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November 04, 2001

Holding Terrorists Accountable?

By Tim Wise

Members of his terrorist organization and network have killed Americans, on American soil. Those inspired by his message have engaged in a mass atrocity: blowing innocent people out of their offices as the building where they worked crumbled to the ground.

He himself has called for total war against the enemy in an effort to "cleanse" the United States. He has said that although innocent people will die in such an effort, "it is necessary, and because it is necessary, it is good." Seven years ago he warned of potential pending attacks when he wrote: "New Yorkers who work in tall office buildings--anything close to the size of the World Trade Center--might consider wearing hardhats to work..." Full Article

For crying out aloud!

By Roy S. Carson

It shouldn't take the brains of a gnat or even the most fundamentalist of left-wing, right-wing, whatever-wing Reaganite McCarthyist peaceniks to work out the mathematics of an inch given to Washington translated at whatever convenience into a mile.

The preachers of Freedom of Expression, as an essential element of their own Constitution, are suddenly throwing tantrums over the fact that a Venezuelan President has chosen to level an opinion shared with Pope John Paul II and a dozen other world leaders as to the current conduct of the Afghan War. Full Article

Osama Bin Laden's latest challenge

Translation of Osama Bin Laden's statement

Osama Bin Laden's latest challenge to the West and rallying cry to the Muslim world was broadcast on Al-Jazeera satellite television channel on Saturday 3 November. The date and location of the recording was not given. The following is the text Full Article

US Delta Force was dealt a force

From Reuters

Twelve elite U.S. Delta Force commandos were wounded by Taliban troops in an October 20 raid in southern Afghanistan, and some American officers were angered by the Pentagon's decision to show film of a separate parachute strike that night, according to a new report. Full Article

Pentagon: New Yorker Story False

NBC's Meet The Press

Joint Chiefs of Staff General Richard Myers strongly debunked a story filed by the NEW YORKER's Seymour Hersh [set for publication on Monday] which claims U.S. Delta members were seriously injured during a raid on Mullah Omar's complex Full Article

Guardian investigation confirms Hersh's story

How bungled US raid came close to disaster

By Luke Harding in Quetta, Julian Borger in Washington and Richard Norton-Taylor - Tuesday November 6, 2001 Full Article

Theories of European Warfare

By Adib Rashad

America is at war with an underdeveloped country and it is determined to bomb this country into oblivion. This is a most unfortunate situation considering the fact that the people of Afghanistan had nothing to do with the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. In fact, the evidence against the alleged mastermind of those atrocities, Osama bin Laden, who is of Arabian extraction, has not been properly presented to the American people. Therefore, I believe, as the late journalist, John Reed once stated, War is based on profit, and as the poet, Gil Scott-Heron also stated, Full Article