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September 30, 2001

The Forgotten Terrorists

( Mumia Abu Jamal ) For far too many Americans, the word 'terrorism' has acquired a whole new meaning in the dusty aftermath of 11 September 2001. The word now instantly refers to the mental imagery of the shattered twin towers of the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan, or the broken edifice of the Pentagon building in Washington, or even the smouldering mound of earth in southwestern Pennsylvania.

They refer to the thousands of people, from dozens of countries, who lost their lives when the buildings were shattered, broken and leveled into dust. But, if truth be told, they refer mostly to Americans. Full Article

The Afghan Women Who Saw Freedom Ebb Away

She can remember the cinemas and the picnics in the sun. She can remember the packed cafes and the student parties and the libraries with their shelves heaving with books and the clean, modern hospitals with the calm, competent doctors that made her decide she wanted to be a doctor herself. Full Article

America has created the evil, which will destroy it

Correspondent of "Voice of America" interviewed Mullah Mohammad Omar and its translation is forbidden by State Department of USA on September 22, 2001). However "Voice of America" nevertheless used the interview with Mullah Omar in its broadcasting, though not completely, that has caused anxiety among the American press writes, State Department of USA. Full Article

Racism and Hate Hide Behind Flag Waving

( Anita Ninan ) Somewhere, an American flag was flying when a self-described American patriot shot a Sikh gas station owner to death in Mesa, Ariz., which he followed by shooting a Lebanese clerk and then firing into an Afghan's home. The flag was flying when an Egyptian Christian was killed in his market; when a Pakistani Muslim was shot outside his store in Dallas; when a bomb was thrown into a home, hitting a 3-year-old. Taunts and vandalism have unraveled the nation, tearing the fabric of American life into shreds.

After the most gruesome and heartbreaking act of terrorism in American history, we are beginning to witness explosions of hate crimes. The enemy has been identified: If it looks different or worships differently, it has become the enemy to many bewildered, devastated and angry Americans. Full Article

Saudi Arabian Government says no to use of bases

The Saudi Arabian Government has ruled out the use of bases on its territory for American-led strikes against Afghanistan's ruling Taleban.

"We do not accept the presence in our country of a single solider at war with Muslims or Arabs," Saudi Defence Minister Prince Sultan was quoted as saying in a government-run newspaper on Sunday. Full Article

Pakistan President denied deal with U.S.

Pakistan President General Pervez Musharra on Sunday categorically denied that there was any deal between Pakistan and United States in return of Islamabad's fullest cooperation in the fight against terrorism following the September 11 terror attacks in America.

In an interview with CNN, President Musharraf clarified that the U.S. and the other donor countries are extending economic support to Pakistan purely in view of its critical role being front line State against the new war against terrorism and its poor economic conditions. Full Article