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Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Doppelganger Psyop

Posted By: wtnf
Date: 7, August 05, at 6:18 a.m.

By Kurt Nimmo

No doubt the big-wig editors at the Washington Post and the New York Times pull down good salaries. However, when it comes to investigating stories they are no better or apparently qualified than first year journalism majors at a third-rate community college. But even a first year journalism major—armed with a computer, internet connection, and a browser pointed at Google—would quickly ascertain that the Ayman al-Zawahiri mentioned today in the corporate media is not the same Ayman al-Zawahiri who hung out with Osama bin Laden, that is before Osama died a premature death and al-Zawahiri found himself locked in an Iranian prison. Equipped with the correct search criteria, it would take all of five or ten minutes to learn the truth about al-Zawahiri: on October 6, 2002, a fake al-Zawahiri delivered his first message to al-Jazeera and followed this up with a second message on May 21, 2003.

“The authenticity of the latest message purported to be of Ayman al-Zawahiri,” B. Raman, a former Indian government official and director the Institute for Topical Studies, wrote on May 22, 2003, “is yet to be established. According to counter-terrorism experts familiar with the voice and accent of al-Zawahiri, while the language and accent in the tape resemble those of al-Zawahiri, the voice seems to be of a person younger than al-Zawahiri, who is 51 years old.” As Raman notes, “one generally depends on the voice analysis experts of the US intelligence community” to establish the veracity of such recordings, although it “is not certain how accurate are their analysis and conclusions” (or for that matter how deliberately skewed for the sake of psychological warfare).

For instance, in regard to establishing the authenticity of an earlier (November, 2002) Osama bin Laden communiqué, “a private Swiss expert had expressed his reservations about the conclusions of the US experts.” In fact, the Swiss expert, Herve Bourlard of the Lausanne-based Dalle Molle Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence, assigned a team of experts to review the recording, according to the BBC. It was not Osama bin Laden on the tape, but probably an “imposter,” concluded Samy Bengio, a voice recognition expert. Bourlard and his colleagues “said it was 95% certain the tape does not feature the voice of the al-Qaeda leader.”

Apparently, in the case of the latest al-Zawahiri tape, the corporate media and the above mentioned handsomely remunerated editors and publishers (in essence neocon and neolib propaganda disseminators) are not waiting for the CIA to certify the latest tape—it is a foregone conclusion the voice is al-Zawahiri’s.

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