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November 09, 2001

Whatís Different, Whatís the Same, What Do We Do?

By Michael Albert

Has the world profoundly altered and the overall context of activism changed fundamentally since September 11. I donít think so.

The basic institutions of our societies are the same now as they were before 9/11. Capitalist ownership relations, corporate divisions of labor, markets, bourgeois states with their various party arrangements, obedient mass media, nuclear families, cultural communities often at hostile odds with one another, these are still the context in which we act. Full Article

Beware of Icebergs

By Thomas L. Friedman

PESHAWAR, Pakistan -- As I was boarding my Emirates Air flight from Dubai to Pakistan the other day, I noticed a young Pakistani in front of me wearing a brown corduroy jacket, on the back of which was written in big white letters: "Titanic."

Hmmm, I thought, that's not a good sign. I started to wonder: Is America the Titanic and Pakistan the iceberg we're about to hit, while we're searching for Osama bin Laden in the fog of Afghanistan? Or is Pakistan the Titanic, its president, Pervez Musharraf, the captain, America the only passengers and Afghanistan the iceberg we're about to hit? Full Article

Fox: Civilian Casualties Not News

Fair Action Alert

Network news outlets have reported stories about civilian casualties in Afghanistan with caution, often noting that Taliban claims are nearly impossible to verify. But many outlets show no inclination to be equally careful when evaluating the Pentagon's line on casualties.

CNN, for example, has ordered reporters to frame reports of civilian deaths with reminders that "the Pentagon has repeatedly stressed that it is trying to minimize" such casualties, and that "the Taliban regime continues to harbor terrorists who are connected to the September 11 attacks that claimed thousands of innocent lives in the U.S." Full Article

Why Bush Needs To Spin The War

By David Corn

"Don't worry. You'll be safe. We know how to take care of terrorists here."

So said the chuckling immigration officer at Port of Spain the other day. I had been dispatched to Trinidad by the U.S. State Department to conduct a two-day seminar on investigative reporting for local journalists (your tax dollars at work!), and the first Trini I encountered could not resist needling the Americans.

The next day, amid talk of the Freedom of Information Act, finding sources, and Internet-assisted-reporting, one of the fifteen island journalists asked me and my colleague, Bonnie Goldstein, a former investigative producer for ABC News, what we thought of the U.S. media's coverage of the September 11 attacks. Before we could respond, several participants volunteered their opinions. Full Article