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November 08, 2001

Who's informing whom?

By A. H. Hotep

Now that more people are aware of the US government's ongoing efforts to further manipulate the media/show business industry in their misguided and disingenuous war on Terrorism, it is critically important that individuals and countries understand the importance of developing and maintaining their own media from within their countries that has the ability to reach ordinary people as well as the global audience. Full Article

Credible Deception

By Jared Israel

One year ago, the US launched a missile attack on a factory in Sudan, in Africa. The government claimed that a) the factory made nerve gas and b) it was linked to Osama bin Laden, the Islamic Fundamentalist whom the US said was behind the bombing of two US embassies in Africa. Full Article

Distorting Blowback, Understanding the Media

By Jeffery Sommers

Ever since the tragic events of the 11th, the media was been quick to shoot-down the "blowback" thesis for explaining the role of US foreign policy in giving rise to terrorism. Of course, not all this criticism has been honest. The best way to remove from discussion uncomfortable topics is to misstate their premises in order to ignore an unpleasant reality. With regards to US policy and events of the 11th, the best way to effect this has been to merely point out that Osama bin-Landen has no interest in discussing the finer points of foreign policy. Instead, the media instructs us, correctly, that he is on a missionary mission to introduce the most reactionary of measures for running society by the most reactionary of means. Full Article

Independently verified pain

By Geov Parrish

There is a myth here in America that terrorists attacked the World Trade Center because "we're the freest nation on Earth." If that were true, you and I would be free to read the details about the Afghanistan bombing campaign in the U.S. press. But we're not being allowed that particular freedom.

In Britain, however, the press has been following events in some detail and reporting on the civilian casualties, the worsening humanitarian condition, the dropping of cluster bombs on villages, the ineffectiveness of U.S. bombing on Taliban targets, the disintegration of Northern Alliance forces, and on, and on. Full Article

Afghanistan set to share legacy of death that cluster-bombing left in Indochina

By Matt Warren

THE use of cluster bombs in Afghanistan last month rang with the echoes of history repeating itself. Across the south-east Asian country of Laos, cluster bombs dropped during the Vietnam war are holding the country to ransom 30 years after the last lethal payload fell from the sky. For many aid workers, the impact of Indochina’s largely secret air war should be a cautionary tale. Few, however, believe it will be. Full Article

LEGAL ANALYSIS: U.S. Campaign Against Afghanistan
Not Self-Defense Under International Law

By Brian J. Foley

On September 11, terrorists killed thousands of Americans and left millions fearful of further attacks. The attacks are widely believed to have come from a terrorist network based in Afghanistan. On October 7, the United States launched a military offensive against that country in an effort to prevent future attacks. The U.S. has based its attacks on the international law right of self-defense. But with the U.S. campaign now in its fourth week, is the claim of self-defense still valid? Was it ever?

Surprisingly, few people are asking this question, based on a belief that the United Nations Security Council has already concluded that the U.S. response is legal self-defense, and that the Security Council gave a green-light to "any means" the U.S. chooses to take. This belief is mistaken. A look at the full texts reveals otherwise -- and that the resolutions are far from the war cries some people have imagined hearing. Full Article

Clinton: U.S. Is Paying Price For Past Injustices Against Blacks, Native Americans

By Joseph Curl

Bill Clinton, the former president, said yesterday that terror has existed in America for hundreds of years and the nation is "paying a price today" for its past of slavery and for looking "the other way when a significant number of native Americans were dispossessed and killed."

"Here in the United States, we were founded as a nation that practiced slavery, and slaves quite frequently were killed even though they were innocent," said Mr. Clinton in a speech to nearly 1,000 students at Georgetown University's ornate Gaston Hall.

"This country once looked the other way when a significant number of native Americans were dispossessed and killed to get their land or their mineral rights or because they were thought of as less than fully human.

"And we are still paying a price today," said Mr. Clinton Full Article