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December 05, 2001

Bankruptcies Near Record Highs Amid Recession
President Takes Feel-Your-Pain Message on Economy to Fla.
Afghan elders reject Bonn summit
Rumsfeld: Foreign Taliban Fighters will hit us hard
At Least Three People Claiming to Be Americans Emerge From Taliban
Gunmen cut off noses and ears of six Afghans
'My Taliban son was a sweet kid, not a traitor'
U.S. Soldier Shot and Wounded in Afghanistan
Rumsfeld Predicts Taliban Will Fall
American military policy is adding up to one thing: World War III
Taliban stalling Marine advance on Kandahar
Taliban in Kandahar Remain Unaffected by US Bombing
Veteran: Taliban Will Take Revenge
Bodies Of 124 US Troops Flown Home From Afghanistan- Report
American Casualties in the War So Far
5,000 armed, veiled women express desire to take part in jihad
Confirmation of the disappearance of 1200 American soldiers
26 more body bags in Jacobabad
Not one American will return home alive, promises Mulla Omar
Taliban claim capture of 300 enemy troops
Hekmatyar rejects Bonn talks
US Military Walks Right Into Taliban Trap with Ground Invasion
120 American commandos were killed
Bin Laden's deputy injured in attack on cave hideout
'Friendly Fire' Kills 2 Injures 20 U.S. Forces
Civil rights, legal groups sue over secret detentions
NIFA urges Northern Alliance to end 'repression' in northern Afghanistan

December 04, 2001

Villages pay price as US bombs go awry
A village is destroyed. And America says nothing happened
Mullah Omar vows to teach US a bloody lesson
300 American soldiers killed in major Kandahar offensive
Over 50 US soldiers killed during botched attack
25 dead bodies of British troops reach Jacobabad
British Muslim woman kills two US troops in martyrdom operation
Civilians killed in US bombing: UN
U.S. Fears Bin Laden Made Nuclear Strides
Arab TV's Strong Signal
The river of victims runs through another war
America on high alert again after more threats
Taliban Resistance Around Kandahar
Afghan Talks Defy Optimistic Deadlines Layoffs Show Cost Of More Viewers, Fewer Ads
Manufacturing Down for 16th Month
Flt. 587 Eyewitnesses Insist Explosion Came Before Tail Broke Off
US Depleted Uranium Yields Chamber Of Horrors In Southern Iraq
40 American Coffins Said Flown Home
911 Death Toll Continues To Decline
He who controls energy, controls the globe
Taliban Claim US Plane Shot Down Near Kandahar
Taliban Defector Was A CIA Informant For Years
With Taliban Gone, Afghans Look Forward To Bumper Opium Crop
CIA Blunder Sparked Taleban POW Revolt And Massacre
UK Journalist Held By Taliban Speaks Against War On Terror
Israel launches strikes on Gaza
"The United States can expect plenty of surprises." - Mullah Omar
160 Taliban POWs Executed In front Of Americans

December 03, 2001

Investor alarm over bank exposure to Enron as filing reveals £22bn of debt
Robert Fisk: This terrible conflict is the last colonial war
Manufacturing falls at fastest rate for two years
A village is destroyed. And America says nothing happened
US bombs hit wrong target for second time in two days
US Afghan allies were bombed as they slept
US says its ground troops may be thrown into battle for Kandahar
Village air raid: error or an act of terror?
Three Taliban Claim To Be American
Villagers Dying Under U.S. Bombs, Anti-Taliban Say
US bombs hit wrong target for second time in two days
Fatal errors that led to massacre
U.s. Bombs Wipe Out Farming Village
A letter from America
40 American coffins flown home
Omar in command of Taliban forces in Kandahar
Iran-India gas pipeline : billions of income expected
New NA rift delays Bonn accord
Tribesmen set for revenge of Mazar massacre: UNHCR
CIA's conspiracy revealed in Mazar's Prison revolt
Americans "more interested in Islam than ever before"
Half in Poll Say Media Biased and Inaccurate
Embattled Enron Lays Off 4,000 Workers
America running scared of vastly superior Chinese military force
Enron starts $10bn lawsuit
Factional Fighting Erupts in Afghan North
US Afghan allies were bombed as they slept

