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WE WILL DIE, if we don't get our drugs

Posted By: Robert Brown
Date: 11, October 04, at 2:29 p.m.

We Will Die, If We Don’t Get Our Drugs
Who is Watching Out for You?

[Who is Watching Out for Your Health?]

The CBS program “60 minutes” ran a segment, showing a large bus filled with senior citizens traveling to Canada to buy drugs-prescription medications. The segment reported the fact that people could buy their drugs for less money in Canada than in the U.S. I thought the most interesting part of the segment was an interview with one of the drug-seeking passengers, the person said something to the effect that if I (we) don’t get our drugs, we’ll die and we can’t afford to purchase drugs in the U.S. The interview on national television was powerful and significant, because it showed how a large percentage of our population, and not just senior citizens, believe. “If we don’t get our drugs, we will die”. How did people start to believe in such a non-empowering concept: Where did that belief come from?

One can travel to Mexico for the same purposes; however, in Mexico there is the risk of being arrested and thrown in jail after you have purchased your drugs. Many prescription drugs are addictive narcotics – so in Mexico you must have your American medical doctors’ prescription for drugs and a Mexican medical doctor’s prescription for the same drugs. It is not unusual to stay in a Mexican jail for up to a year or longer before you are officially charged and allowed to stand trial (in the U.S. a charge usually comes before incarceration). The Mexican authorities do not know of the American doctor and “may” be interested in curbing some of the drug trade or at least the part of it that they do not profit from. It seems that in Mexico, a prescribed drug seeker can lose his freedom before losing his life. Prescription drugs are much less expensive in Mexico; so many people are willing to take the risk.

There are political advertisements that depict an unfortunate, obviously unhealthy, fellow who is talking about the fact that he cannot afford his drugs (prescriptions) and that we should vote for the politician that will make his drugs affordable. The use of drugs to manage the negative symptoms of daily life occurrences is aggressively encouraged by the conventional medical care establishment and proof is in the approved legislation and the ever-present commercial advertising. We are encouraging and subsidizing the belief that “if we don’t get our drugs we will die.” We are also being led to the belief that if we don’t get our drugs, we will not be able to function.
[A Solution]

It is time we, as a nation, started to think of health, being functional without drugs, managing our own lives and managing our nation. We would all be better for that empowering thought concept. With the notable exception of those that aggressively encourage the use of drugs and profit from their sale.

We need to learn of alternatives to the medical control complex and we need to support those alternatives. Your life will improve and our nation will be stronger. If you don’t look out for your health and country, no one else will. Suggested reading (again): “Ageless Body Timeless Mind” and “Health, Greed, Power” and “Racketeering in Medicine” – at Amazon or These books can affect 100 million people in a positive way rbrownchoice

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