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The Future

Posted By: Craig Jones
Date: 3, September 05, at 10:22 p.m.

The Republic

For millennia, the world of humankind had been an unjust and cruel place. Selfishness, greed, and the lust of power were the rule, and the world had grown to be a cold and uncaring barren rock. Love grew scarce, and me-ness enveloped the lands everywhere. That is when, at the height of the information age, a revolution occurred, a revolution that shook the world, and ushered in an age of peace, the time of now.

Computers ruled the day, instant communication was literally only a heartbeat away; and a thought occurred that blew me-ness away. This thought brought old America, and eventually, the world entire, to an end; the post-materialist age of today, of – The Republic – had begun. Alas, we must remember well that day, in old America, when across the continent, a message appeared upon screens and phones everywhere: revolution, revolution, revolution is here. The masses had grown cold, oppressed, monetarily bankrupt, and terror was in the back of every mind. Swelling prison populations, the rich getting richer, war, earthquakes, and worldwide famine remained the only sure constants; when, then, in the most startling of fashions, The Revolution occurred. The meanness of me-ness dissolved into we the free.

A revolution of the mind swept across the land almost instantly, a sudden will to dispossess freed the minds of all; freedom had been unleashed, and the world staggered from the call! Yes, a universal will to dispossess freed the people of the land. At first glance, the concept seemed too abstractedly brutal to understand, “what, no possessions, nothing to call my own, what for then would life be worth living, if one had nothing to buy, to sell, or to call one’s own?” “What would life be like without having money by which to conduct business?” many wondered. Then we, humankind, we together realized, money had no business in our lives at all. Without money, and everybody seeking “to get mine,” an inner light seemed to shine in our collective minds. Freedom, freedom, freedom from “things,” freed our minds to ponder a “thing” more truly sublime than money or mine: each other. Instead of selling a dream, we bought freedom, with no money at all.

Simply the call to all, to love each other, freed us all.

People quickly enough realized that in possessing nothing, they all would share everything. “How can we share everything, how is this possible,” was the question of the day, until a golden answer came from ages away. If I do unto you as I would like you to do unto me, then how could we ever possibly disagree, because then there would only be we, me helping you, and you helping me, we equaling we. The answer seemed too simple, the clarity too clear; the simplicity of the answer in many struck true fear.

Plain questions made simple the answer to all:
If I were bleeding, would you bandage me?
I would bandage you.
If I were hungry, would you feed me?
I would feed you.
If I were dying, would you save me?
I would save you.

If I had no money, would you let me bleed, would you let me starve, would you let me die? If you had no money would you want to die? Millions of people were dying every day, needlessly, every day, another precious life silently passed away; enough was enough the people cried. Ask the Irish of nineteenth century Ireland, the Native “American” or African of the centuries past; or, the African of today. Without we, our hearts, minds, and souls, led to only me, and despairing decay; this could not forever last. The afore people mentioned, amongst innumerable others, have suffered because of another man’s greed, have suffered because of me, me, me. The answer became clear, dispossession swept the land. In choosing to serve one another, humankind became truly free. A paradox incarnate, in choosing to serve people were freed, the staggering implications to many were beyond belief. In finally realizing that by putting the other before the I, people everywhere came to the obvious conclusion that; the American Dream had been a terrible lie. Capitalism had literally sold humankind out! The concept of ownership, of me and mine, was destroying us, like some abominable desolation seeking to destroy our very humanity; we had had enough; freedom was unleashed; dispossession reigned supreme!

Hurricanes, pollution, and crime, ravaged our land, and hand in hand with life itself, the damage was measured in economic cost, economic cost! People became so worried about paying the gas pump, the lender, and the insurance company, that many wondered if they could even afford to live life at all. We could no longer even afford to pay attention to that which has only truly ever mattered; ourselves. The people of old America, and eventually the world entire, finally realized, we must either learn to serve ourselves, to love one another, me helping you and you helping me, or, we could continue to serve money. This choice was the hardest decision we, as a unified people, had ever in our history to collectively make. Us, or the money, one had to go, this did we all finally come to know.

A house on a hill is not built with diamonds to shine, a house is built with our hands, our hands, so that we may gather together to talk, to sing, and to dine. When one’s mother dies a funeral should not cost money; have we not suffered enough for the loss of a dear one’s life already, must we also suffer economic strife? Life is not a commodity to be bartered, traded, or sold, life itself is a gift more precious than any amount of oil, diamonds, or gold. Old America, like so many other nations of old, enslaved other people, enslaved their fellow man, and for what, because it was an economically beneficial practice, it increased the profit-making capability of an enterprise. Greed, the love of money, and poverty, the lack thereof, has motivated humankind into actions most abominable, and, we, the people, as a collective whole had resolved; enough is enough, a totally different path must we all go.

