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U.S. Democratic Dictates
December 07, 2001
By A. H. Hotep

The US government has blamed bin Laden for the Sept. 11 attacks but has not released evidence showing that he directly planned or ordered them. Officials said they have intercepted communications allegedly tying bin Laden or his associates to the hijackers. They have not released any such material, citing intelligence concerns.

They refused to share this evidence with the Afghanistan authorities but expected them to hand over bin Laden on the demand.

Subsequently, Tony Blair released what he called compelling evidence located on the UK government's Website which he claimed the US shared with him. (it carries a disclaimer) Views about so-called evidence [1] [2]

Americans must ask themselves if their country would hand over an individual simply because another country made such a demand.

The Afghan authorities stated that they wanted to see the evidence and if it were compelling they would put Osama bin Laden on trial. When the U.S. rejected this offer the Taliban further offered to hand bin Laden over to a neutral country for trial if they saw compelling evidence.

Afghanistan never attacked America.

In light of the U.S. government's unwillingness to share this evidence with the wider community and in any court of law, the attacks on Afghanistan is illegal and highly immoral.

It is our opinion that the U.S. is committing more crimes against humanity aided and abetted by the United Nations and other weaker nations. If you consider this a war, they are also breaking the rules of war.

Those responsible for the attacks on the United States have unwittingly unleashed the U.S. terrorists on the wider world.

It is becoming very clear to many people including medical personnel and relief organizations that the biggest terrorist threat that the world faces today is from the United States. Only those who cannot go beyond CNN and FOX news networks will not agree.

More and more people are witnessing the degradation of human rights at the hands of the U.S. government with their outright bullying tactics under the disguise of fighting terrorism. The United States government is bent on demonstrating to the wider world that as the only 'super power', they are making the rules.

All who wish to remain in America's good graces, that is, all who wish to be considered for financial aid and special trading relationships must ensure that they give up their independence and totally support the U.S. government in all their actions.

Repeating Past Sins

I have literally stopped looking at the news on America's attack on Afghanistan because the reports on the major networks have gone from the ridiculous to the profane.

When they are through distorting the minds of millions of people we would be left with more shootings like what took place at the Indiana industrial park U.S.A. where 35 persons were injured.

Extreme behaviors are part of the US/European legacy introduced to indigenous people and sustained through the glamorizing of these injustices by western media. Indigenous peoples never witnessed America/Europe paying for their crimes against humanity and these brutal European nations are allowed to keep their bounty and have it legitimized over time. They even passed laws preventing others from doing to them the same things they did to get wealthy.

When they invaded and destroyed nations for economic gain, they sold it as civilizing a primitive people. They invaded and decimated nations under the pretext of fighting communism. They continued in third world countries under the label of fighting drugs. Now today the label is fighting Terrorism.

Throughout history each European nation tried to attain world domination and they all failed. Portugal, Spain, France, England, etc., now it is America's turn to repeat more sins of the past. Someone needs to remind the U.S. that the world does not revolve around them.

When The Veil Is Lifted From Bush's Rhetoric It Can Be Summed Up Like This:

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Our civilized world wants to ensure freedom is maintained and as such, countries should ensure that groups that are opposed to our freedoms are quickly silenced. Our allies in this war on terrorism should arrest and detain all suspected troublemakers least they spread their terrorist propaganda and cause opposition to our actions. Either they are with us or against us. All groups in opposition to our actions are terrorist or supporters of terrorists. Their detention is quite lawful.

These actions are necessary to preserve the freedoms of all people to speak, follow their consciences and to obey our commands. Make no mistake, this is a war and supporting countries can declare state of emergencies and detain persons indefinitely. Governments can consider torturing suspects, and though many may condemn such actions, these are necessary measures to preserve our democratic our way of life.

All participating governments who label their opposition groups as terrorist cells will get help from the US government to freeze the assets of these groups. Supporting governments can now cleanse their countries of opposition. The United States will assist the United Nations in understanding and cooperating with these actions. As I am on this point, I must remind supporting governments to pay their UN dues.

We must emphasize that these measures are for preserving our way of life that we all know and love so well. We must ensure that groups do not advance their terrorist claim for reparations which we know can be won in the courts and runs the risks of us paying trillions of dollars to African people. By keeping such groups divided and fighting, this would ensure that these evil, vexatious reparation claims are never advanced. Those that choose to join us and cease to advance such claims that threaten world economies can be given assistance so they too could enjoy our democratic way of life.

Supporting nations, let us be firm in our resolve to wipe the world free of these 'evildoers' who wish to rob us of our divine right to rule.

We know if measures are not rapidly put in place, soon our free women may forget that we gave them more freedom than the Taleban and they should not engage in activities that could further degrade our working men folks. Show them images of Women in Afghanistan with their covered faces so they can see how civilized we are. We will supply our allies with footage of uncivilized executions in Afghanistan where they shoot convicted people. Let them see for themselves how these people do not follow our democratic and civilized approach of using gas chambers, lethal injections and electric chairs. This I am sure would convince our citizens of the evil we face while reminding them of how free and humane we are.

