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September 16, 2001

Time for War?

"War is Good for Business"

Does President Bush intend to jump-start confidence in the stock-market by launching a "timely" military strike?

I have great faith in the resiliency of the economy. And no question about it this incident affected our economy., But the markets open tomorrow, people go back to work. We'll show the world. (Remarks by George W. Bush, Reuters, 16th September 2001)

On the other hand, what will be the fate of America's social programs? Five days before the terrorist assaults on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, President Bush stated almost prophetically: Full Article

Are We In Danger Of State Terrorism?

( Clyde Weatherhead ) The act of terrorist violence carried out in New York and Washington yesterday must be condemned.

At the same time, the people of the US, the ordinary Joes and Janes who have paid with their lives and suffering, and all of us must understand that this was the inevitable backslash of a decades-long history of 'might-is-right' state terrorism by the Empire builders of the 'New World Order' of US global domination. Full Article

A Crusade of the mind

By Omayma Abdel-Latif

"Every time I hear of an act of terrorism, I have two prayers. My first is for the victims and their families. My second is, please don't let it be a Muslim. Because, unlike when an act of terrorism is committed by a Christian or a Jew, when it is a Muslim the entire faith is characterised as barbaric, as inhuman," Reshma Memon Yaqub, a Muslim journalist, wrote in the Washington Postthree days after Tuesday's strikes.

Perhaps never before has the media been so pivotal in determining the course of conflict and the shape of the relationship between Islam and the West. In the aftermath of last week's attacks, Muslims and Arabs all over the world -- but particularly in the United States and Europe -- were bracing themselves for a battle over what Edward Said described as "images and ideas." Full Article

A slaughter of innocents

Tuesday's attacks on New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon are the stuff of which revenge and paranoia are made, and perhaps justifiably so. But even as my heart constricts at the sight of scenarios worthy of Dante's Inferno, even as I try not to imagine what it must have felt like to make the decision to jump out of a window 80 storeys up, or to be looking out from a high-rise tower and see a jet plane coming straight at you—even as I cringe at all of this unimaginable pain, my mind turns with even greater foreboding to the future slaughter of innocents that is sure to follow. Full Article

US Attack in Historical Perspective

Has everyone forgotten that bin Laden and those of his ilk, including the Taliban government, are creations of the very United States that now seek to destroy them? But they were not "terrorists" then, after all they were fighting the then Soviet Union and at the time the US knew full well the future intentions of these people. Now hold that thought while we look around the world and the actions of the US and Europe since the end of World War II [in fact even before the war]; the US has been meddling in the affairs of almost every country one can think of in the quest to foist their ideals and way of life. Mr Lambkin, have you ANY idea how many innocent people were killed, tortured, displaced and jailed by agencies like the CIA or by people trained by them in the last 30 years alone? One of the very first coups orchestrated by the CIA was in Guatemala when they ousted a democratically elected president because his land reform policies threatened the financial interests of an American company called United Fruit. Full Article

Eye In The Storm: To make the angels weep

Tragedy struck the United States last Tuesday morning, September 11, while all the world watched in dread and compassion for them as all children of God – just like the onlookers. An unprecedented attack wreaked havoc on two of its most characteristic symbols – its money power, represented by the World Trade Center in New York, and its military power, as represented by the Pentagon in its political capital, Washington D.C. Full Article

RAWA statement on the terrorist attacks in the US

On September 11, 2001 the world was stunned with the horrific terrorist attacks on the United States. RAWA stands with the rest of the world in expressing our sorrow and condemnation for this barbaric act of violence and terror. RAWA had already warned that the United States should not support the most treacherous, most criminal, most anti-democracy and anti-women Islamic fundamentalist parties because after both the Jehadi and the Taliban have committed every possible type of heinous crimes against our people, they would feel no shame in committing such crimes against the American people whom they consider "infidel". In order to gain and maintain their power, these barbaric criminals are ready to turn easily to any criminal force. Full Article

I was not involved, bin Laden insists

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Saudi-born Muslim zealot Osama bin Laden insists he is not responsible for the devastating terror attacks on New York and Washington, an aide has told the Afghan Islamic Press (AIP).

"I am residing in Afghanistan. I have taken an oath of allegiance (to Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar) which does not allow me to do such things from Afghanistan," bin Laden was quoted as saying in a statement provided by the political aide. Full Article

Bush: Battle Set To Begin

New York Post( NewYork Post ) President Bush called the nation to arms yesterday for a long, tough war against the "barbarians" who brought terror to America, and he told U.S. troops: "Get ready." "We're at war," the president said as he vowed to do "whatever it takes" for "as long as it takes" to nail the madmen responsible for Tuesday's mass atrocities.

Bush addressed reporters while seated at a "war table" at the Camp David retreat, surrounded by his top military and intelligence officials.

The grim-faced advisers included Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Colin Powell, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld.

Asked if he had a message for the troops, Bush replied: "The message is for everybody who wears the uniform: Get ready. The United States will do what it takes to win this war." Full Article

Big war on horizon

( ) After unprecedented attacks on the main cities of United States, administration of USA undertakes maximal efforts to prompt restoration of the lost status - quo. Practically hourly, on channels of CNN and other agencies informed course of investigation of acts of terrorism. Numerous press conferences and comments on creating of impression, that organizers of attack on USA just about will be named. Practically at anybody does not raise the doubts, that main organizer of attacks, will be named bin Laden, already for a long time becoming «on duty terrorist» of American MASS MEDIA.

The white House hurries investigation, hinting that already all is ready to reciprocal actions. The NATO declares support of USA and declares condition of war. Interrogations of Americans show that America thirsts for revenge. Occurrence of aircraft carriers in coast of New York lifts militant spirit. All is ready for a big war. Only is order is awaited. But … the opponent is not determined yet. Where to send bombers and sea infantrymen? Where is the target, which should be destroyed by American rockets? Where are the cities, which are necessary for assaulting?

But, similar, for White House, these questions only are rhetorical. The enemy should be found and shown to people immediately. No time is left, as on the map has been put main achievement of USA for all history - a role of unique superpower of the world. In this situation, the enemy should be not simply the enemy, but a convenient enemy. Mistakes should not be, as in opposite cases, America forever will say goodbye to the role and becomes the ordinary country in a number of hundreds others. And it is impossible, because the essence of United States consists in a policy of the superiority and its own importance. If it will not be done, there will be no America also. Full Article

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