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It's Time...

Posted By: Veracity
Date: 12, October 04, at 7:14 p.m.


IN THE FINAL DAYS OF THE 2004 ELECTION Oct. 2004 - Click here for printable version.

Never mind that our nation is falling apart. The show must go on.

And with whom, of course, would you rather have a beer?

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! The show has already begun, so take your seats quickly, and get ready for the performance. The scenery is up and the actors are in place, so letís watch them closely as they entertain us with their very best lines and gestures. Be assured that our leading players have rehearsed their roles with the finest of coaches. They are, after all, competing for the most coveted award in the nation, and truly want our attention and admiration.

Because, when the show is over, we all get to vote for the winner!

Check the actors out carefully, so youíll make the right choice. Look closely. Do they really look the part they have to play? Do they sound sincere? Is their phrasing expressive? Do they perspire or squint under hot lights? Are they consistently graceful and suave? Are their coiffed and preened to the nines? Are they slightly too tall, or somewhat too short? Can they say each of their lines in two minutes flat? Take notes. These are important criteria.

Never mind that our nation is falling apart. The show must go on. Never mind that weíve been deceived and manipulated so shamelessly. The show must go on. Never mind that there is poverty and homelessness. Never mind that ideology has replaced sanity. Never mind that pollution and corruption rule the day. Never mind that the richest nation in the world is home to millions who cannot survive its deprivations. Never mind that the mightiest nation in the world is terrorizing and brutalizing others. Never mind. The show must go on.

Full article:


It's Showtime! (Debate Time)

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