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You're an embed. Or you're dead.

Posted By: wtnf
Date: 28, September 05, at 9:08 p.m.

Reuters is taking its complaints against the US military and the latter's killing of journalists to the next level.
In a letter to Virginia Republican Sen. John Warner, head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Reuters said U.S. forces were limiting the ability of independent journalists to operate. The letter from Reuters Global Managing Editor David Schlesinger called on Warner to raise widespread media concerns about the conduct of U.S. troops with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who is due to testify to the committee on Thursday.
More on Reuters, from ... Reuters.

How many embeds have been shot by US forces?

Hearts and Minds campaign:

Lynndie England, the US soldier who was photographed leading an Iraqi inmate at Abu Ghraib prison by a dog leash, was given three years in jail.

Not surprisingly, Iraqis are somewhat shocked by the leniency of the sentence.

And statements like this
In pre-sentencing testimony, England said she was sorry for her actions but remained an American patriot.
don't help either. She is apologizing but using patriotism to justify her actions.

Someone should have told her to put a sock in it.

She had asked for mercy from the court, asking them not to separate her from her baby. She should have thought about that before she took pleasure while torturing Iraqis.

More on Iraqi reaction in this Yahoo/Reuters report.

Also today, a woman blew herself up outside a police recruitment center in the northern town of Tal Afar, killing six police volunteers and wounding some 30 in the latest police count.

US forces said this was a new tactic. But I beg to differ. If you look at the reasons given by the last female bomber in Palestine you may understand a little bit of the Iraqi psyche. The Palestinian woman had lost her husband and two brothers to Israeli fire and felt she had no recourse but to strike those who struck her family.

Tal Afar, which the Iranian-led Iraqi governmen hailed as a success, witnessed the slaughter of entire families.

Civilized western television stations did not show the bodies of civilians strewn about the narrow streets. Nor the corpses of children with bullet holes in their heads.

No, you only got to see the Kurdish-led, Badr-infilitrated Iraqi army dancing and prancing their victory on CNN and what have you.

When Arab TV showed such scenes, the US military quickly said "there were reports" that the "insurgents" killed civilians. Then the Iraqi government said it knew that 60 civilians were killed by insurgents in the last days of the Tal Afar campaign.

Nevermind that the citizens of Tal Afar reported that all the insurgents had left Tal Afar days before the campaign began.

And in the past two and some years, CNN did not show the wailing fathers, brothers and uncles who swore to pick up any weapon and fight the invaders. Aljazeera showed a lot of such scenes.

Which is why Bill O'Reilly loves Aljazeera.

It is not impossible that this woman saw her family killed. This may or may not be the case, but that it happened in Tal Afar a week after a large-scale (hush, hush) offensive concluded is not a coincidence.

That she chose to strike the security forces which have been accused by numerous human rights organizations of carrying out campaigns of murder, vendettta and thievery is not a coincidence either.

The Palestinian resistance group Hamas (whom I despise wholeheartedly) always say they have a pool of volunteers willing to blow themselves up; men and women who have lost many members of their families.

This may or may not be the case in Tal Afar. But it is worth considering.


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