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God looked away

Posted By: Craig Jones
Date: 13, September 05, at 12:48 a.m.

God looked away and Trotsky smiled
(or, My Case for Democracy)

As events unfolded in the later part of the eighties, the European nations were experiencing changes that presaged grand beginnings in the 21st century. An unforeseen transformation occurred in the Communist nations when Russia’s policies of glasnost and perestroika seemed to doom forevermore the dreams of a classless, truly socialist, society on earth. In others words, democracy, and, naturally, capitalism, had emerged victorious in the titanic battle between the forces of “good” and that of Soviet Russia, the Reagan deemed “evil empire.”

Europeans were equally amazed in 1989 when in November, the Bundestag overwhelmingly accepted Kohl’s ten-point plan, and, Germany officially unified itself the next year, also becoming a full NATO member. Czechoslovakia, Croatia, Macedonia, non-communist, or, rather, constitutional republics, sprang up all over the Baltic; and Europe finally looked forward to a future inhabited by free, democratic societies continent-wide and beyond; the future looked ever so bright as the last decade of the 20th century began (people everywhere were grasping for shades).

Yet, as the nineties passed, the grim reality of Yugoslavia, and the greater Baltic area, reminded the world entire just how very far humankind has yet to go.

European Unification as a whole became mired in the actual intricacies involved in uniting so many differing nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities. Language barriers, economies, political aspirations, the vision of what a unified Europe would mean in the 21st century, these issues and more were grappled with by the individual and collective nations involved, while even the question of who to involve itself constantly changed.

This is where God looking away, Trotsky smiling from above, and my vision of where I think Europe is headed in the 21st century dovetails gloriously with my vision of 21st century Europe, and, the world entire.

That paradigm of “right-wing” ideology, Natan Sharansky, contends in his book, The Case for Democracy, that the two indispensable components of a free society are: human rights, and democracy. I could not agree with Mr. Sharansky more. What I vehemently disagree with Mr. Sharansky about, is his contention that; “I [Natan Sharansky] am convinced that a successful effort to expand freedom around the world must be inspired and led by the United States” (279†). Contrariwise, I believe [Craig Jones], Europe, shall be the impetus that will unify the entire world in the 21st century.

Europe, having preserved Christianity itself through the Dark Ages, also, today, preserves the primal doctrine of a man named Jesus Christ; i.e., in that the European nations have struggled mightily with the inherent contradiction between capitalism and pure socialism, and, with a little help from their friends, the entire world, socialism will prevail, and bring about a world-wide prosperity that will truly set us free! This moral clarity which is on the dawn of humankinds horizon, will bring a peace to earth, that has not been experienced since the days of Eden.

The primal moral ethos of the man named Jesus Christ is summed in three simple passages, all contained in the Book of Matthew: 1) love God with all your heart, soul, and mind (22:37), 2) do to others what you would have them do to you (7:12), and, 3) if you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give it to the poor (19:21). From these three precepts, the rest is simple. Moreover, here is the true beauty of my theses; even if you want to be agnostic and discount the first component of Jesus’ morality, then just the second two will still be the two primary components of a just civilization. Consequently, we can boil down the successful future of humanity to two basic concepts, a respect for ourselves by thinking about ourselves, and, no property, or, in other words, pure socialism. For democratic elections to be truly free, mammon (money) cannot guide the machinery.

Hence, Jesus’ earnest distinction between himself and mammon when he states, again in Matthew, that, you cannot serve both God and money (6:24). In our moral clarity, we can see that the words of Jesus Christ ring true, so why not dispel with entirely, that which is a primal impediment to following his advice, that is, why not dispense with (a.k.a. destroy), money. If we all freely share all that we produce, ha, Trotsky smiles, because, as the Prophet Isaiah declared:
To loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter (58:67).

Curiously, Natan Sharansky never mentioned that a capitalistic society was an integral component to a free democracy, and, I think, this is a most curious omission. Does he “deep down” know capitalism to be the natural enemy of a just society? Do we not all, as unique and sovereign individuals within a collectivistic whole, do we not all innately echo the sentiments of St. Paul, in that indeed, “the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil” (I Ti 6:10). I believe, even though it may seem that the Untied States is the “last bastion” of Christianity, Europe, by keeping socialism alive, shall prove to be the salvation of humanity. God looked away and Trotsky smiled.

So, if you are a true-believing Christian, or, a devotedly-steadfast atheist, by heeding the unified basic advice of Jesus Christ, Leon Trotsky, Natan Sharansky, and St. Paul, i.e., by founding a civilization based upon the axioms of human dignity, and, the abolition of property; we can hope through our charity our faith will be justified! Be that faith in Jesus Christ or even just ourselves. On an individual basis, ones view of the eschatological implications of Jesus Christ need not be addressed, nor need even the theological dimensions be addressed. Yet, all the same, our society would be modeled upon his [Christ’s] words, and be ye Christian, Agnostic, or Muslim, doing to others as ye would be done by, and, sharing equally so that all may equally share, are logically unassailable components of a just society.

More plainly, unequal distribution of wealth, by its very nature, will produce inequalities; so in choosing to possess nothing, we shall have chosen to share everything, and, it is in this universal act of kindness where the will of God will be found. Money is a foundation upon which God will not stand; the only kingdom, the only nation, God could possibly ever see as just (outside of heaven itself) would be one built upon love. One built upon charity and a property-less citizenry!

This is the beauty of Europe today in the 21st century. Europe has been striving for centuries to carry on the Christian legacy Rome bequeathed western civilization two thousand years ago. I believe, by loosely adhering to a socialistic scheme, Europe, in its moral clarity, has retained the key to a successful future for all of us. By keeping hope, by keeping socialism, alive, Europe has provided the key to our futures surprise; a civilization built upon the love of another, a civilization built upon its citizenry choosing to serve. By everybody choosing to serve, only then can we all be set truly free! Amen.

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