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October 12, 2001

Arabian and Islamic Responsibilities

( Amon Hotep ) Although I have not seen or heard any evidence that directly links Osama bin Laden to the US attacks, the US reaction seems to be more of its customary deceptions and bullying tactics. Bin Laden's position also needs to be analyzed by the Islamic community that seems to hold the West responsible for all its problems. Full Article

The clashing of civilizations?

Jamaica Observer
Louis Ea Moyston

It is important to note the concerns of the non-West worlds. The West has never been accommodating to other cultures and civilisations. In recent times, we witnessed the annexation of an area of Iraq cutting that country off for the power of the ocean with the formation of Kuwait. Similarly, Ethiopia, another old "civilisation" was cut off from the sea by way of annexation of the coastal land to form Eritrea. These are examples of the West's effort to arrest the development of the old cultures in recent times. There are blatant cases of the destruction of cultures and civilisations in Africa, the Americas and parts of Asia. In Africa, the collaboration of the main western powers in support of western civilisation occurred by way of interference into the African independence movements from destabilising countries to the assassination of nationalist leaders. These and previous efforts have not been able to destroy ideas that have been built over thousands of years. Old empires are rising out of the ashes of the past. The speech by the Italian prime minister resurrected the spectre of Mussolini. Full Article

No Palestinian Ever Called Me A Nigger!

( Lorenzo Komboa Ervin ) Curtis Gatewood is the outspoken leader of the Durham, North Carolina branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). He recently made "controversial", though truthful and courageous remarks denouncing the United States government for planning military retaliation for the Pentagon and World Trade Center attacks, and the use of Black males as cannon fodder and mercenaries in any front line attack.

At a September 15th monthly local NAACP meeting, he said that African Americans should not have to fight in any military action, and that a violent U.S. counterattack would be wrong. "Black males can no longer be used as sacrificial lambs at the time of war," he said in his three-page statement. Full Article

US deploys bombs that kill after their mission

It seems like the US military strikes are about clearing their ammunition stockpiles at the expense of the lives of people. How on earth could the UN stay silent while the US use cluster bombs that have proven to be highly destructive long after their immediate mission? Full Article

Would the U.S. government stage a terrorist attack on its own citizens on American soil?

Yes, according to shocking once-secret documents unveiled by a respected mainstream journalist.

In the wake of the tragic Oklahoma City bombing, media pundits raised voices of horror at the suggestion by some that U.S. government operatives might have played a part in orchestrating the bombing for some geopolitical purpose or purposes unknown. Full Article

Snubbed Blair is turned away by Saudis

Blair, is that you?

( News ) TONY BLAIR'S attempt to galvanise Arab support for the war against terrorism suffered a serious setback yesterday when Saudi Arabia refused to receive him during his tour of the Middle East.

The rebuff underlined the extreme nervousness of pro-western Arab governments who fear an Islamic backlash if they are seen to support the American and British military campaign in Afghanistan.

Blair and Saudi family spin-doctoring over blank

Asharq al Awsat, a London-based Arabic newspaper, reported Thursday that "informed sources" suggested that Saudi authorities did not think a visit from Blair would be appropriate.

British officials on Thursday had denied any rebuff, but said it was impossible to arrange schedules to add Saudi Arabia to Blair's itinerary which included Oman and Egypt.

The Saudi ambassador in London, Ghazi Algosaibi, gave a similar account.

"Media reports on this matter are inaccurate. What actually took place was that there was a preliminary discussion of the possibility of including Saudi Arabia in the Prime Minister's tour of the area and Saudi Arabia welcomed the visit," Algosaibi said in a statement to Press Association, the British news agency. Full Article

'Information' battle flares in war on Bin Laden

A new front is quickly emerging in the conflict between the West and Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network information.

The United States, stung by the widespread publicity given to broadcasts of bin Laden and his spokesman after the start on Sunday of U.S.-led attacks on Afghanistan, is fighting back with an information assault of its own.

But some are concerned the West is behind.

"One thing becoming increasingly clear to me is the need to upgrade our media and public opinion operations in the Arab and Muslim world," British Prime Minister Tony Blair told reporters on Thursday while travelling in the Middle East. Full Article