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December 12, 2001

Some 60 Israelis Spies Held by U.S.
Rumsfeld isn't telling whole story
Pentagon lies and civilian deaths in Afghanistan
Israelis engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
Afghan 'kamikaze camels' warning: A honed killer?
Taleban prisoners died in sealed containers
Israel to launch massive military operations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Israeli Strikes Cap a Day of Violence
Israel hits back after bus shooting -- (NOTE)
Gunmen kill eight on Israeli bus
Israeli air strikes kill four in Gaza
Suspected Israeli Spies Held by U.S.
Two Jewish Defense League Leaders Arrested In LA Terror Bomb Plot
Gun Toting Geraldo Rivera Sparks Debate
US bomber crashes in Indian Ocean
Tora Bora army refuses to surrender
Why grammar is the first casualty of war
US To Withdraw From Missile Pact
Bush says missile defence shield will fight terror
Loyalty Oath Urged For Uk Immigrants
China demands return of its terror fighters
Thirsty Evil of the new U.S. dictators
Horrific story of the Sabra and Chatila massacres of 1982
US likely to deploy NMD in Afghanistan
The Social Enemy Within
ADC for withdrawal of US aircraft
US warplanes now targeting civilians

December 11, 2001

Egypt's commentator, called for a boycott of U.S. goods
Powell & Bush Disagree Over Next Terror Target
The US was pursuing a "single-minded aim"
Official Count Of Sept. 11 Victims
US: Increase In Debt Limit Sought
US mounts spy mission in Somalia
US turns sights on Somalia terror groups
Key Warlords Demand UN Deal Re-Negotiation
British troops' duties in Kabul to be restricted
North Korea Says It Is In 'Full Combat Preparedness' For US
Pentagon Switch to Kuwait Heralds Wider War
Who is behind the September 11 Atrocities?
Top Taliban officials break with Mulla Omar
'Perfect target' Somalia still haunts America
Tribal warriors loot Spin Boldak
Taliban leaders defect orthodox Islamic militia
Get Saddam - any excuse will do
Foreign Mujahideen ambush US marines near Kandahar
Afghan Women Doubt Things Will Improve

December 10, 2001

Strikes on Somalia 'unjustified'
Israeli Missiles Kill Two Boys in West Bank
Ex-Military Linked to Anthrax Mail
Hundreds massacred, hospitals, mosques destroyed
There Is A Difference Between Dissent And Treason
'Friendly fire' kills three more
Terror hit list drawn up by US
UK: Blunkett in race row over culture tests
Osama leading last-ditch battle in Tora Bora
The country that nurtured and financed bin Laden gets away
When showbiz is news, ignorance prevails
Fighting feared for control of Kandahar
Warlords still fighting over the spoils of victory
Robert Fisk: My beating is a symbol
Kandahar falls into chaos
Britain's House Of Lords Votes Down Anti-Terror Bill

December 09, 2001

Family of 8 die in US bombing
The Consequences of Objection to this 'war'
US law chief 'throws rights to the wind'
Usama Bin Laden's Message for the Youth of the Muslim Ummah
Kandahar Ready for New Civil War Without Taliban
Beijing videos glorifies attacks on 'arrogant' US
Helicopter crash kills 18
'Anarchy' leaves 1m without food
Tense stand-off persists in Kandahar
Al-Qa'eda plan bloody mountain ambush
U.S. Says New Tape Points to Bin Laden but...
U.S. targets Somalia in hunt for al-Qaeda
US administration divided on Iraqi rebels

December 08, 2001

UN chief accuses Israel of terrorising Palestinians
3,500 Civilians Killed in Afghanistan by U.S. Bombs
Bin Laden's Mother Not Angry With Son
Robert Fisk beaten by Afghan mob
Mullah Omar declares start of Guerilla War
Captured American to Be Handed Over
Taliban Exit Kandahar Without Fight
The Times UK: Mullah Omar 'is captured'
Surrender at Kandahar
Itís getting murkier
Pushtun chiefs oppose Karzai-Taliban peace deal
US bombing to continue: Keith
Al-Qaeda members put up fierce fight
Kandahar reverts to warlord fighting
Marines, Taliban clash
Shoora takes over Kandahar: Fighting, looting in some areas
US Will Continue Bombing Despite Taliban Kandahar Surrender
Taliban claims to have killed dozens of US commandos

December 07, 2001

Video shows CIA threatened to let prisoner be killed
IMF Admits Bankruptcy; Wall Street Alternatives a Fraud
Anti-Taliban Forces Fight Each Other in Kandahar
US Has Ties With Interim Afghan Pm
Ashcroft Defends Antiterror Plan and Says Criticism May Aid Foes
U.S. Forces Firing on fleeing Taliban
Taliban Forces Fleeing Kandahar
Tora Bora Said Captured, No Sign of Osama Bin Laden
Soldiers glimpse children hiding in caves
Heavy US Pressure Helped Forge Afghan Deal
IMF approves $1.3bn loan to Pakistan
Ten Leading Lawmakers Urge Targeting of Iraq
Warlord's boycott exposes cracks in regime
US Building Up Forces Near Iraq
Major powers pull the strings at Bonn talks on Afghanistan
Taliban leader to surrender Kandahar
Matthew Lewin: Don't rely on my support just because I'm Jewish
It's a straightforward question. But, half a dozen times, Blair dodged it
Britain may be forced to take lead with peace-keeping role

December 06, 2001

Western atrocities against the people of Iraq, part 1
Flt 587 - No Tail Fell Off Before The Explosion.
Bush administration faces civil rights lawsuit
Rumsfeld warns of 'messy' war
Warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum rejects Afghan deal
US Postal Service Loses $1.7 Billion
India, US share common goals on Afghanistan: US official
US bomb 'wounds' new Afghan leader
Jumpy US Marines Fire On Camel In Afghanistan
Taliban Kill 93 US Commandos and Capture Six
Alliance forces withdraw from Kandahar airport
US fears Stingers can be used against it in Afghanistan
'Coalition not to use nuclear, chemical weapons'
Surprise Russian Afghan Airlift Underscores US-Russia Tensions
Euro Intel Experts Dismiss 'War On Terrorism' As Deception
Freedom Is Being Censored In America
North Korea Vows Major Arms Build-Up To Cope With US
US to return from Afghanistan empty-handed: JUI
Is this what we mean by victory?
Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Errant Bombing
'Friendly fire' kills three US soldiers
Americans Bomb new Afghan Leader
US 'killing civilians by mistake'
Opium growers rejoice at Taliban loss
US Government Deploys Special Corpse-Destroying Troops
Names of Two US Soldiers Killed in Martyrdom Operation
America's Military Campaign in the Region by Mullah Abdus-Salam Zaeef
Taliban Denounce New Interim Gov't
Australian forces arrive at desert base
Bush warns of bloody war ahead
Short hits out at US delay on troops
Taliban may have 500 tanks in Kandahar
Bin Laden may fill deep Arab hunger for heroic leader
Betray your comrades and you can live
Hizbollah Dismisses U.S. Diplomatic Moves in Mideast
Don't write us off yet, Taliban tell West
Heroin Producing Factories Being Re-Established In Afghanistan
Taliban fiercely defending Kandahar
Suspicion of Osama possessing nukes strengthens
Japanese Destroyers Head Out to Back Up U.S. Strikes
Al Qaida has 20 Russian missiles
US bomb 'wounds' new Afghan 'leader'
Ashcroft Defends Anti-Terror Tactics

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