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September 14, 2001

Taliban anticipating massive US attack, vows revenge

Afghanistan's Taliban said Friday it expected to be hit by a massive attack by the United States and vowed that it would take revenge. "We are ready to pay any price to defend ourselves and to use all means take our revenge," a spokesman for the Islamic militia's supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar told AFP by satellite phone from the Taliban stronghold of Kandahar. Full Article

The Dead May Yet Bury The Dead

( Amon Hotep ) If America does not present its evidence to an international court and seek a ruling from the courts to act upon, they are no different to the people they call terrorists. Full Article

America has been equaled with others

Famous Chechen politician, surrogate to Shamil Basayev in Madzhlis of the Muslims of Ichkeria and Daghestan, Movladi Udugov has given an exclusive interview to news agency Kavkaz-Center in connection with latest events in United States of America.

In my opinion, attacks on United States mark themselves a certain symbolical feature behind, which new epoch of modern history begins. Those, who organized attacks on USA, who ever stands responsible for it, actually have equaled United States with others. In the world, there is no more that unique superpower, which can dare to punish others, but not being punished by itself. Enormous psychological loss is inflicted on United States. For Americans, feeling of safety and superiority has disappeared in few minutes. That was inspired by decades to the world, was propagandized with the help of MASS-MEDIA and cinematography has not passed the test of reality. The reality appeared much more rigidly that was shown from screens of TVs. The major consequences of tragic events in USA became psychological consequences. The place of the world leader is again vacant. Full Article

Pakistan Closes Capital Airport in Pre-Dawn Hours

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan's army closed Islamabad International Airport to commercial flights for two and half hours before dawn on Friday for movement of military equipment, officials at the aviation regulatory body said. "It was a unscheduled closure...and there was some very intense movement of military hardware," a senior official of the Civil Aviation Authority told Reuters. Full Article

Most revealing reaction

( ) Benyamin Netanyahu, former Israeli prime minister, on being asked what the attack means for relations between the US and Israel: "It's very good."

Least credible analysis

( ) New York Times columnist William Safire, claiming there was a terrorist mole in the White House, relaying to the kamikaze pilots the whereabouts of the President and the special coordinates of Air Force One. Safire's political mission in that particular column was to explain why the President fled down a SAC bunker in Nebraska.

Least credible news footage

( ) CNN's videotape of Palestinians supposedly dancing in the streets of a West Bank town. CounterPuncher Marcio A.V. Carvalho at the state university of Campinas in Brazil tells us that he and his colleagues had compared this tape with one from 1991 showing Palestinian cheering, and found them to be identical. Full Article

Selective Comments