While we combat these great evils let us remind people that this is not a war on Islam or minorities but the evildoers who hide behind religion and seek to rob us of our freedoms.

Ladies and gentleman, this war that started with our retaliation on Osama bin Laden and the Al-Qaeda network will show the rest of the world our military might and how ruthless we can be when evil terrorists attack us. Let your people know that they too are under attack and use your good senses to let them see signs of more attacks. The Anthrax that is plaguing our country is serving as a reminder to all Americans that our actions are just. Let them know that we expect bridges and homes to come under attack in their country so they could stand behind us while we rid the world of all evils. Soon we could set our eyes on other countries and wipe them free of those who oppose US.

Remember the power of television and do not bother your kind and descent citizens with the gruesome pictures and details of the dead and suffering people during this exercise. Get the networks to show movies of our brave soldiers and the proud manner in which they serve this noble cause. Let them show images of food dropping from our airplanes so they can see our generosity. Remember, we want to ensure our democracy is an example to all, so advise the networks to show the right movies and carry the news favorable to our cause. Let them know it is in their democratic interest to cooperate with our efforts to rid the world of these evildoers. Let them know, either they are with us or against us. Many will understand as they could be suspected of harbouring terrorist cells in their networks.

You know that it is difficult to monitor all activities on the Internet so each must do their part to convince webmasters of the importance of our actions and remind them that some of their services can also come under attack from terrorist viruses. We believe that Osama bin Laden and the Al-Qaeda network may have been behind many virus attacks and there are still viruses lurking out there to be released on command that can disrupt Websites that are not receiving protection from our support services. We cannot protect Websites that are opposed to our actions so they must understand the nature of this struggle. I believe many would understand and comply.

Soon, no financial institution would be able to hide their records from us. We would let them know that many of them are transferring money to these evil terrorists and as such we must examine all their records. We will have access to all financial transactions in the world so we can evaluate trading in our stock markets at a moment's notice. I do not have to tell you how much this would serve all of our economies as we rid these financial institutions of terrorist money and carefully monitor all business transactions.

Let me remind you of the great rebuilding mission that is to take place in Afghanistan as we seek to develop our democratic institutions in that country. We can all make loans to our Afghan leaders at favorable interest rates in exchange for land rights. Remember, we successfully did this in many third world countries through the World Bank and the IMF and these countries never had extra resources to develop weapons of mass destruction. Those who condemned our IMF and World Bank policies never understood our vision to limit resources to potential terrorist nations. Many would now appreciate the need to maintain such policies.

Never mention oil or natural gas at any time while we pursue our noble objectives as some terrorists may use this to impute improper motives to our actions. Let them know that our efforts are about rebuilding the country to make it a free and stable place for all of us.

Each and every nation that has expressed solidarity with our actions must do their part. We would be taking note of all who cooperated and would deal decisively will all nations that opposed us as they are on the side of the terrorists. Our bombs are far reaching so let them be warned.

As we continue this Crusade, sorry, Operation Enduring Freedom, all nations must learn of the strong Christian values that made our nation great. They must see how our Godly ways have given us prosperity and civilization unrivaled by any in history. This is the dawn of a new era where all peace loving people like us, must demonstrate their resolve to fight all evildoers who oppose our actions. We will drive them out of every cave and keep them on the run. They will never have the time to put our great nations on trial as they remain busy running for cover.

This is the time that all great nations must stand together to protect our way of life.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

The Curse Of The Crusade

The curse of the crusade is already on both the people of Afghanistan and America. America will be held responsible for all that goes wrong in that region as it is they who removed a government, as bad as they may have been, and instituted one of their choosing. They have done this through trickery, bribery and brute violence.

The people who felt unable to fight back are now slaves of the oppressive U.S. double standards and brutalities.

Those who preferred to fight to their death, though ignorant of better ways, would have accomplished an important phase in their development and would return better able to navigate this life.

There are worst states than physical death. Certainly degenerating into worst states of mental slavery where to survive is heavily tied to consumerism and the U.S. dollar is a slow and painful death. Many today exist in these degenerative states.

Those Afghan people who feel they are liberated will have to take the long road forward just like many Africans, who first have to realize (in very painful ways) the illusions of their lives dominated by European/American introduced false values, then struggle to free themselves and suffer all along the way.

Yes, we will see further abuses from their Afghan puppet government similar to those exhibited by regimes Europe/America propped up in Africa/Egypt, Iran, Israel, and many more countries too numerous to mention.

The difference this time is they are going to work hard to ensure that these atrocities do not come to the public in a clear manner. Small media houses will have to work doubly hard to present the facts in a manner that thoroughly discredits the fraudulent large media networks.

Most Americans are ignorant of what their government does in their country and beyond their borders and as such it is very important that more media networks develop to inform those who are unaware in America so they too can become more responsible for their government and the political choices they make.

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