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"There is a parallel between America's attack on
Afghanistan and the Israelis attack on Palestine.
Both America and Israel are super military powers
that support each other and are taking advantage
of poorer nations to impose their will."
October 18, 2001

America is awakening to a world it does not understand

By Hugo Young
The Guardian

George Bush makes it sound pretty simple. Phase two, the anthrax assault, makes it even simpler. Like Tony Blair, Bush is good at righteous incredulity, the tone they both adopt to fortify the sense that their cause is just and the answer absolutely obvious. He's as clear about the contemptible cave-men who did the deed as about the enormity of their crime. At the first full press conference he had the nerve to give since becoming president, he was never lost for unscripted words. People were astonished. Full Article

While America chooses war

Secretary of State Colin Powell said Wednesday he plans to encourage Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov "to move aggressively toward a political solution" to the conflict in Chechnya.

Powell and Ivanov, attending a meeting of Asia-Pacific foreign ministers, were to confer over dinner Thursday night. Full Article

Did we not see this in the alien movies?

"It is not you, the honorable people of Afghanistan, who are targeted, but those who would oppress you, seek to bend you to their own will and make you their slaves," says a broadcast aimed at the Afghan population. MORE

German Sociologist: U.S. Politicians Unwise and Unaware

TEHRAN American politicians are unaware and unwise as cowboys who want to defend themselves by using arms and bombs, said Imgrad Pin, a German prominent sociologist.

Referring to the September 11 attacks on major American cities, the German scholar told the Iranian Radio that the U.S. did not expect such an operation and the surprise was like a mental shock which influenced their next steps regarding the matter. Full Article

The Oil behind Bush and Son's Campaigns

by Ranjit Devraj
Just as the Gulf War in 1991 was all about oil, the new conflict in South and Central Asia is no less about access to the region's abundant petroleum resources, according to Indian analysts.

"US influence and military presence in Afghanistan and the Central Asian states, not unlike that over the oil-rich Gulf states, would be a major strategic gain," said V R Raghavan, a strategic analyst and former general in the Indian army. Raghavan believes that the prospect of a western military presence in a region extending from Turkey to Tajikistan could not have escaped strategists who are now readying a military campaign aimed at changing the political order in Afghanistan, accused by the United States of harboring Osama bin Laden. Full Article

The Newest New World Order

by Phyllis Bennis
Over the course of minutes, then hours and days, everything changed utterly. We still don't know the full scale of the human cost of the tragedy; we still don't know how many of the 5,000 or more missing, almost certainly dead, will ever be identified. It's still too soon, perhaps, to draw all the lessons that must be learned, but it is not too soon, even in the epicenter of that anguish, to begin to ask questions, to ask why. Why human beings could even contemplate, let alone carry out such an act. It is not too soon to ask why we here in the U.S. had never imagined or believed that we would come face to face with what The Independent's Robert Fisk described as "the wickedness and awesome cruelty of a crushed and humiliated people." Full Article

The CIA's Intervention in Afghanistan

Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski
According to this 1978 interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski, the CIA's intervention in Afghanistan preceded the 1979 Soviet invasion. This decision of the Carter Administration in 1979 to intervene and destabilise Afghanistan is the root cause of Afghanistan's destruction as a nation. Full Article