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Dead on the Fourth of July!

Posted By: Reg
Date: 3, July 07, at 10:48 p.m.

For heís a Yankee Doodle Dandy, Yankee Doodle Do or DieÖ. A real live nephew of his Uncle Sam, Dead on the Fourth of JulyÖ (with apologies to George M. Cohan)

Fly your flags, all you patriots; itís another Fourth of July! Fire up the barbecues, ice up the beer and get ready to celebrate another Independence Day in the good old USA. And be sure not to miss the fabulous fireworks that so majestically explode in the night sky to the music of God Bless America. Makes you proud, doesnít it?

And oh, while youíre at it, donít give a momentís thought to the men and women fighting the Bush/PNAC war in Iraq. You know, the troops who are out there supposedly fighting for your freedom, or for an end to terror, or for regime change, or for Iraqi liberation, or for the spread of democracy, or for oil, or for George Bush and Dick Cheney or whatever. Donít let them spoil your fun. After all, itís a holiday. Enjoy.

Heck, itís a war, and people die, right? Have another hot dog. So what if nearly 3,600 Americans and nearly 300 Ďcoalitioní forces are dead on this Fourth of July? So what if hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are dead on this Fourth of July? So what if tens of thousands of young men and women are no longer whole in mind and body? Itís a holiday. Play ball.

Yeah, itís been a bloody few months, - the worst, in fact, since that other amazing fireworks show called Shock and Awe. Do you even remember that spectacular night? Never mind, itís party time in America....


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