The common man of later old America was no longer physically in chains, yet it seemed everywhere he looked he was no longer free. Tax breaks for the 2% of the wealthiest amongst us, stifling laws, more than any nation had ever heretofore known, and a well nigh unto police state, not a welfare state, had chilled the common person to their very soul. We, the people, had been sold out by a dream; the air itself had become polluted by our greed!

“How can we do this, how can we make this come true,” was the question of the day, and the answer swept old America away. The people conspired to elect an entirely new government, a government of the people, for the people, elected by all of the people. Every person eighteen and over in old America that possessed a social security number was allowed to vote on one simple question, “do you want a truly democratic government founded upon two sole principles; I shall do for you as I would have you do unto me, and, no private property.” The first truly free election, in which money played no part whatsoever in guiding, occurred across the land; The Revolution occurred, within the span of a day. The only guide to our Glorious Revolution was 300,000,000 social security numbers, a click of the mouse, and a strict set of conditions. The conditions were as follows:

• The vote was cross-referenced and verified by college students, public organizations, and the public at large, we were all involved in the process (even prisoners were allowed to vote), lobbying, TV ads, billions spent on elections, were all things of the past
• For every geographic area that possessed one million people, ten persons were elected
• From the ten persons elected, those names were subject to a lottery that was publicly conducted, and the name chosen was that regions representative
• The eventual three hundred people chosen represented the demographics of the land, that is, out of three hundred people, one hundred and fifty were women, twenty of the women were African-“American” women, etc.; there were five major categories that guided the population demographic breakdown; sex, race, income level, education, and religious affiliation (after the first couple of elections, after money had been entirely abolished, the income level category was abolished), the process would be repeated if necessary to ensure that the proper demographic categories were satiated
• Every five years a hundred new people were elected that maintained the demographic integrity of the hundred persons they were replacing, and the three hundred current guardians of the state would conduct a lottery to determine who would be replaced

The first, truly free, truly bloodless, revolution was about to occur, yet the government and big business powers of the time, not wanting to relinquish their ironclad grip upon power and control, were threatening to brutally suppress the “insurgents” of the land. Yet, what the rich and powerful did not understand, being too preoccupied with wars and rumors of wars, was that all the people of the land were ready for change, all the people were ready for true freedom, true democracy, for a true government of, for, and, by, the people. Red or blue, Hilary or George, Bill or George, George or George; one rich compromised politician or another rich compromised politician was old hat, more of the same of the same, rule on rule, do and do. A tax break for them (the rich), no health coverage for you, or for me (the people). The people no longer wanted more of the same, we, the people, could no longer afford it. . .

The answer came to us all seemingly in a moment, a sudden fiery passion for freedom swept old America away, literally in a day. You for me, and me for you, now that was something new, a spirit of union suddenly swept over the minds of people everywhere, a union of the people that no lawyer, judge nor law could withstand. I loving you and you loving me brought us all to agree, that only love, tolerance, and a passion for life, could truly set we, the people, free. We, the people, united as one; The Republic was born. The age of now had begun.
After hundreds of years of more of the same, the people were tired of more of the same, red v. blue, liberal v. conservative, us v. them, you v. me: people were tired of more of the same. Ruled and exploited by the rich elite, we, the people, who had devotedly died for them, the rulers, were not even provided for our own health to keep. Laws for this and laws for that, the lawyers of old America had broken democracies back. More of the same, rule on rule, divided me, and divided you. We, the people, cried out in shame, lost in a rich man’s game. We, the people, who are now trying to make God’s dream come true; have only to constantly remember that you must always love me, as I must always love you. This is the only rule, by which, we, the people, can rule. By my love for me, being an even greater love for you, we, the people, dispelled with the same old rule on rule, the same old do and do.

That is what the lottery during the electoral process guaranteed. Nobody actually knew if they would one day become part of the government, or not. Money, nor greed, nor lust of power, guided the process, nobody knew who would actually one day rule. Additionally, there was an agreed upon Constitution by all of the revolutionaries that would be the two founding principles of The Republic: 1) everyone would do unto others as they would be done by, and, 2) there would no longer be private ownership. After that, whether any, or some, of the former laws, constitutions, or legal documents of old America were to be incorporated into The Republic was to be decided by the new government. The ruling three hundred became the stewards of our collective resources, they reconstructed our great nation’s destiny, and they guided us gloriously into the heart of the 21st century.

