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Bombing Tents

October 08, 2001

When Million-dollar bombs hit Two-dollar tents

( Amon Hotep ) Whatever one's view on the issues it is undeniable that the U.S. is throwing million dollar bombs at two-dollar tents. The US spokespeople previously stated that Afghanistan does not have many high-profile targets, so it is reasonable to assume they have settled for bombing caves and tents.

US/British mainstream media are willing participants in the propaganda campaign. All their reports on the attacks in America painted it as an attack on America and the people and they often repeated the adage of it being an attack on all freedom loving people (whatever they mean by that).

But today they are claiming the attack on Afghanistan is not an attack on the country but an attack on the people who are harboring terrorists. I guess these self-appointed judges and executioners with their rhetoric of surgical strikes would not be killing more 'innocent' people. With that type of surgical distinction they should have also reported that the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center were not attacks on America but attacks on symbols of American aggression. Full Article

An Unholy War

Published Oct 8, 2001 Posted Oct 14, 2001
( Clyde Weatherhead ) Yesterday, those who claim to hold "civilised values" began their "crusade" against terrorism by carrying out 7 hours of bombardment of targets across Afghanistan.

While raining missiles and bombs on that country, these "freedom fighters" also dropped "humanitarian" relief to hundreds of thousands of Afghan people already displaced from their homes by the well-publicised threats of US military attacks. Full Article

Opening Shots...

( Michael Albert ) No one has much clarity, as yet, about today’s events. In coming days we will have both coverage and analysis. We know a little, only, at this time.

We know, for example, that according to the CIA Fact Book the population of Afghanistan, a few months back, was just under 27 million people. Life expectancy at birth was 47 years. More than two thirds of Afghanistan’s citizens were not only unlikely to reach 50 years of age, but were also illiterate. Telephone service and use was sporadic. There were about 100,000 TVs, or less than one for every 200 citizens. In the whole country, there were 24 kilometers of railroad—yes, that’s what the CIA site I consulted said—and under 3,000 kilometers of paved road, or roughly the same as a single highway across the U.S. If that’s off, the point is still evident. There were ten airports with paved runways. Full Article

This war is a festival of lies and they will only get worse. Anything we see of the impact of US strikes will be strictly controlled.

( Peter Preston ) So it begins. The flashes of light in the night sky, the distant explosions, the appearance of a "relentless" George Bush talking command and control. We slowly remember what war is like; but we need to remember, too, that truth is the first casualty of conflict, that the briefers, bureaucrats and politicians who act as reasonably "reliable sources" in peace are operating now under different house rules. That they have become wholly unreliable by design.

Sit back and apply commonsense to the tales of the first 26 days. Troops massing at this or that frontier post. Air strikes "imminent" (three weeks ago) or "within 48 hours" (eight days ago). SAS teams already staging search-and-destroy missions inside Afghanistan. Commonsense asks a difficult question. Would anyone with braid on his shoulders, anyone who really knows, tell a journalist such things if they were true? Why not send Osama bin Laden a postcard instead? Full Article

Pakistan army disagrees with Musharraf?

The most influential Islamic organizations in Pakistan condemned USA and Great Britain military attacks on Afghanistan, having named them "attack on Islam" and the reason for the beginning of sacred war - Jihad. Pakistani sources inform, that Islamic organizations has called for Jihad against USA and their allies.

On some data, about 30 armed movements and organizations in Pakistan are going to undertake concrete actions in support of Afghanistan. The leader of the "Defense Council of Afghanistan" Riaz Durana, whose headquarters are in Lahore, declared: "It is the duty of every Muslim to support their brothers in this critical hour. We render Afghans moral and military support against American aggression". Full Article