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December 24, 2001

Brits Warn U.S. On Striking Iraq
US 'Duped' Into Bombing Afghan Chiefs
Bombed elders reject US claims
Israel reveals secrets of how it gained bomb
India and Pakistan build up frontier forces after shelling
Tribal leader warns Karzai of war over US raids
America's latest fear: bin Laden on al-Jazeera

December 23, 2001

Palestinian calls Arafat "traitor"
My sweet son is innocent, says bin Laden's mother
US defends attack on Afghan convoy
Hasty Judgement On Somalia Dangerous, Warn Experts Nov 27
Taliban Guerilla Operation Launched Against US Forces
Taliban Guerilla Operation Launched Against US Forces

December 22, 2001

24,000 unexploded bomblets
Arthur Miller accuses Bush of abusing and curbing civil rights
New thermobaric bomb a powerful addition to US arsenal
Crew, Passengers Subdue Would-Be Hijacker
Specific incidents of U.S. policy in the Middle East
Washington’s man to be installed as Afghan PM
Fighting kills five in Gaza as Hamas halt bombings
Britain: Open divisions between army chiefs and Blair
The War Party was too smug too soon
Peacekeepers reach Kabul, search on for Laden
Prisoners 'killed not shifted'
British troops are kept on sidelines
Beijing blasts anti-China US defence budget

December 21, 2001

Bush Predicts 'War Year' in 2002
The Rich History Of Jewish Terrorism
US Bombs Afghan Chiefs' Convoy – 65 Allies Killed
US warplanes attack wrong Afghan convoy BBC
Bin Laden tape is fake, says Saudi sheikh
Israel's tactics likened to apartheid - by Jews
Global poll finds most think America brought terror attacks on itself
Official toll from terror attacks falls below 3,000
The So-Called Evidence Is a Farce
China Supplied arms ao Al-Qaeda after Sept 11
Blair Bashes Anti-War Media In UK Report
'Anti-Semitic' French envoy under fire BBC Dec 20

December 20, 2001

The innocent dead in a coward's war
Six million Afghans facing food crisis
Rumsfeld's Many Moveable Targets
US hot pursuit inside Pakistan under secret deal
Afghanistan security mission the toughest yet
Global poll blames America for terror attacks
U.S.: Libyan chem-war site concealed beneath mountain
(Cape Town) PAGAD Suspect Takes On FBI
U.S. Police and Intelligence Hit by Spy Network
Afghans lay down the law for UN
US general says Somalia is potential target
US build-up in the Middle East
FBI Probes U.S. Scientist in Anthrax Investigation
Iran protests after US 'attack' on tanker
Jews worry that report on 9/11 could be a blow to Israel

December 19, 2001

President decides to hold off on targeting Saddam
American Taliban has no right to lawyer, insists White House
Osama Lost, Hunt is On for Omar BBC
Al-Qaeda captives fight guards BBC
Bin Laden Escape Could Destabilize Pakistan
'Al Qaeda Fighters Won't be Handed Over to US'
UK to lead 'risky' Afghan mission BBC
Fallout continues from interrupted Sacramento speech
India's prime minister says war is under discussion
Abu-Jamal Death Sentence Thrown Out
Europe and America in bitter row over peace force
US Casualties on Morning of Eid-ul-Fitr
Book links China to 9-11 terror
FBI fears 'inside job' on anthrax attacks
Global bogymen show their rags

December 18, 2001

U.S. Again Placing Focus on Ousting Hussein
Reports of war draw fire to Fox
Geraldo Caught In War Tales...
US warplanes dodge missiles
Global bogymen show their rags
Timesman Anthony Lewis Compares Ashcroft to bin Laden
US OKs Billions for Spy Bribes
Anthrax was made in US, says White House
Sharon has put the Middle East in the hands of extremists
US bombs hurt allied forces after victory claim
Hundreds killed in Afghan faction fighting
Rumsfeld and Powell fight over the meaning of victory
200 Israeli citizens suspected of spying
Fierce Fighting Reported In Eastern Afghanistan
Fears of strike on Somalia from bases in Kenya
The Taliban of the west
All World Phone Call Records And Billing Done In Israel?
Killing of militant undermines Arafat's ceasefire appeal
Zionism's Master Plan for World Power
All World Phone Call Records And Billing Done In Israel
Who's Using Bio-Weapons In Afghanistan?

December 17, 2001

No clue to 300,000 IDPs in Tora Bora: UN
American gunship blasts Tora Bora
Osama is that you? -- (COMPARE PHOTOS)
Pakistan rejects NA allegations of prior knowledge to US attacks
'ISI, Pak govt knew about parliament attack beforehand'
Unpaid Alliance soldiers spark crime wave in Kabul
Deal-Making Let Many Leaders of Taliban Escape
Iran to aid US attack on Iraq as al-Qaeda crumbles
British plan 'stiletto' attacks on Yemen
Bin Laden trail goes cold
Our them-and-us political culture...

December 16, 2001

Mossad Chief: Iran Developing Nukes
UK army opposes Afghan troop plan
Putin warns US over war on terror
U.S. Fails to Catch Bin Laden as Stronghold Falls
U.S. set to pump up 'spin' machine
Capitol Hill Anthrax Matches Army's Stocks
Bin-Ladin said to be in Iran
U.S. Fails to Catch Bin Laden as Stronghold Falls
Al-Qaeda stronghold 'falls' BBC
Allied rifts fuels fears on British troops' mission
Afghan minister wants limits on security force
US military want SAS to attack bases in Yemen

December 15, 2001

The overblown threat of Iraq
Paranoid Americans buy guns to ward off future attacks
U.S Envoy Told to Return From Mideast
U.S. Says Veto Mideast Resolution
Unpaid soldiers spark crimewave in Kabul
Israeli Jets Again Strike Arafat Site killing 8
Bush advisers cashed in on Saudi gravy train
Rafsanjani Warns U.S. After Afghanistan Victory
Arab Newspapers Downplay Bin Laden Videotape
N. Alliance captures US troops, loses town
HRW criticizes US justice department
Did The Israelis Have Advance Warning?
Pakistan warning issued to American citizens
Americans 'covered up massacre of 280 Taliban'
Pakistanis Welcome al-Qaeda And Taliban
Hekmatyar flays Afghan interim govt

December 14, 2001

Trace Anthrax Amounts Found in Senate
Bush Halts Inquiry of FBI and Stirs Up a Firestorm
The stench of death and more media lies
Al Qaeda Fighters Retreat in Intense Fighting - (NOTE)
Tora Bora Mujahideen: "We Prefer Martyrdom Over Surrender"
Anti-terrorism is in danger of falling hostage to Sharon
Six Palestinians were killed early Friday
Arab Newspapers Downplay Bin Laden Videotape
Many Arabs Shrug At Bin Laden Video
US military choppers spotted near Somali capital
Anglo-American tensions over Afghanistan and Iraq

December 13, 2001

Is the Pentagon aiming for a victory — or annihilation?
Israeli Spy Operation Uncovered
Atta's Father lashes out; calls Bin Laden tape 'Forgery'
U.S. releases bin Laden Tape -- (NOTE)
Army Lab In Utah Has Produced Powdered Anthrax Since 1992
Omar's men left intact by warlords
Arafat in hiding as Israel launches massive attacks
Four Israeli 'Goner' Virus Suspects Under House Arrest
U.S. Troubled by Failure to Capture or Kill Qaida Leaders
Hundreds of Taliban and Al-Qaeda members have escaped
B-52s bomb caves after al-Qa'ida fails to surrender
FBI arrests Jewish leader over bomb plot
Israel to cut Arafat links and widen use of military

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