Tyranny, some portended, would occur, but in light of the arbitrary wars of the day, the arbitrary judicial decisions that betrayed the very concept of a democracy, the arbitrary passing of Patriot Acts, and other such laws that benefited the few, at the expense of the many, the revolutionaries simply responded, “What have we now?”

What we had then was the rule of the rich, for the rich, and by the rich, how then could we have ever truly been free? “We” had corporate seizure of private land, corporate seizure of “private” land, “we” had tax breaks for the wealthiest amongst us and overly burdensome taxes upon the middle, working, and poor populations, and “we” had rich lobbyists and lawyers making the laws; and to whose benefit? We, the people, had been sold out! There was never a we, in an economic system guided by me, me, me (personal greed), and, the rich and centuries long families of political power, there was only them and us, only you v. me. There were altruistic words betrayed by greedy laws and lawyers, and lovers of power who spent millions, even billions, upon gaining “public” office and making more laws. “Freedom,” and “democracy,” had been most miserably betrayed, sold out to the highest bidder. What were we to do?

An election sprinkled with a little luck seemed to many at first a terrifying endeavor, and that is what would eventually win everybody over. Having faith in our fellow man, me having faith in you, and you having faith in me, to possibly one day rule, was to many scary, but also, to many more, quite a beautiful idea too. How could we lose, there was nothing left to lose, except a nation filled with libraries of laws and stifling rules. You for me, and me for you; how could we lose? Our collective mind was set; an inner spirit set us free, revolution is here, for we the people, who had always truly, under the spirit of capitalism, been most grievously unfree!

Naturally, the rich and powerful political and big business owners were deathly afraid of losing their centuries long stranglehold over the common masses, and were threatening to violently suppress any and all who may participate in this revolutionary epoch of humankind, which of course they deemed “utter madness”. The government actually dared to bomb all of the major cities of the land, and that is the straw that broke the donkey’s back. Threatening to destroy the very own people who had “given” the government power in the first place, threatening to destroy “their” very own people, showed to everybody how corrupt and power-hungry old America politicians truly were. The people finally realized they had never truly been free at all.

Revolutionary fervor exploded!

Events transpired very quickly, and other nations of the world felt what was happening in old America. This concept of a government of the people, for the people, and elected by all of the people, sprinkled with a lottery, gave birth to even grander thought. Canadians felt it, Mexicans felt it, Europeans felt it, Indians, Australians, Africans, Brazilians, etc.; if this occurred on a worldwide scale, what nation would then war against what nation? What need would there be of war, if there was no other nation to make war against? Never before in the history of humankind had this ever been possible, until the beginning of the 21st century.

The 21st century began with more of the same; wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, and rumors of more war, until we, the people, finally realized an answer. The people of the land, and eventually the world entire, realized that by taking care of each other, by being each others, each and every persons, personal insurance policy, we had no need of enriched insurance companies or wealthy out of touch with the common man politicians. “I will be your insurance, will you be mine?” was the question of the day. I will fix your toothache, will you cut my hair? I will harvest for you wheat, will you cook dinner? I will write you a song, will you sing it for us? This thought process exploded into the minds of the people of the world, like a fiery phoenix re-awakened in the minds of humankind; our collective consciousness realizing a golden age of humankind, we realized today.

The older generation of old America had remembered the revolutionary spirit that spread across the land years earlier, when old America was involved in yet another war, a war that seemed to make the spirit of war more commonplace than the spirit of peace, a peace that everybody said they wanted, and in fact truly did. Yet, the older generation had grown quietly into a nation of SUV driving consumers, all respectively chasing the old American Dream. And, they were now bankrupt! Many people were barely even able to afford to buy gas for their cars anymore. The older joined the young in old America, minds everywhere were inflamed with the passion of freedom, inflamed with the prospect of peace, and the fervor for world peace spread across old America, and the world, seemingly in a day. People everywhere were overwhelmed with the possibility that a nation, a nation encompassing all of the former nations of the world, could actually come into being, literally, in a day! Alas, the first decades of the 21st century were quite an astonishing time. Peaceful revolution in a day; beautiful man, it was just beautiful.

Our world was dying, unable to keep up with our pollution and personal greed. People everywhere thought, “What of the children, what of our children’s children; what kind of world will they inherit?” Constant war was the rule of the day, Mother Nature was in disarray, and everybody but the few were going hopelessly in debt chasing the old American way. “What of our children,” we thought, “what of our children?” We could endure no more. . .

