is to prevent the Muslims from returning to their deen, from adhering to it and from carrying its message so that they may attain happiness together with the whole world. It is the same issue for which Kufr rose to destroy the entity of the Muslims at the beginning of the last century and It is the same issue that Kufr has been working towards preventing its return since the since the last years of the past century. Hence, the issue of Islam's return to the realm of life needs to be deeply rooted in the Ummah so that it may yield its fruits; only then will neither America nor any other ardent Kufr state have a foothold in our lands. The Muslims will even conquer the world anew and bring it out of the darkness into the light. This for Allah (swt) is not dear, but the Ummah needs to work assiduously with full awareness and sincere sacrifice in order to restore the Islamic Khilafah by working towards putting the thoughts of Islam into implementation and by struggling for their sake; then the banner of Islam will be hoisted over all the other banners and the word of Allah (swt) will reign supreme. Then the Ummah will continue conveying the message of Islam to the world, the message of light, guidance and mercy to mankind.

“O you who believe! If you will aid (the cause of) Allah, He will aid you, and plant your feet firmly. But those who reject, for them is destruction, and Allah will render their deeds astray.” [47: 7-8].

Hizb-ut-Tahrir 9th Thil-Hijjah 1425h 19th January 2005

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