December 02, 2001

US Asks Brits To Prepare Somalia Strikes
15 killed as US mistakes private jeep for military vehicle
Village air raid: error or an act of terror?
UN forced to change power plan for Kabul
45 dead as Kandahar, Herat pounded: Taliban claim downing plane
HRW asks US govt to respect rights
Islamabad, Tehran to increase mly cooperation
US targets $5 trillion oil, gas reserves
US must leave once terror defeated: Qanooni
US assertion of winning war in Afghanistan a mistake: Imran Khan
Coalition forces facing strong resistance from Taliban: spokesman
Former Afghan president limits UN force to 200 men
Business as usual for Afghan drugs
American Said Among Injured Prisoners
US bomb error 'kills 70'
Warlords bring new terrors
Bush orders backing for rebels to topple Saddam

December 01, 2001

US Economy Shrank In Last Quarter
List of Layoffs in America since the Attacks
US will ask China to stop missile cooperation with Pakistan
'Infighting, insecurity, uncertainty hamper relief work'
Walkout a glimpse of what lies ahead
Rabbani rejects interim council, calls for polls
Bonn talks run into snags
Pak-Iran differences on Afghanistan over: Kharazi
Pakistan, Iran to form joint body: Reconstruction of Afghanistan
Pakistan, Iran agree to lay gas pipeline: Trade ties being cemented
Iran warns US against attacks beyond Afghanistan
Taliban have 20,000 fighters in Kandahar
US soldier dies mysteriously
US pressures Russia to break ties with Alliance
12 Killed in Jerusalem Blast
Ashcroft Seeking to Free F.B.I. to Spy on Groups
Afghan Villagers Say 200 Killed

November 30, 2001

US economy shrinking fast
Northern Alliance Split Stalls Bonn Afghan Talks
Rumsfeld Signals Dangers Of Combat
US Official: Afghan Talks Hit Snag
Tribal Fighters Attacked By Taliban Near Kandahar
Defector Says Bin Laden Had Cash, Taliban In His Pocket
US killed 67 Pak POWs in school bombing
N. Alliance Chief Wants Troop Limit
Taliban offer £30,000 a head to kill reporters
Talks on Afghan Future Hit Impasse
US Economy Contracted Sharply in Third Quarter
Enron Struggles to Control Future
Enron is heading for the biggest US bankruptcy case ever
Kimberly-Clark Closing 5 Plants
US, UK responsible for Qala-i-Jangi massacre: Amnesty
Northern Alliance baulk at UN power-sharing plan
Warlord walks out of Bonn talks
OIC says it wasn't invited to Bonn talks
Afghanistan's new war criminals
`War Of Civilizations' Lobby Targets Egypt, Saudi Arabia for Overthrow
Opium production flourishes after defeat of Taliban
State Budgets On Fire: Don't Worry, Say Experts

November 29, 2001

Taliban claim recapturing Takhta Pul
Casualty numbers may start to climb
Northern Alliance at Bonn Talks Rejects Foreign Forces
Pentagon: No Evidence Taliban Leaders Killed
How our Afghan allies applied the Geneva Convention
Robert Fisk: We are the war criminals now
Northern Alliance rules out need for outside peace force
U.S. economy weakening, Fed warns
Rage grows over war atrocities
Positions hardening as Afghan talks progress
U.S. Builds Up Forces as Pakistan Hosts Talks
Alliance says no to foreign forces
Allies justify mass killing
Politicians do it. Terrorists do it. Let's all exaggerate
Pakistan Says It Will Not Support US Ground Troops
Pakistan Sees Security Threat From Taliban Collapse
Are The US And Pakistan At War?
The Grand Deception - A Second Look At The War On Terrorism
Bush's Definition Of Terrorism Fits Northern Alliance Like A Glove
How Pakistan Had Its Afghan Cake And Ate It Too
Iran Warns Against Foreign Troops In Afghanistan
U.S. Talks To Moscow About Force In Kabul
Europeans Reluctant to Send Terror Suspects to U.S.
Building a Government Is Complicated by Local Leadership
Final agreement in Bonn unlikely: UN
US energy giant faces collapse
US budget surplus disappears
Worse to come for US economy
US slowdown bites into heartlands
US exports slump
Major powers pull the strings at Bonn talks on Afghanistan
Bush concern over US jobless rate

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