People everywhere screamed “revolution, revolution, revolution is here!” People were no longer afraid of losing “their” possessions, people were no longer fearful of losing that which they had worked so hard for, for so many years for, because people could no longer even afford to dream; their minds being filled with debt, with wars, and with terror. People saw their children being vaporized in a cloud of smoke because of their gluttonous consumption, and, “their” government’s reckless behavior. People saw their world and their children dying right before their very own eyes. That was it: revolution was here!

The leaders of old America were terrified of this revolutionary movement, and they exhorted the local law enforcement agencies of every region to brutally suppress this awesome “insurgency.” Yet, what the super-rich politicians and CEOs did not understand was that even local city officials and law enforcement officers were themselves in dire straits. Unable to keep up with their own house payments, car payments, insurance payments, and, needless to say, the rampant corruption and crime in every city of old America, even the local powers that were realized that old America was on the verge of self-destruction, perhaps even a world war from which even civilization itself was unlikely to survive. Everybody was suffering, everybody wondered to themselves, “what next?” Everybody knew the time for change was now!

In fact, local law enforcement communities across the land played an important part in the revolution itself, in helping to maintain and harmoniously establish order during, and after, The Revolution itself. We were peaceful revolutionaries, but not suicidal. We all agreed that on The Day of Revolution, all laws that had been would be no more, and that our new government would ex nihilo soon establish more. So actually, the peace officers themselves were one of the few temporary carryovers from the ancien regime of old America. Our cause was just. We, the people, did not want chaos, we, the people, did not want civil war; we, the people, we wanted freedom. A freedom gained without a call to arms, without mass bloodshed, without the death of innocents; a nation forged in a revolution of peace. Old America, like so many other nations of old, was forged by a terribly violent, a terribly bloody, war. Ironic, is it not, that old America was involved in an un-winnable war (a war against terror itself; like one could kill terror, something one cannot even physically grasp) at the time our Glorious Revolution occurred. In noting that governments are instituted among men from the consent of the governed, we, the people, invoked our right, nay, our duty, to abolish the government of old America upon the aforementioned and the following long train of abuses:

• He (the president) has made Judges dependent on his Will alone
• He (the president) has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent swarms of Officers to harass our people
• He (the government/president) has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power
• He (the government/president) has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution (Patriot Acts, corporate land take-overs, religious military schools, et. al.) and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation
• For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us [and overseas]
• For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these [or those] States
• For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent
• He (the government/president) is at this time transporting large Armies of [public and private] Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty and perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation
• He (the government/president) has constrained our fellow Citizens [of the world] to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands
• He [the government/president] has excited domestic [divisions] amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers [an endless stream of unlawful emigrants]
• In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people

We, the people, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by the Authority of the good People of these lands, solemnly publish and declare, That The Republic is, and of Right ought to be [a] Free and Independent State; that [is] Absolved from all Allegiance to the United States government, and that all political connection between us and the United States government, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as a free and independent nation we, the people, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

What could they say? We, the people, demanded freedom, freedom or death.

The Republic was born!

Weapons of war eventually became a thing of the past, swords became tools that tilled the land, terror gave way to love, to tolerance, to us. Christianity had been preached worldwide long ago, so the need to spread the Gospel was a moot endeavor, a Christian needed to only practice what she/he preached, to spread the Word, and that is Gospel. Likewise with our Islamic brothers in faith, and our Hindu brethren, and the Judaists, the Buddhists, and all other religious movements of the world; everybody finally realized that all the major world religions promoted peace and a brotherhood of man, so all the major religions of the day did exactly what they promoted; they began to love one another. Love and tolerance laid waste to the intolerance of the past. We became a fellowship, a fellowship of humankind, we became tolerant and even understanding, of the Other; we began to love one another, because we all finally realized that we are all in this together. Everybody realized how terribly wrong we had been, living this gift, this gift of life, a gift freely given to us by our loving God from on high, to each and every one of us. The information age gave way to an age of peace, an age of tolerance, to the age of today.

That is how we brought the Middle Eastern wars to a peaceful conclusion. When we all became overwhelmed with our revolutionary fervor, this fervor spread to many more people than just old America alone. The thought of, and possibilities for, a truly democratic world-state, staggered the minds of all. “Just think,” we all thought, differing religious or ethnic factions would no longer have to worry about who was elected to represent their demographic population, because everybody was to be represented. For instance, the differing factions in Iraq, the Sunnis, the Shiite, and the Kurds, were all represented as per their respective population demographics, the Christians and Muslims throughout the Baltic region realized that they all would be fairly represented in the government, same with the Muslims and the Hindus in Pakistan and India. Demagoguery gave way to camaraderie, intolerance gave way to understanding, self-righteousness gave way to our common interest: us!

