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October 02, 2001

Gender apartheid in Afghanistan

( All Woman writer ) All Woman highlights the plight of these women, bewildered in a world of fundamentalist tyranny and gloom.

Under Taliban rule women have been stripped of their visibility, voice, and mobility. The regime imposed strict edicts that:
* Banished women from the work force
* Closed schools to girls in cities and expelled women from universities
* Prohibited women from leaving their homes unless accompanied by a close male relative Full Article

War against the weak

( Gary Younge ) In Through the Looking Glass, the Queen tells Alice, "I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." In a political period where suddenly almost anything seems possible, let us imagine just one impossible occurrence: that Osama bin Laden wakes up this morning and decides to leave whatever cave he is hiding in and turn himself in to the nearest Scandinavian embassy.

Not because he has discovered a sudden urge to do the decent thing. But because he is a wealthy man who can afford a good lawyer, a satellite dish, and a long-wave radio. And after a few weeks watching CNN and listening to the World Service, he believes he stands a better chance in court than he does against a cruise missile or the SAS. Full Article

Pakistan's Afghan Policy

( Mushahid Hussain ) Pakistan and the United States seem keen to prevent any perception of possible cleavage in the anti-terrorism coalition given their competing interests over Afghanistan. The key areas of divergence revolve around the role of the Northern Alliance in the anti-Osama campaign, and, equally important, were the Taleban regime to unravel in the process, what sort of new political dispensation should replace it? Full Article

Continuing US Fumigations in Colombia,
United States Terrorism by Proxy

( Liz Atherton ) The Colombia Peace Association shares a growing international concern about the United States' continued fumigation of peasant land in the southern states of Colombia in spite of overwhelming evidence that Amazon biodiversity is being seriously damaged; Full Article

Aftermath of the Disaster
Irony, Fantasy, Denial, Self-Righteous Preachment...
but Little Truth

( Playthell Benjamin ) As I awoke on this first Sunday after the great terror rained down from the skies over the nation's Capitol, and the Financial Center of the world in lower Manhattan, I was greeted with rumors and rumblings of war. And as the day proceed the rattling of sabers became fairly deafening, drowning out any attempt at sober and objective analysis of both the possible causes of the Kamikaze like attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon, and what strategy the nation should now employ to eradicate those causes. Most disappointing has been the pronouncements of our elected officials and Christian clerics. Full Article