Do you see the beauty we brought to the world? A beauty nobody expected engulfed humankind, almost as if God Himself looked away from us for a moment, and we resolved as a unified collective to overcome ourselves. Perhaps we gave Him something even He did not see (as if that were possible), a peaceful and striving union of humankind here on earth that had only been made possible in the 21st century. The same occurred in Africa, Asia, South America, eventually, everybody was, and is, represented in government. Some areas had to modify the original electoral process, before they agreed to join The Republic, but what remained a rule of law was that all differing factions of the religious, racial, and ethnic communities had a voice in the government, and the regional societal differences that persisted in disparate geographic regions was resolved by the guardians (actually, we are still working it out).

The masses of the common people in all the differing nations of the world, followed the lead of old America, and in a true democrat process, voted for their geographical population’s representatives, and then sprinkled the electoral process with a lottery to ensure their elected officials could not “corner the market” on who has power. Russia and China were reticent at first to join this new union of humankind, yet, considering that this new world order, The Republic, encapsulated the very conception of what a socialist society strove for, that being the rule of the common proletarian worker, the rule of us, and equal shares equally for all, the masses of people in both nations forced their respective governments to allow them a say in their nation’s destinies. People worldwide demanded to be free, people worldwide wanted to become apart of this new age of humankind; together, we, the people, en masse, we all became free, we became The Republic.

The first proclamation of The Republic concerned where the world’s capital would be, and this was agreed upon virtually unanimously, gloriously, aye, even expectantly, and that city’s name turned out to be. . .

New Jerusalem.


A timeless adage put to word ages ago, yet resonates in our world today, and that is, for great changes to be made, great changes must occur. In the years immediately following The Revolution, people of the world experienced profound events. For years afterward, great structures across the land lay in stark desolation, former buildings of trade, banking, and profiteering stood ominously vacant amongst the liberated people, amongst us. Quite simply, people just did not know what to do. Naturally, the first concerns addressed were food production and distribution, medical care, and keeping public order. And, we easily accomplished these things.

Some of the former rich and powerful people of old America, and the world entire, came to welcome the change, knowing that the time had come for humanity to take a great leap forward in our collective future, in order to simply continue existing. Many others though seemed to have simply disappeared, in fact, on some occasions, pockets of armed and organized bandits would emerge from underground or even from caves, led by former “great” leaders of the past. These proved to be unfortunate occurrences, but occurrences that we all knew just kind of had to occur. We, the people, weathered their insurgencies.

Of even profounder significance, was the brutally abrupt changes in our immediate lifestyle. We had known for years that the worlds ever-increasing natural resources consumption was leading us directly into a third world war, from which, many doubted, few, if any would survive. So aggressive and ingenious methods of transportation, heating, and power were instituted, and I mean startling aggressive; we had to do what we had to do, and well over 200 million cars being driven to and fro daily was just not cutting it. Mother Nature herself brought this fully to light.

Most importantly, ridding ourselves of I, of me, me, and me again, required a profound change in our collective thought processes, an event that virtually everybody thought was impossible. So impossible did many think this was, that in fact, many of the foremost religions in old America, and elsewhere in the world, just resigned themselves to the “fact” that we were simply going to destroy ourselves. Consequently, many religions, take for example Christianity, splintered into a multitude of differing factions themselves. Indeed, the world had grown so intolerant and cold, that many people no longer believed in a God at all.

What was most dangerous about the world in the early years of the 21st century was the pervasive religious intolerance that permeated the world through and through. Disregarding the religious intolerance between say Islam and Christianity, even differing sects within the Christian religion, and the Islamic faith, were so intolerant of one another or even society in general, that they would routinely kill one another. People would walk into churches and kill other people, people would bomb abortion clinics, people would exhort their government and or followers to assassinate world leaders, to assassinate world leaders. This was so, so, old hat, it would have actually been comical, would have maybe, if people hadn’t actually died!

An inner light of compassion, of love, and of tolerance was needed of all, and to this day we still struggle with many things, with many of the former ways, of the days of old. Yet, we are now a unified whole, we are a nation striving to bring peace to us all, each and every one of us. Today, we are one nation dedicated to us all, to you, and to me, to we; we today are one nation under God.
We are The Republic.

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